Porus 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Reaches Magadh

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Alka tells Laachi that she is confused if her husband and child’s father was right or wrong. Laachi says she can understand what she is going trough, if Alka had hidden so much pain for such a long time, even she will tell truth. She describes how Ambhi Raj attacked Pourav rastra on Alexander’s order and killed Anusuya, rest of the incidents, etc.. Alka cries realizing that her husband was a traitor. Ambhi kumar thinks Puru snatched his happiness, he will snatch puru’s happiness Laachi and Pourav rastra from him. Alka walks to him and says they are wrong, Ambhi raj was a traitor and Puru is on right path, they should not do more wrong. Ambhi shouts she is talking like Puru’s maami and not my mother, he has already informed Alexander that there is no one to protect Pourav rastra now and he can conquer it easily.

Alexander orders soldiers to barge into Poruav rastra and kill all citizens and let Puru know what it is to stop Alexander. Olympia and Roxanne silently watch him.

Puru reaches Magadh with wealth and tells Dhananand that he brought 10 times more wealth than he ordered. Dhananand asks his priest Mahamartya to check. Puru says he himself will show it. Dhananand says he is paying huge wealth to save just an old father and poor guru. Puru says his father and guru are priceless, this wealth is to seek Dhananand’s support. Mahamartya says Puru is a fool to come here. Puru says he heard a lot about Mahamartya, but now realized how fool he is. He says he read in Dhananand’s letter that everything is for sale in Magadh, he wants Dhananand’s support to fight against Alexander and kick Alexander out of country. Dhananand walks to Puru and says he liked his thinking. Puru asks to reveal why he called him here then. Dhananand says it is better if he shows and grins.

Precap: Alexander heads towards Pourav rastra and pities that Porus won’t be present to witness his last defeat. Laachi tells Ambhi that she is there to protect Pourav Rastra. He holds her hand. She stands shocked.

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  1. Kya bogas machaya h
    Although epi acha that
    Par in real they never met yaar
    Plzzz trp k liye history see mat khelo

  2. Kyu bogas machaya h
    Puru aur dhananand never met in reality
    Plzz history se mazak band karo trp k liye

  3. superp highly entertaining episode.

  4. Puru is repeating same mistakes as his father. His father trusted his own brother. But Puru is trusting blindly all the traitors..He is also emotional like his father.

  5. I don’t know whether puru and dananadana had ever met in history.buts it’s there in history that dhanandana kept Alexander’s outreach out of magadh

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