Poor or rich….. Love knows nothing- a twinj love story Summary 2

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Hey guys… happiness is back.. now first of all thank you so much for all ur love..i got 21 comments..m not counting the replies..aise to 53 h.. thank you soooooo much all the readers…n yes m gonna continue..n yes the comfusion… actually i m responsible for the confusion..i should have mentioned clearly…so see in the last update..i write like episode 1 then the link n then the summary…so m making it clear.. the para i had written in the previous update for wach episode was the summary of that episode..  n the link i provided was the link of the actual complete episode i had posted 2 yrs back..i think there won’t be any further confusion regarding this..n today to make it even more clear m going to first write the episode no. N then the summary n at last the link..so i think i should start…just a query..many people out there don’t want me to provide the summary..so just tell me about it..if u want i could provide u all the links in my next update n then i could post a new episode…so please tell what i should do..

Episode 4,5,6,7( thinking why 4 together… actually 4 yrs back i posted all the 4 episodes together so the summary should also be written together na..??)

Kunj n ishu leave twinkle’s house..tw glares kunj with anger…tw gets ready for office.. she’s not well..bt still she follows kunj’s order..she doesn’t have her breakfast n leaves for office.. while leaving she is surrounded by some kids..it is revealed that she teaches them as their parents can’t afford to send them to schl..


Manoher asks her about her health seeing her condition..she lies abt her health n says that she is completely fine..manohar tells her that she needs to go with kunj to mumbai to meet a client..tw thinks to herself that the more she wishes to stay away frm that sookha sarna the more babaji wants her to stay with him..

Twinj reach the airport n tw thibks of eating something bt clears the thought due to the attitude of kunj..

They reach Mumbai at 6 pm..

@ Mumbai

They directly met the client first..n Kunj didn’t allow tw to speak even a single word..she was miffed bt over that she was starving like hell..at 9 the meeting ended…it was raining heavily n due to the rains the flight got cancelled..kunj thought of staying at a hotel for the night.. he didn’t take tw at first bt when tw offered to pay 50-50 he took her too

@hotel peaceful

There were no rooms available bt a honeymoon suite was available…twinj had no other option n they agreed to stay in the suite..in the room kunj tells her that he will sleep on the bed n tw on the floor.. tw argues bt eventually gives up.. kunj orders food for himself bt nt fr tw..n when tw is abt to order fr herself he asks her nt to order..she doesn’t listen to him n is abt to order ..kunj gets angry n throws her out in the balcony n it is raining heavily….kunj locks d door n sleeps peacefully… tw shouts that she has high fever n is hungry since morning bt all goes in vain..

At 2 am ..kunj gets up due to the sound of the thunderstorm..he finds tw lying unconscious..he picks her up n calls upon a dr…he asks a female staff member to make tw wear his shirt n asks another staff memeber to bring clothes for him from the nearby showroom..

After 4 hrs tw wales up n finds herself in kunj’s shirt…she takes it in a wrong way bt later kunj assures her that he didn’t even touch her.. she’s believes..kunj feeds her bt ater comes back to his attitude wala Avatar..kunj leaves for Amritsar that day n asks tw to come the next day.. everything was just d same as before.kunj’s attitude..his orders bt now tw had seen his soft side n wondered wht was the reason behind his attitude wala avatar…

After a week..

While passing through manohar’s room nikki overhears his convo..M says tha anand n kunj will have a share in his property as 40 : 60..nikki fumes listening this n leavez..after she leaves M further speaks that Anand will get this house alao n that makes it equal..

Nikki devises a plan to get d property..

The next day..at night.. there’s no one at home except kunj n nikki..nikki spikes a glass of juice n gives it to kunj..kunj drinks it readily..then she worked out her plan…She shuts down the laptop, removes kunj’s shirt , laid him on bed in a sleeping position…. scratched his bare chest with her nails, tore her clothes n hit her head wid the glass in which she brought juice , blood comes out n she faints besides kunj…

The whole scenario portrayed that nikki was raped by kunj….

When everyone returned.. Anand went to kunj’s room to enquire about N when he couldn’t find her..when he reached the room ..he saw d condition..he was shocked..usha,bebe n M also came to the room..all of them were hell shocked..

Nikki then gets up n tells anand that kunj raped her.. A made kunj get up n started beating him.. all the members of the family trusted kunj bt remained silent bcoz of the situation… Kunj feels betrayed by his family..n leaves..On the road…

He walked like a life less person he was vry hurt … his family didn’t trust him… why did nikki do all this … why did this happen… these were the thoughts which occupied his mind…

So that was the summary…

Now the link to the actual episode…

(Click here)

That’s all for today please let me know if you want me to complete all the summaries first n then update or u want me to just provide u the links n update.. n please comment..haan likes bhi chalenge..bt ye ni k koi comment hi na kre.. please comment readers…n a gud thing for u all.. today..no question paper..??? ..dekha u all r so lucky..okay so now i may take a leave..n plz comment guys…

Suggestions, compliments, advices, mistakes r always accepted n well received by me…

Love u all …



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  1. awesome
    i already remember every episode of this story
    so u may post the new episode but if u want to post summary u can and i will love to read it again…
    so plz post soon

    1. Happiness

      Thanks sidmin.. I’ll think n then tell k m posting a new epi or d summary.. thanks for commenting..???

  2. Anusha

    Dear please post next chapter only from episode 27 may be twinj marriage proposal
    yesterday i completed reading all chapters
    and eagely waiting for next episode
    and one more request dear when twinkle gets to know kunj is not doing good with her or when kunj guilt after misunderstanding clears make him also suffer he shouldn’t be forgive so easily just my request and according to your story you can do sorry if i said anything wrong forgive me bye
    post soon

    1. Happiness

      Okay Anusha… I’ll definitely make kunj realize his mistakes…thank u so much for the suggestion.. n plz don’t say sorry..if any of ur suggestion doesn’t suit my story then i would let u know..u never need to be sorry..i said na.. suggestions, questions, queries..all r well received by me..so suggest,bash, compliment..do anything bt yess do comment… thanks for commenting.. love you dear..????????

  3. Vibhu

    Hii dear .. Loved the summary .. I would actually love to read the whole summary once and then the further episodes.
    Waiting for the next update

    1. Happiness

      Thanks vibhu for ur suggestion.. I’ll think n let u knw whether m posting a new update or m just continuing wid the next epi… thanks for commenting?????

  4. Hello khushi ??…
    First of all sorry for not cmnting in summary 1 … Bcz i opend TU after 3 days so i saw ur post today only… But really I am so happy that u r continuing this FF of urs… I just remember each and every bit of it… Twinj scenes… Then twinkle’s family revelation…. Twinj kiss ?… Then Rt’s reaction…
    And the most imp kunj’s behavior with twinkle when she went to meet him…

    Look I remember each and everything …
    But let me tell u one thing if I am happy that u r continuing it does not mean I am not angry at all ?? … I just hate u for making us wait ….

    And plzzz now don’t waste time and directly give link to the new readers of the previous chapters …. And continue from the nxt chapter from where u left it…

    I am ur silent reader from the beginning …. But today I am commenting first time I think so ?…

    I don’t want to wait more so kindly give the nxt chapter soon…* serious*

    Sorry for rude behavior…
    I luv ur talks and ur question paper too In the intro of ur this ff u asked for the introduction…i hope that u won’t mind if give now …
    My real name is Esha Fatima…
    From Punjab of Pakistan
    16 years old..
    My bday 11 July
    I have given my matric exams and I am free till august…

    Sorry for such long cmnt but what to do I am soooo talkative…
    I can’t control Bcz that’s my fvrt ff I wanted to cmnt on it before 2 yrs but couldn’t… So compensation for last 2 yrs…

    Byeee post chapter soon…
    Waiting ?

    1. Happiness

      Omg…the longest comment i could expect..n that too frm a silent reader who used to read my ff 2 yrs back..m soooooo happy that all the silent readers r turning up…thank u soooooo much esha…n ya please don’t hate me..i mean get angry with me…throw tomatoes on me bt plz don’t hate me..i love u na..to meko badle mein pyaqr hi milna chahiye na…n yess dear I’ll post asap..n m also veryyyyyy talkative…thank u so much for ur live n support…love u…???????

  5. Shalu Choudhary

    First update plz share all link in one flow and uplode new one plz? and episode is to good love all the episodes

    1. Happiness

      Okay shalu.. I’ll definitely think about the summary thing… n thanks for commenting..m glat that u love my ff…???????

  6. Super amazing episodes
    Loved it to the core
    Kunj’s soft side….??
    Eagerly waiting to know what happened in past that kunj changed so much
    And about the summary, it is really up to u if its convenient for u, u can write otherwise we r gonna read the full episode anyways so do provide links to all the previous episodes in next update
    One more thing I got to know that u and I have the same date and year of birth…
    Very very very excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤

    1. Happiness

      Thank you so much dear..n I’ll think over the summary thing…n same pinch… I’ll definitely post asap… love you….???????

  7. hiiii
    i told u i dont have patience so
    i ve read all the 26 episodes
    aaj hi just abhi complete kiya sabhi episodes
    how can kunj trust a girl like nikki and wht he will torture twinkle or support her???
    and rt he is a heartless father
    and does all this stuff is known to kunjs father
    please 27 ko jaldi postkaro naaa
    please post soon
    waiting eagerly……..
    27 ke liye 🙂 🙂

    1. Happiness

      I can definitely understand…vse confusion khtam hui ya ni…??? .. please bura na maanna main mazaak kr ri thi…u can always ask if there’s a prob…n yess I’ll think over d summary thing n then decide..thank u so much for commenting…love u..?????

  8. Awesome episode but please post new episodes I can’t wait anymore please

    1. Happiness

      Okay zara..i will think over it n let u know… thanks for commenting ??????

  9. SSK

    That was an awesome summary, but please post the episodes now. I have read all the episodes and cant wait for the new episodes now. Please please please post soon 🙂

  10. Khushi please post new episodes n I want kunj to know the truth soon poor twinkle n I want kunj to regret his mistake please post episode 27 can’t wait ? I’ve wait enough ??

  11. Hey most of the people want from 27 only
    Please post from 27 na please….

  12. Lovely summary…

  13. summary was gud…as I said earlier I remember the story so can u post new epi ….because eagerly waiting for it…..
    plz post soon
    luv u

  14. Ofooooo happiness! Itni mehnat mat karo aap…I said u na pls directly post the epi yaar u are srsly testing our patience?? anyways, post soooonnnn

  15. Hi happiness I am really sorry to comment late as I was not at home and I read the summary though i have read the really epipsde plsss do start the story ab no summary plsss straight away plsssss post the next episode plsss happiness

  16. Happiness

    Hey people…m sorry…sorry for not updating…bt yr m hell busy..n d worst prob..m phone is nit working..display ud gya uska..papa is busy nowadays so he is asking me to wait for a week… 1 week baad ph jaega phir pta ni kb tk aaega..this process is going to take about 15 days..n then i would be left with just 10 days in my exam..i can’t compromise with it..i hope u all understand…so basically..i can’t continue presently.. atleast not till 24th if may…24th is the last exam i have applied for…after that d results n all..ab dekho yr career ka sawaal h..jb pta ho k 10 days mein result aane wala ..aapki life ka result..to kya ff likh skti hun..bt still…i would try to cont.. after 24…n if not then from june to definitely..m sorry guys..u all must be thinking jana hi tha to aayi kyun..bt can’t help…bt haan 1 promise kr skti hun..in june ull get 1 epi per day..n m gonna cont wid d episodes n no summary… please guys just 50 days more…m sorry…bt i hope u all can understand my situation…comp se ff likhna is not possible… please dearies…u all love me na… please bear with all this for 50 days.. only… I’ll be back with a bang i promise..2 yrs intezaar kiya h…bs 50 din aur kr lo…i knw m bad …bt m sorry..i love you all..n I’ll miss u alllll… please don’t forget me.. I’ll be back soon.. promise..god promise.. n isse complete krne k baad bepanaah pr bhi to ff likhna h…bhaag k kse jaa akti hun… I’ll miss u all…. please don’t hate me..n support me…..
    Love you allllllllll????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. It’s OK Khushi… I will wait for your beautiful ff… And best of luck for your exam.. Bye bye.

  18. I even remember this too ???
    And I’m sorry at that time I was a silent reader so couldn’t comment.
    But I wanna say that it was amazing awesome Super
    Hated kunj’s behaviour with twinkle yet loved his caring side.
    Nikki is so disgusting.
    I know twinkle will be supporting kunj and they will be having cute moments.
    It was superb

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