Porus 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Anusuya Passes Away

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Porus runs back to palace and reaches Anusuya. Anusuya smiles holding his hand and reminisces giving him birth in water, rescuing him from Jhelum river. She says she got him on the similar rainy day and rescued her from maa Jhelum, it is time for her to rest in maa Jhelum’s arms.. She then tells Puru and Bamni that they put her in dilemma, she does not know whether to be proud about Bamni’s wife or Puru’s mother, only her one dream of united Bharat is incomplete and she is sure they both will complete it. Bamni says her sacrifice and love will be always in his heart, kisses her forehead and says he is fine. She then smiles at Puru and pampers Laachi and says ma Jhelum is very kind to her, now she would want to rest in peace and breathes last.

Alexander takes Olympia to Takshashila

and says he will assign more security for her safety, even a bird cannot come near her, he will teach a nice lesson to coward Puru. Olympia says Bharatis are not cowards, they are brave, even after Porus had opportunity to kill her, he spared her and proved how true Bharatis are, they are different, they should win Bharatis with bravery and not tricks. Alexander says he is happy she is back. Olympia says he got his mother, but what about Porus’s mother.

Anusuya is laid for last viewing. Bamni sadly looks at her. Puru consoles him. Bamni addresses his people that their rajmata is no more, her own brother killed her, she was a brave warrior and lovely life partner and mother, he is proud to have Anusya as a life partner, they will perform her last right and send her on the final journey.

Ambhi kumar reminisces Alexander freeing him and telling Ambi raj fought against his own people and killed his own sister and proved his loyalty. He packs his bag. His mother Alka says he cannot leave his father like this. Ambhi says when a man can kill his sister, there is no relationship spared. Ambhi Raj walks in and says she did it for his safety. Ambhi kum says it is better to die via enemy than being a traitor’s son. Ambhi raj shouts he cannot go. Ambhi kumar pulls knife and asks to kill him then. Ambi raj stands shocked. Ambhi raj leaves.

Bamni address people and asks who will sacrifice their life for their mother land. People chant Bharat Jayatu… Puru and Ambhi both chant Bharath Jayatu and hug each other..

Precap: Ambi raj tells Alexander that Puru will come to meet Ambhi kumar to Nandanvan, then they both can attack Puru and kill him.

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  1. sad but heads off and great.

  2. My heart aches to see anusuya dead. What a brilliant performance and such a beautiful character. We will miss you Anusuya. Today i felt really really bad for Bamni and Puru and Bamni Anu scenes were so emotional. Bamni’s speech was mind blowing. Perfect performance by him.

  3. I can’t stop crying… But Anusuya will forever be etched in our hearts… She laid her life for her India and I am sure Pru and Bambi will follow her footsteps… Jai Hind…

  4. But…out ancestors so much struggled….now where are we?? Do we deserves this???

  5. Abubakar sabo na'abba

    subtittles is very important especially for us who are not Indian and not understanding Hindi please merge subtittle with ep. 209, 210. and the upcoming one please. The whole world. is watching this movie, i’m from NIGERIA.

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