Porus 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander accepts his defeat?

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Alexander asks his army to break the Paurav mansion door and get him Puru alive. Seeing army trying to break door, Puru asks his army to get ready.

Voiceover says, days passed, but situation was still the same. Alexander army kept trying to get in and Puru’s army kept blocking them by fighting back. As a result, Alexander had to come out to fight himself.

Alexander and Puru come face to face. Pauravs are in Alexander’s army’s control. Alexander asks Puru what kind of ego is this that he took away everything from him and he’s still not bowing down. Puru says this is not ego, this is love for the country which runs inside every Bharati and which gives them spirit to fight and protect their country. He might take away his mansion, his throne, but he will never be able to take away love, thoughts, respect towards his country. Chanakya and Laachi are proud of Puru’s words. Puru continues telling Alexander that he might kill him, but he will never be able to kill his thoughts/views. Alexander says he wanted to kill those thoughts only, that is why he waited this long. He could have killed him any time, but today his thoughts will bow down to him and Puru will accept that Alexander was able to beat Bharat’s thoughts. Puru says fine then today only them two will fight. World will remember this day. Alexander who won whole world, Puru returned him from Bharat empty-handed. They both take out their swords and start fighting. Both fight equally well. Alexander asks Puru to accept his defeat and he will spare him. Puru says he would rather die instead accepting defeat. His child will be proud when he is born. They both continue fighting.

Voiceover says, for Puru, his country was everything. They both kept fighting, their bodies were tired, but neither of them were ready to give up.

Puru falls on ground. Laachi motivates him by saying “Bharat Jaitu”. Pauravs repeat that chant. Puru gets up to fight again, but Alexander’s army ties his hands and legs with chains. Puru is still using his strength to get to Alexander. Alexander asks him what he will get from this fight? Puru says that’s the difference between them. Alexander fights to win something, but Puru believes in giving. He’s fighting to pay back everything that his mother land gave him. It will be impossible to make him accept his defeat. It will be impossible to capture him with chains even after cutting his head. Alexander is in disbelief. Puru frees himself from tied chains and fights with Alexander’s army. Olympia asks Alexander to end this war now. Alexander says enough, today him, the world’s God, will decide Puru’s fate. Puru says he won’t become God by saying. Everyone’s death is already decided and even if he dies today, he will have no regret. Despite winning the whole world, Alexander will still regret that he couldn’t defeat Puru’s thoughts.

Selukus tells Puru to get ready to die and raises his sword at him, but Alexander blocks it. He tells Puru that today he made him re-think and he’s doing this which he never did before. He asks Puru what should be done with him. Puru says treatment that one king gives to other king. Alexander asks so what defeated-king is going to do. Puru says he will make him army again and try to beat him once more. Alexander is stunned. Puru says that’s what his thoughts/views are. As long as those thoughts are alive, Bharat will remain independent. Alexander picks up his sword and says he conquered whole world with it. Either faces bowed down to it or faces got cut off. But today it’s different. Today his sword salutes him (Puru). Laachi and Chanakya are happy. Alexander further tells Puru that real war is won by him. He was right it’s impossible to win against his thoughts. He did everything possible, but Puru never gave up and kept coming back stronger. He announces that he has never seen anyone like Puru. It’s unfortunate that he spent so much time fighting against him. He learned so much during their war, but he wishes he was Puru’s friend instead, then he could have learned so much. The world will remember both Alexander and Puru.

Alexander then says it’s time to return to their country. Puru made him realize how important it is to love your own country. They destroyed many countries, now it’s time to build and improve their own country.

Before leaving, Alexander returns ring that Puru gave him when he first came to Bharat. He says it’s proof of his victory and asks him to accept it. Puru takes it. He’s taking important lesson of his life that nothing is greater than loving your own country, as well as, friendship of great king Puru. Him and his army chant for Puru. Puru and his army follow with chants for Alexander. Everyone is happy, but Selukus looks confused and angry.

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