Porus 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Dhananand Betrays Puru

Porus 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru with Hasti fights with Alexander and his soldiers, but Alexander and his army kill all Pourav soldiers. Alexander says Puru that he is alone now and be ready to die soon. Hasti sees Magadh’s army coming and heads towards Dhananand and requests him to attack Alexander and his army and kick them out of Bharath. Dhananand says Puru will get a lesson today not to trust anyone easily, now Puru will be alone left to fight. Hasti asks how can he betray like this. Dhananand says he is not a king, so he will not talk to him. He continues his arrogance.

Dhananand denies helping Puru and heads his army away. Chanakya stops him and says not to do this mistake, else in history, he will be remembered as traitor king; it is time to stand with other kings and fight for united Bharat. Dhananand says a cheap bhrahmin will give him moral gyaan now, move aside, else he will be crushed under chariot. Chanakya says if he can sacrifice his life to stop Dhananand,he is ready.

Dhananand orders to crush Dhananand under his chariot and move ahead. Puru pulls Chanakya aside and says no need to sacrifice his life, let Dhananand go, he is not dependent on Dhananand to fight for united Bharath. He makes way for Dhananand who leaves with his army.

Alexander provokes Puru that it is an insult to him and he should do in shame. Puru pulls sword, but Hasti stops him and asks him to go as he has to guide remaining army and fight against Alexander while he stays here alone. Puru says he cannot leave his brother alone. Hasti insists to let him prove baba’s blood runs in his body, he willl fight alone and stop Alexander and his army. Chanakya says Hasti is right and takes Puru along forcefully.

Precap: Alexander kills Hasti and warns Puru it is his turn next.

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  1. so amazing and full of fun episode.

    1. What is funny in the episode ma’am ?

    2. Its sad very sad that Dhananand turned out to be a traitor and a cheat.

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