Porus 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Roxanne Tries To Kill Puru

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Puru says Roxanne that she should leave Pourav rastra as he believes Alexander must have come to know that she is here. She argues she will not go until he agrees to back off from war. Alexander says he will not let a foreigner invade his motherland. She continues arguing. Puru does not agree. She says he does not know what she can go to any extent to protect Alexander and stabs Puru. Puru holds knife in his hand warns her not to test his patience. Ambhi drags Roxanne away asking Puru to head towards Magadh, he will take care of Pourav rastra and Laachi here.

In Magadh, Chanakya informs Bamni that Dhanand’s intention are bed, they should escape from here before Puru reaches. Bamni says he will not elope. Dhananand enters and says Bamni is intelligent and knows about Magadh’s strict

security, though pandits should be intelligent, Chanakya is acting dumb and Bamni intelligently. He continues boasting about himself that he is Magadh and nothing happens here without his permission, nobody can even breathe without his permission, let Puru come here and see his power. Bamni says Dhananand that he is Puru’s father and can use anything here as weapon and kill Dhananand, but he will wait until Puru comes and teaches him a lesson, Dhananand does not know that he provoked a storm.

Puru with Hastiheads towards Magadh discussing he has to get Dhananand on his side and can do anything to kick out Alexander from his country. On the other side, Alexander heads toward Pourav rastra and tells Hepastian that they have to get back Roxanne at any cost. He stops seeing Pourav soldiers. Ambhi walks in front with Roxanne.

Alexander brings Roxanne back to Takshashila and angrily scolds her why did she go and beg Porus for his life, if he had not loved her, he would have killed her, he takes oath that she will never get his love. He then says he will end Pourav rastra’s ordeal at once and asks Ambhi what is the plan. Ambhi says Pourav, Bamni, and Chanakya have gone to Magadh and Pourav rastra is like an open cow now which can be captured by anyone. Alexander says they will attack soon. Ambhi says he wants Laachi back in his life and will go to any extent to get her back in his life.

Precap: Ambhi informs Alka that he has already informed Alexander that nobody is at Pourav rastra, so Alexander would attack Pourav rastra anytime, he would escape with Laachi.

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