Porus 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Bamni and Puru’s Fight

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Puru walks into Maha Shivrati celebration venue and alleges that Bamni is a monster king who killed his wife Anusuya. Soldiers rush to attack Puru, but Bamni stops them. Anusuya shakes door and shouts to open door. She sees Puru and thinks what is he doing here. Bamni warns Puru that he dared to allege and insult Pourav rastra king and his punishment is death. Puru says what else he can give. Shivdutt speaks. Puru warns him to back off. Bamni walks down and asks Puru if a Dasyu came to kill Pourav king, what he knows about is past. Puru says he does not know much, but whatever he knows it is enough to kill him for killing queen Anusuya ruthlessly. Puru provokes Bamni for a war like a warrior or he can kill him shamelessly without a fight. Darius and Barsin watch smirking. Bamni takes Jhelum’s oath about his pure heart and accepts Puru’s challenge. People chant his name.

Anusuya tries to open door and shouts to open it. She thinks she has to stop all this, but has to get out first. She peeps from window and tells Jhelum river that whenever she was in trouble, Jhelum showed her a path, even now she should. She sees fire torch, picks it and burns grass on floor.

Bamni orders it is a fight between him and Dasyu Puru and nobody will interfere whatever happens. He warns Puru that this fight will not stop until any one of them dies. Puru says if god’s blessing is with him, Bamni will fall from his citizen’s eyes and from his life.

Puru and Bamni’s fight starts. They both wrestle. Bamni grips Puru, but Puru frees himself and grips Bamni. Ripudaman with Lachi reaches there and thinks he has to stop this disaster. Bamni overpowers Puru and throws him on ground. Citizens chant Bamni’s name. Puru gets up. Ripudaman thinks he has to go from other way and asks Lachi where is Anusuya’s dead body. Lachi says soldiers took her dead body towards prison. Ripudaman sees Darius and realizes whole situation.

Anusuya burns grass. Soldiers see smoking coming out of prison cell, opens door and search Anusuya. Anusuya stands behind them. Bamni throws Puru on ground and asks if he saw what he does who attacks his and his family’s dignity. Puru says he saw it and now he will show what he does to whoever insults woman’s dignity. He grips Bamni. Shivdutt asks Kanishk to kill Puru if he overpowers Bamni, he will handle the situation somehow. Anusuya holds sword and thinks she held sword after a long time. Puru throws Bamni far away. Bamni pulls his sword and asks Puru to pick his sword as Bamni does not kill weaponless. Puru says he cannot believe someone who killed his wife ruthlessly is speaking this. Bamni shouts not to allege baselessly and attacks Puru, cutting is stomach. Blood smears sword. Bamni feels pain and thinks what is happening to him.

Precap: Ripudaman informs Anusuya that Puru is her and Bamni’s son and fate has made father-son as enemies. Shivdutt asks Darius what if Anusuya escapes from prison. Darius says then Shivdutt is at risk.

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  1. Omg I want to see that moment when Anusuya stops them. No more dragging please!

  2. Can you stop with the black and white scenes? Very irritating. Find myself switching channels to escape this

  3. Nice episode. Loved the way they showed the emotions of everyone when the fight was going on between Puru and Bamini.. after a while King Bamini was given a good chance to show his amazing talents.. loved his emotions after he saw the injury he caused to Puru. ?????????? ???????? Very good to see Maharani Anusiya’s courage. I am actually waiting to watch the interaction of Ripu-Anusuya and Shiv dutt. Poor Laachi how will she feel when she knows Puru is the Prince. I am sure she will be happy for Puru but what about their relationship ? Hasti not seen anywhere ?

    1. realy everyone has actd so well, specialy queen anusuya.

  4. Yvonne Codner

    The King and the Prince are warriors…none will heed…but my Puru never leaves a job incomplete, so King, please beware that he has his backup Laachi who is never far away from her man. I can’t wait to see when the Queen comes to stop her boys from killing each other LoL. Seriously though, these are two fine looking men trying to hurt each other 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Laksh lalawani love him my new crush lol….

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