Porus 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Olympia’s Black Magic Backfires On Her

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Anusuya challenges Puru for a fight. Puru accepts thinking she is in a playful mood today. Hasti tells Bamni queen mother and king should not fight. Laachi smiles and says let them fight. Puru picks swords smiling at Anusuya. Anusuya attacks him. Puru avoids it. Olympia doing black magic on Puru’s doll and controlling Anusuya slits doll’s hand. Anisuya does same. Puru is shocked. Bamni is also shocked and asks what is she doing. Anusuya says she is teaching king that enemy can attack from any direction and way. Olympia then attacks doll’s leg. Anusuya does same. Puru and Bamni are more shocked. Anusuya attacks and Puru’s sword falls down. Olympia then tries to behead doll. Anusuya heads towards Puru and attack him. Puru holds sword in his bare hand. Olympia’s black magic backfires on her and she injures her hand, throwing doll away and is shocked to see her black magic falling on herself. Anusuya tries to attack Puru again, but Bamnni holds her and she collapses. Olympia falls down in shock and gasps for air thinking how can her black magic backfire on her. Blood diamond falls away. Chanakya walks in and sees her black magic and picks blood diamond and doll. Puru makes Anusya sleep on bed and says maa was never like this before, something is wrong. Bamni says looks like someone is controlling her. Chanakya walks in and says he is right, Olympia was controlling Anusuya.

Ambhi is brought chained. Alexander says prince Ambhi kumar betrayed and will be punished in front of everyone. Ambhi raj watches silently. His wife cries and asks why her son is being punished. Ambhi raj says Ambhi kumar took blame on himself and reminisces the incident where Ambhi Kumar says he laughed on Alexander. Out of flashback, Alexander asks Hephastian to drag Ambhi and tie his extremities to horses. Hephastian does same. Ambhi Raj’s wife runs to Alexander and pleads if a prince deserves this punishment. Alexander says she reminds him of his mother, so I can do her only 1 thing, she can go inside instead of watching her son being punished, punishment is for everyone, be it common man or prince. He orders Hephastian to drag horses away. Ambhi shouts in pain. Alexander orders Ambhi raj to take his wife away. Ambhi kumar sees Olympia’s message on ground and reminisces killing bird and not finding message with it, realizes this is the message she sent. He thinks he has to get that message before Alexander sees it.

Chanakya shows blood diamond and doll and informs Puru and team that Olympia was doing black magic on Anusuya and controlling her till now, if Anusuya wakes up, Olympia will die.

Ambhi kumar tells Alexander if he can meet his parents last time before being punished. Alexander agrees. Ambhi kumar walks to his mother and in lieu of touching her picks message and hides it in his fist. Alexander notices it and asks him to give what he is hiding. Ambhi kumar hands over message to him. Alexander reads Olympia’s message that Puru has kidnapped her.

Precap: Alexander fumes that Puru dared to press his weak nerve by kidnapping his mother, he will destroy whole Pourav rastra. Chanakya informs Olympia will die soon. Puru says they have to save her as mother is respectable, be it his or enemy’s.

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  1. Porus me cbutiya bana raha hai director

  2. Great episode, Ambiraj character is very dumb, i dont know what is the purpose of his life, his own son on last stage, and he do not take any action, alksander badly treating his people , and he sees only (Tamasha). Thank god this black magic part is over, and Chankya is an action. puru dont forgive this olampiya, at lease arrest under any one inspection , because she is dirty mind lady.

  3. Pradeep Mukhiya

    Great apisode I like you

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