Porus 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Returns Home Victorious

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Alexander injures Hasti and looks at blood in water. Pourav soldiers rescue Hasti and take him away on boat. Alexander looks at Hasti and fumes that Hasti escaped today, but will not escape again. Hasti stares at Alexander. Puru takes Barsine and family on the other side of river and tells Bamni that he will go and his brother Hasti needs him now. Bamni says he is injured and bleeding and should not enter water. Barsine tells it is important to stop Porus’ blood first and ties bandage on his leg injury. Puru says his soldiers will drop Barsine and family now to Pourav rastra. Hasti returns. Puru asks if he is fine. Hasti says yes, but he could not kill Alexander. Puru hugs Hasti and says his safety is most important to him, they can kill Alexander later. Bamni says whole Pourav rastra is waiting to praise their king, let us go back.

Puru with his team returns to Pourav rastra. Whole pourav rastra rejoices. Anusuya says her son has returned with victory and gets concerned seeing his injury. Puru asks her not to worry as he is an iron man. Laachi smilingly taunts if she can perform ironman’s aarti. He smiles. Olympia fumes seeing Puru alive, but then sees his leg injury and thinks her black magic worked, means her son is safe and god Zeus heard her prayer, she will pray tonight again and kill Porus.

Alexander reminsices Puru killing his soldiers and says Ambhi kumaar was right, Puru attacked Farsi battalion, Ambhi kumar proved his loyalty. Ambhi kumar reminisces to tell truth to Alexander and gain his confidence as he knows Alexander better than anyone. Alexander then sees Cletius writhing in pain with his injuries. He heats h is sword and keeps on Cletius injury. Clotius shouts in pain. Alexander says this will stop his blood and remind him to take revenge from Puru. Cletius nods yes.

Puru tells Barsine it is time to return to Faras and meet her people. Barsine says Alexander is very cruel, he earlier took oath to protect Farsis, but then he started killing them brutually, Alexander does not know keep his promises, so she prepare his people to attack Alexander from east and Puru can attack from west. Puru asks why will Farsis help who kicked out their king. Barsine says nobody likes slavery. Puru says mountains would be full of snow now and snow will melt in 15 days, Alexander will not be knowing about it, Barsine can send a message to her army to be ready to attack Alexander by then.

Alexander gathers Farsi soldiers and showing some dead says they betraayed him so he killed them, he promises not to kill them if they want to go to Pourav rastra to be with their princess, but whoever will stay here should be loyal to him. A few soldiers walk away shivering. Macedonian soldiers kill then. Alexander says he would have killed them anyways later when he will attack Pourav rastra, now nobody should betray him if they want to stay alive.

Olympia starts black magic and says Puru will die tomorrow. She sees window open and tries to close it, fumes that wind disturbing her prayers. She starts black maagic againn when Laachi walks in with food and gets suspicious seeing her weird act.

Precap: Alexander takes oath to get back what Puru snatched from him.

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