Porus 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ambhi Kumar Kills Alka; Dhananand Decides To Betray Puru

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Puru with his army, Bamni, Hasti, and Chanakya heads towards Pourav rastra. Bamni says now they have Magadh soldiers with them to fight against Alexander. Puru says he feels something unusual will happen like he felt while returning from Faras and Kanishk had jailed his parents. Hasti says they will reach Pourav rastra in a day. Puru says he cannot wait and will ride ahead, Hasti can bring army with him. Bamni says Puru’s sixth sense is always right, something would happen, there is no one to protect Pourav rastra except Dasyu raj.

In Pourav rastra, Ambhhi overpowers and injures Dasyu raj and says a pangu cannot win over him, how will he protect his daughter now. Dasyu raj gets up and counter attacks Ambhi and pinning him down and asks if he saw Pangu’s power, Ambhi is pangu instead

who betrayed his country and Puru. He is about to kill Ambhi when Alexander enters with is army, shooting Dasyus with arrows. Ambhi laughs that Alexander has reached to save him. Puru riding his horse towards Pourav rastra reminisces Laachi and calls her name. Laachi wakes up and fuming at Ambhi picks sword to kill him. Dasyu raj asks her to guide Pourav soldiers while he handles Ambhi raj.

Magadh’s Mahamartya addresses soldiers that they are supporting Pourav rastra against Alexander and will head towards Pourav rastra, king Dhananand will reach later. He sees Dhananand’s chariot and thinks what he is doing here. Dhananand tells his spy that he would feel a little pain, but has to bear it for his sake. He orders soldiers to nail him. Spy pleads to spare him. Mahamartya enters and asks if they are not heading towards Pourav rastra. Dhananand says they are, whom they will support only time will tell as situation changes with time. Mahamartya says he understood what he wants to say and will guide soldiers personally.

Alexander continues killing Dasyus shouting he wanted to take revenge from them for confronting him. He orders Ambhi that he can leave with Laachi and can do whatever he wants to with her. He then heads towards Dasyu raj. Dasyu raj says he will kill him today and take Mahanandini’s revenge. Laachi addresses Ambhi that she spared him earlier as he is Puru’s relative, now she will punish him for his sin. Ambhi attacks her and she counterattacks him. She hopes Puru to return soon and takeover.

Puru reaches palace and sees soldiers dead and Alka brutally injured. He picks her and asks who injured her. She says Ambhi and reveals her whole story, asks to save Laachi first, Ambhi has headed towards Jhelum shore. Puru call vaidya. Alka says she does not have time left, chants Bharath Jayatu.. and breaths last. Puru shouts Ambhi Kumar and heads towards Jhelum shore.

Precap: Laachi warns Alexander that hat he will never hoist his flag on Pourav rastra, Puru will never let him do so. Puru heads towards Jhleum shore.

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