Porus 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander, Puru, and Laachi die!

Porus 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Laachi does Alexander and his family’s aarti.

Voiceover says: Puru fulfilled his promise and finally day arrived when Alexander was ready to leave Bharat. Olympia left for Macedonia first, so she could do preparations to welcome Alexander. She was satisfied that her son was alive and he made her proud. Alexander was at some place with his army. Other side, Laachi and Puru welcomed their son. Some were not happy with this news (Ambe Kumar).

Puru announces his son name as Malay Ketu. Laachi says her son will always protect them like his father and make his father proud.

Voiceover says: Few years later, Alexander also got good news that he’s going to be a father.

Alexander tells Roxane that he’s very excited to see his son. He will give him all the happiness. He suddenly faints.

Puru gets news about Alexander’s death. That he was very sick since some time.

Voiceover says: There are many different stories how Alexander died. Some say he became weak, some say enemies gave him poison, some say poisonous mosquito bit him. Whatever the reasons was, his end was bad. He couldn’t be at either places, his birth place Macedonia or his dream Bharat. He conquered whole world, but in end he left learning good life lessons. He wanted his hands to point to sky when they bury him, so the world can see while going, his fists are empty.

Alexander’s Voiceover says: He learned this from his friend Puru. Everyone comes empty-handed and leave empty-handed. All that’s left out is stories/memories about them.

Puru tells Laachi if there was no Alexander, then he would have never seen all his strengths. Alexander deserves credit to change Puru into Porus.

Voiceover says: After Alexander’s death, one night, someone came to Paurav Rastra.

It’s night. Puru wakes up and sees his son. He goes outside and doesn’t see any soldier. He sees a shadow. He tries to go behind, but Laachi screams and he stops. He sees someone taking away his son. It’s Ambe Kumar. Puru asks what his son did to him. Ambe says it’s him only who said son has to pay for his father. Now it’s Puru’s turn. He will finish his son and take everything away. He leaves from there. Puru chases him and manages to get back his son. Laachi is also with Puru. Ambe laughs and says Alexander was stupid to do friendship with him. He will finish what Alexander started and challenges Puru that him and his family won’t see tomorrow’s sun. Puru says if he needed Takshilla, then he could have asked. Ambe says he’s not a beggar that he will ask. Takshill is his and he will take it his way. He asks his army to attack on Puru. Selukus is there with Ambe. He throws arrows at Puru. Laachi comes in the way. While Puru pays attention to Laachi, Ambe stabs him from back. Puru asks him to attack him from front. Ambe, Selukus, and soldiers all beat Puru up and attack on him with swords. Puru fights. He sees a box and puts his son in it and pushes it in river. He hopes his son will be protected same way as he was protected. Selukus and Ambe come and stab him. Selukus says he will rule Bharat now. Ambe says even his Jhelum Maa couldn’t save his son today. After they leave, Laachi and Puru come to each other. Laachi tells Puru that he won’t die until he gives his “Akhand Bharat” dream to someone else. She will wait for him. She dies saying “Bharat Jaitu”.

Chanakya and Paurav army arrive there. Puru gives “Akhand Bharat” responsibility Chanakya and says he can die peacefully now. Puru dies.

Voiceover says: That day Puru died, but his thoughts were still alive.

Chanakya takes vow to take Puru’s legacy ahead.

Sony’s new show Chandragupta Mourya promo is shown.

End of Porus.

  1. Lokesh

    Will miss this show definitely, Bharat .

  2. Altamash Khan

    I read that cgm will malayketu

  3. The moment Alexandar and PORUS hug each other laachi does Alexandar aarthi is super…
    What about maalayketu I thought chanakaya will take care of his puru son but.. Wait to see.
    What happened next

  4. Yvonne Codner

    I will miss this serial so badly. I enjoyed hating Alexander and had the wish for him to emulate Puru. Now as they become friends both have died and I am sure by the wicked deeds of Ambhi Kumar.

  5. One of the few sane serials came to an end today.

  6. Srini Samaranayake

    I am sorry about the sad ending. But its history. I have heard Alexandra’s last wish to keep his hands up, empty handed to show the people that although he had every thing in the world that he left the world empty handed . Many many thanks for the excellant Drama…Porus…It will remain in my memory …….

  7. Very sad at the end. I wish that Ambhi died for all the sin he did; i.e. killing his own mother.
    I love the music that plays when Puru and Laachi are together and it was fitting that it played when they both were dying. All the characters were superb. I always wonder how they feel when the journey ends.
    A producer that can invoke emotions on a show is a great producer. Hats off to the creator/producer of this show. I hope Sony continues to have shows like these that have meaning and relevance. I hope the new show will uphold the same emotions and have links to Porus. In fact, I hope somehow Puru and Laachi continue on in this show as well.

  8. Wonderful serial. I’ll definitely miss it. But wish Malayketu reaches Chanakya. Wish Puru and Laachi had lived to see Malayketu grow and be brave like them. They both only saw war and hardships in life. But they gave us an extremely best Bharat for us to live comfortably and happily. Bharat Jaitu !!

  9. Abubakar sabo Naabba

    we are watching this movie from the intenet and episode 243 yet you didn’t post another one. So we are still waiting.

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