Porus 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Spreads Contagious Viral Disease In Pourav Rastra Via Ambhi Kumar

Porus 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Hephastian informs Alexander that cyclone around Jhelum iver will not let them move forward, so they have to wait till situation gets stable. Alexander says these small issues should not deter their will power and orders him to head around Jhelum till he finds a way to reach Pourav rastra. On the other side, Puru reaches treatment venue and sees soldiers die bleeding. A small girl pleads him to save her father. Puru walks to girl’s father. Soldier pleads Puru to take care of his daughter and wife after he dies. Puru orders to call Chanakya soon as only he can identify this disease and find antidote.

Chanakya walks with Hasti and seeing soldier’s condition says Puru should not go near ill soldiers. Puru is about to hold soldier’s hand and assures to take care of his family

when Chanakya enters and stops him. He checks blood and asks royal family to get out of this place as disease is contagious and will spread by contact or by any means. Puru says he cannot leave his people. Chanakya recites shlokas in sanskrit and explains king’s safety is most important for his people. Puru walks out with his family.

Barsine reminisces Alexander capturing her mother and sister and blackmailing Barsine to marry him saying her family will be safe and she will be world’s powerful king’s wife. She feeling guilty of betraying Puru and tries to kill herself. Her mother stops her and says Puru’s determination will not deter with these issues, his dear ones betrayed him, but could not deter his will power, he will find a way to fight against Alexander.

Olympia asks Alexander what gift he sent to Puru via Ambhi kumar, what is his plan. Alexander says he sent dead soldiers’ rotten bodies, who had dangerous contagious diseases. This disease is contagious and will spread in Pourav rastra, it will break Puru’s backbone, Puru must have not thought of this kind of attack. Olympia says Puru will not accept defeat and will find a solution. Alexander says Puru should collect all dead bodies and by that time, disease would have spread everywhere, Puru should destroy all groceries and food also, which no king would approve.

Chanakya orders to get all dead bodies out and burn them, else disease will spread. Puru asks if it will not spread further. Alive soldiers also start falling ill after carrying dead bodies..

Precap: Chanakya suggests Puru to destroy all groceries. Ambhi says they should burn all fruits and groceries.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. so great.

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Ambi Khumar…why why-why??? You know that Alexander does not have good intentions and you give into him with evil. When will Alexander fight fair? You are killing all your opponent’s soldiers to win a war. Well, I guess that, if it’s Puru alone, he will be on the battlefield. Alexander, you marry Barsine just to get her soldiers on your side, but I guess it will not be necessary because the war will be between you and Puru, you won’t need any soldiers.

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