Porus 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Kills Faroos During War

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Porus 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru saves Vishuddhi’s life from crocodile and get her on shore. Vishuddhi reminisces that. Moloy walks to her and says he told her that Puru will surely come to help them, he saved even her life, so she should not kill him. She warns him to go away from there, else she will kill him. Hasti tells Puru that such a big boat cannot get hole easily. Purus says he is righ, someone did it purposefully and he knows who it is. Vishudhi yells at Moloy to go away from her. He says her father taught him to face challenges and not betray the one who helps. She shouts again to go away. She searches her poison bottle. Puru shows it and asks if she is searching it. His team surround her with swords. Puru asks who is she. She says she is vish kanya and the one who sent snakes in his room and made hole in his boat. A spearhead heads towards Puru. Hasti saves him. It hits soldier who dies turning blue. Vishuddhi says they are in Vish kanya nagri. Arrows shower on them, and they escape.

Alexander’ army runs in lateral direction. Faroos asks what they are doing. Darius says they are running away fearing us. Mauses says they should not let enemy free. Darius says he is right and orders to attack. Cletus asks Alexander if his trick will help. Alexander says it is a game and who does not love it. Alexander’s trick works and he reminisces teaching his team his plan of running alongside Darius army and seeing week link enter in and kill Darius. Ephastian says his plan worked. Faroos says he did not see such a situation in battlefield, what Alexander wants to do. Aelxander infiltrates between Darius army and attacks them. Faroos says Alexander divided our army to weaken our strength. Soldiers attack each other. Alexaner’s army slowly kills Darius’ soldiers. Alexander fights with Faroos and beheads him. Alexander shouts Darius cut his soldier’s hands, he cut his right hand Faroos, now be ready to die.

At night, Puru and his team hides. Laachi says they are in enemy’s land. Puru asks where is Vishuddhi, he will face her as he is her target. Vishu comes with wobbling gait, signals Puru and falls down. Vish kanyas divert attention towards her. Puru says Vishuddhi is helping us, let us go from there. Hasti says it must be Vishuddhi’s trick. Puru asks to trust his brother and rushes towards horses. Vish kanyas fee dher poison. She wakes up and says they should kill enemnies now. Puru and team carry weapon and kill vish kanya. Puru is scratched in process and poison spreads his shoulders. Vishuddhi gves him antedoge. HE drinks it and gets well. Vishuddhi says he helped her, so she also helped him.

Mauses cries seeing Faroos’ dead body and says they did not find his head till now. Darius says Faroos’ sacrifice will not go waste, today Alexander won only 1 battle, tomorrow they will win war. He says tomorrow he will make way between Alexander’s chest. Mausea asks how, they lost 50% of their army. Darius says war is won with determination, they will rebuild army and break Alexander’s overpride, how much of Alexander’s army is left. Cletus tells Alexander that even they lost many soldiers. Alexander says tomorrow they will end war and celebrate.

Precap: Darius tells his arm till now Alexander saw his strength, now he will see his trick. Alexander falls down during fighting.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Good episode. ALEX V Darius was good. Visuddi was the lead on Puru’s side. Liked her today.

  2. After like ages a good episode. Liked the war scenes. Never got bored even for a single minute. After so long…

  3. Nice episode… Really liked it… Interesting one after soany days…??

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