Porus 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sumer Tries To Kill Alexander

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Barsine reaches Pourav rastra on boat in a dilapadated state and describes a cooked up story to Puru and his team that Alexander wanted to kill her and mother and sister, but she escaped somehow and came here, her sister and mother are caught there itself. Chanakya says she came on boat then… Puru introduces Chanakya as world’s one of most biggest scholar. Barsine asks if something festival is happening. Anusuya says it is Puru and Laachi’s wedding. Barsine says she came here with her problem on auspicious day. Laachi says she need not worry and did good by coming here, she can attend their wedding. She takes Barsine with her. Bamni says looking all the incidents with Alexander’s tricks and Barsine coming here suddently, it is looks suspicious and something is wrong. Puru says

he knows Barfsine, she never lies. Puru says with situation, even best friends change, he should be careful.

Puru and Laachi’s haldi rituals start. Anusuya mixes turmeric. Barsine asks why is she mixing turmeric. Anusuya explains significance of turmeric/haldi in Bharati culture. She applies haldi on Laachi and Puru. Barsine silently leaves. Chanakya notices her and follows her. Barsine stops at one place, nervously does something and leaves. Chanakya sees laddoo thali. Servant takes it away.

Barsine applies haldi to Puru next and picks laddoo to feed him. Chanakya notices that and rushes to stop her, but stops when Puru holds Barsine’s hand. Puru tells Barsine that he is her friend and also a king and according to rule, she has to eat food first and then feed king. Barsine sits tensed. Chanakya says rules are rules and havve to be followed. Barsine eats laddoo and asks if she can feed him now. Puru eats laddoo and tells Chanakya he needs his blessings, walks to him, touches his feet, then says whatever he is thinking is not true. Chanakya says he hopes he is wrong and Puru’s dream come true and all his enemies are destroyed.

In Takshashila, Roxanne tells Alexander he must not have sent Barsine to kill Porus and must have sent someone else, what is it that he is hiding from even his mother Olympia. He says she is right, that is why she is his queen and he loves her intelligence, he did not send Barsine to kill Puru, but has sent someone else who hates Puru more than him. She asks who is it.

Sumer reveals he is the one who wants to kill Puru as he snatched his rights since childhood and reminisces meeting Alexander and promising to kill Puru and take his childhood revenge at once. He reminisces mixing poison in laddoo, but Barsine seeing him and asking what is he doing. He says he is sprinkling rose water on sweets. Barsine says she will do it, sprinkles rose water and walks away. Chanakya watches her. Sumer thinks good he saw Chanakya noticing Barsine and changed laddoos on time, Barsine also would have pointed him as she saw him with laddoos, he missed chance of killing Puru now, but will get more chances… Puru and Laachi’s wedding rituals continue…

Precap: Hasti tells Sumer that he hopes Puru reaches height of success each day. Sumer thinks Puru will die soon.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wrong heading……
    It should be” sumer tries to kill porus”

  2. Sumeer !! He was one of the ones we expected to do this. From the beginning Sumeer had no brain. No wonder he is spoiling his sister’s life.
    Will wait to see how this unfolds. Poor Barsine.
    I didn’t waste my time today. Fast forwarded and finished the episode in 5 minutes. That would be my recommendation for others who haven’t watched it.

  3. I was already thinking before that sumer is the culprit and I was right and by the way what a great plan strategy and story amazing episode great show porus.

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