Porus 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update:Alexander gets to know that Olympia is held captive

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Alexander reads Olympia’s letter. He gets angry on kidnapping his mother.
Olympia is seen laying down. Laach and Puru check on her. Chanakya describes that Olympia does black magic and how she used them to kill Puru. He says that Olympia has done black magic on Queen Anusuya. Flash back shows Chanakya doing a Pooja to stop Olympia’s black magic and at that time, her black magic backfired on her. FB ends. Puru asks now what will happen to her. Chanakya says that if Queen Anusuya wakes up, Olympia will die. Puru asks whether there is any way to save her life. Chanakya questions Puru and says he didn’t do all these to save her. Puru says she’s also a mother.
Alexander asks Ambi Kumar whether he knew about this before. He says no. It might be from Paurav Rastha. Hebestian asks what was in the letter. He says that his mother was kidnapped by Porus. Alexander gets angry. He turns to Ambi Kumar and shouts you helped Porus by hiding this letter from me. He pulls out his sword and tries to behead Ambhi Kumar. Ambhi Raj shouts and stops him. He says that we will need Ambi Kumar to save Olympia. If you save his life , I give my word that I’ll give you whole army of Thakshila to save your mother. Alexander says , I agree. Because nothing is important to me than my mother.
Chanakya questions whether you’ll leave the person who tried to harm you. If you spare her today , she’ll do more dangers in future. Puru doesn’t agree. They have an argument. Puru says I gave her a word that until she is here, she will be safe. Puru says he’ll keep his word and he also knows that she is his enemy’s mother.
Chanakya says I’ll do as you say. I’ll try to save Olympia’s life. But I’m not sure whether my efforts will work. Because her black magic backfired on her. Its very hard to save her life. Puru says even though it’s though, I’ll do everything to save her life. Alexander should not know this.
Chanakya does some special Pooja to Olympia and describes what should be done. One person pours some holy water on Olympia’s forehead. Chanakya continues the Pooja (yāga). He says to Puru , I can’t do anything other than this to save her life. Finally Olympia moves her fingers. Puru says your efforts didn’tget wasted. Olympia is getting better. Olympia starts breathing.

Precap: Alexander talks with Rukasana teary eyed about Olympia.

Update Credit To: Priya 

  1. great great episode and show.

  2. In Precap, Alexander emotionally told to rukasana about Olympia, that Porus Use Olympia as (Dhal) against him, But when he need help from Dasyuraj, he gave Promise to dasyuraj if they make Bridge for him then he gives anusuya. that time he also use Anusuya as (Dhal).

  3. Porus is a nice show ..but still getting average TRP . Deserves better TRP so that effort s of directors and actors will get success .so we can watch historical shows like dis
    Today Ambi Kumar saved better he leave Takahashi and join with puru .

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