Porus 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Roxanne Requests Puru To Back off From War

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Dhananand continues insulting Bamni and warns him again to beg for his dynasty’s protection. Bamni warns that he is seeking his support to protect their country from Alexander’s intrusion. Dhananand shouts and orders soldiers to attack Bamni. Pourav soldiers also pull swords. Bamni stops them and tells Dhananand he came here with a message of peace. Chanakya pleads Dhananand’s aide priest to teach Dhananand some moral ethics. Priest smirks. Dhananand walks to Bamni and attacks him. Chanakya shouts maharaj…

Puru asks Roxanne what she wants to speak. Roxanne asks if he knows how she married Alexander. Puru says he can sense that Alexander would have forcefully made a situation where she would have married him like he forced Barsine. She says she she hated Alexander earlier, but over time she fell in his love seeing his bravery. Puru says he knows about Alexander’s bravery and his love for his mother. She asks if war can be stopped. He says if forcefully leaves his country, it can stop. Barsine says Alexander will not, so if Puru can back off. Puru says he can understand love and protection for dear ones, even he is bound to protect his motherland and can do anything to protect it.

Ambhi panics in fear and tells Alka if Roxanne informs Puru that he is on Alexander’s side, Puru will not spare him. Alka says whatever he is doing is wrong, even she did wrong by trying to kill Laachi’s baby. He says she has to do it for his sake. They see Magadh’s soldiers bringing a box and walk towards it. Soldiers informs Hasti that Dhananand sent a gift for Puru and only he should open it. Hasti informs Puru. Puru walks with him and opens trunk and stands devastated seeing Bamni’s crown and thinks Dhananand killed Bamni. He finds a letter and asks Hasti to read it. Hasti reads that Bamni is alive and Dhananand has kept Bamni and Chanakya hostaged, Puru did a mistake by sending someone else instead of coming himself, so if he wants Bamni and Chanakya back he has to come himself with huge wealth. Puru thinks it is time to meet Dhananand and teach him a lesson.

Precap: Roxanne says Puru he did not realize she can go to any extent to protect Alexander and stabs Puru.

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