Porus 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update

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Olympia starts back black magic and searches blood diamond. Laachi walks in holding tray and asks what is she searching. Olympia taunts Pouravas acts as respecting her privacy, but they are not, Anusuya comes once, Laachi comes next, and even king Puru. Laachi shows golden coin and says whenever king returns victorious, they make new coins as a reward and distribute among people, Puru gifted it to her, but she is gifting it to Olympia and will continue gifting many similar coins to Olympia whenever Puru wins a battle. Once she leaves, Olympia fumes and thinks Porus will be dead soon holding Puru’s doll tightly.

Laachi returns to Puru’s room and sees him trying to get up with great difficulty due to his leg injures taunts just because she could not accompany him in this war, he is unable to even walk. Puru says he can. She sits on swinger and asks him to walk then. He gets up with great difficulty and walks a few steps, then falls. Laachi runs and holds him. He says enough of jokes now, her support is needed always and can do anything for him, even get remarried

Olympia starts her black magic agai n on Puru’s doll. Anusuya sees blood diamond below Olympia’s room window and reminisces Olympia holding that diamond and walks towards her room. Puru sees his room curtains burning and calls Laachi. Olmpia shouts now it is time for Porus to die and is about to stab Puru’s doll Olympia enters and holds her hand and says when her son Alexander could not defeat Puru, Olympia is using black magic to kill Puru and came here for same reason. Puru sets off fire with his bare hands. Laachi returns and seeing that rushes to him and says she will call vaidya/doctor to treat his hands. Puru makes her sit and says Ambi Kumar’s message has not come since a long time, Alexander must be i shock with recent defeat. Anusuya snatches doll and sees cuts on its body and reminisces Puru having same injures, throws it away, and tells Olympia she will tell everything to Puru, let him decide Olympia’s fate now. Olympia says she should go fro here alive for that and attacks Anusuya with sword. Anusuya counterattacks and says she is a warrior before queen, defeats Olympia and takes blood diamond with her.

Precap: Alexander asks Ambhi Raj to call his soldiers and spies, he wants to attack Porus.

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