Poor or rich….. Love knows nothing- a twinj love story Summary 1

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Hey guys …its happiness….do u all know me?… Actually..do u all remember me..i still exist..m alive…haan i just got vanished for about 2 yrs…ya JUST 2 yrs…hehehhe…maarne ka mann kr rha h mujhe…smjh skti hun…maaro maaro..zoron se maaro..tamatar pheko ..chappal pheko..bt please do comment and respond…like , dislikes,bashing, hatred, punishment sb kuch chalega…but please i want to know how many people who read my ff r still active on tu..

Now to all the new readers and writers…. Hii ..m happiness…real name..khushi kapoor…m from kanpur,up…i have just completed my 12th..n gave my jee main..2 yrs back i had started an ff..i completed its silver jubilee…n then i couldn’t continue..

Now the biggest suspense…why i couldn’t cont… actually when i wrote my last epi..my first term results were out…i got bad %…i couldn’t use tab..n then there were 2nd term n then finals…bhut burden tha yr…n then 12th started..can u imagine the pressure…boards+jee preparation+school+coaching.. i couldn’t even think of continuing..bt now i wish to cont.. because whenever I think of tei ..i end up thinking abt my ff…my incomplete ff…so m here to complete my ff.. “POOR OR RICH ….. LOVE KNOWS NOTHING – A TWINJ LOVE STORY”…

So before the summary..for all the new readers… her’s the prologue… it’s the same as thee one i wrote in the description of my ff 2 yrs back..m actually copying it..so there might be mistakes.. please ignore…


Kunj sarna- U all know him the king of our hearts , the heart beat of many girls , Mr. World 2012 ( do u all know he is Mr. World? Chalo maine bta diya  ) . Definitely Sidhant Gupta is the kunj. Back to the character in my ff…… kunj sarna is a business tycoon , the ceo of MS Corps, a multinational company with its branches in 20 different countries. He is a person who loves or hates the people of his status . He generous but when he shows his generosity he makes the person feel the burden of his favor. He makes the poor feel that they r poor n he is rich. But has humanity. He doesn’t talk to people below his status. He was not like this before, he was a kind gentleman who never valued money more than feelings, but an incident changed him. He loves his family n could do anything for them even if it is against his will.


Twinkle taneja- definitely its Jasmin Bhasin the queen of hearts, the queen of expressions n much more…….. twinkle is a kind n gud girl who loves everybody . She is poor but she is not. (I know it’s confusing but the truth will be out later) she is alone but she has a family ( again a suspense) she knows kunj and his family n his family also knows her but kunj doesn’t. She loves in the available resources n never demands more she is tahnkful to babaji for what he has given her. She respects everybody elder or younger to her. Her heart is pure as she is. But every night she cries for something , an incident which changed her life…


A special hint that kunj n twinkle don’t know each other so they both have different incidents.

Now some side characters there relation will be same with the lead actors as on tei but if their is a difference I will tell.

Bebe, usha, manohar, rt, leela, mamu, mami, uv (here he is twinkle’s brother), Anand, nikki, ishaan,mahi (uv’s wife) , n new would be added with passage of time.


Eventually twinj will be one but with twists, suspense, sadness, n all but at last there would be love. I don’t like to add many negative characters but I will add a few n ya the limit of negativity will also be crossed as it is done in tei. But only few negative characters who will be negative u will know it later.

Now i would post episodic analysis..i mean mere her episode ki 1 shirt summary…

Episode 1..
Here’s the link.. (Episode 1)
All the characters are introduced.. twinkle lives in a slum area..she works for manohar sarna… she’s his p.a….at the sarna mansion.. preparations r going on..as kunj is coming.. twinkle takes care of all the preparations.. kunj’s entry…he is revealed to be an arrogant man…mr.attitude types…

Episode 2…..

Here’s the link (Episode 2)

Kunj reaches sarna mansion..he finds all the arrangements up to the mark..n then tw n kunj collide…they share an eyelock…kunj speaks ill abt tw..tw gives a name to kunj…sookha sarna….tw had nt eaten anything since morning..so she filled a glass of cold drink to drink..kunj saw her n splashh..he threw the cold drink on her face… Tw is shown crying seeing a collage…ishu asks kunj to get him an ice cream..they both go out to have one..kunj’s car is broken down..n it was raining heavily.he calls anand..anand asks him to go to tw house which was near by… Kunj had no othr option..he took ishu to tw house…

Episode 3…

Here’s the link(Episode 3)

Tw allows them to stay at her house…kunj’s attitude is shown…tw gave ishu her bathrobe…he looked very cute in it…kunj asked tw to go to the Raymond showroom near by and bring a packet from there…it was raining heavily..she denied going bt eventually had to go…she was completely drenched when she returned..n kunj didn’t care…all of them slept..tw slept on sofa n kunj n ishu in the bedroom..in d morning tw is shown as sick..she asked for a leave bt kunj denied and asked her to come to office…he then tried to pay her coz she helped them to put out for the night but tw didn’t take the money..

Guys…i would post the rest summary in the next part..summary part 2…m sorry..bt i can’t write more ..most probably tomorrow ull get the next part of my summary…now..here comes…the…

QUESTION PAPER!!!!! ????? The oldies would know..

1. Do u want me to continue? Please comment n tell if it’s a no then too comment.. atleast i would get to know that people read my ff..

2. How was the summary…m bad at writing summaries bt can’t help..i have to write it for u all..

3. Which show r u currently watching? M watching bepannaah

Bs aaj 3 hi ques…the readers…if u want me to cont n don’t want to comment..just like the post..n if u don’t want me to cont .. atleast dislike….i need ur views…n only then i would cont…

Suggestions, compliments, advices, mistakes r always accepted n well received by me…

Love u all …


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  1. Omg !!!
    At last u r back u probably don’t know me but i
    Know u and your amazing ff plz i have read your ff 2 times and i love it i always thought y u left it but plz now continue plz and post daily plz
    K bye
    Love u….!!!!

    1. Happiness

      Twice..really???..itta acchha h ye…meko vishwaas ni ho ra….chlo meri mehnat kaam aayi….thank u dear…n yes I’ll continue..bt first let me finish off this summary n all.. writing a summary is a headache yr…kuch smjh ni aata…??…thank u so much for commenting n appreciating…m glat still the oldies r active on tu..love u loads…????

      1. Post soon love u bye????

  2. On the face of it story looks very interesting
    U should definitely continue it
    Summary was nice
    And for the last question I am currently watching many shows; kaleerein, zkm, kkb, KB, and kasam
    One question from my side, how many episodes will this story have?
    Waiting for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u❤

    1. Happiness

      Hii cindy…thanks for commenting.. actually i have already written it till epi 26… actually i can’t tell how long it would go because it depends on d no. Of comments n the readers..bt yes i would definitely not drag the story…i think it would have 10-15 episodes…n if u want more then i could drag..i mean i think of ending after the confession..if u wish i could lead it upto marriage n then some small probs n finally it would be like a happy end..so it depends completely on u n d other readers…love u loads dear….thank u so much for commenting ????

  3. Anusha

    Hi dear my name is anusha
    and i loved your ff
    yes you have to continue dear
    Now ill go through link and will complete reading previous part really i loved it
    want to know the reason behind kunj rude behaviour feeling bad for twinkle
    please post soon dear
    and summary was superb and who told you are bad at writing summary you are very good everything described perfectly
    post soon dear
    Love you

    1. Happiness

      Anusha…i remember u..u had even commented on my previous episodes..idk if m correct or not bt i think i know u…n i will cont dear..n m happy u liked the summary.. actually no one told me m bad..i have written a summary for the 1st time..so i thought it would be bad..bt m happy u liked it… thanks for commenting n supporting..i would definitely cont…?????

      1. Anusha

        Yes dear after commenting i checked your story yes i read it dear. Today by looking at title i felt somewhere i read it and i didnt read initial chapter so i think its new and when i saw articles i got it yes i read it and you know iam so happy now that days i was searching whether you write it or no
        and now continue with story only dear

  4. Ok finally u r back ….mjhe summary ke zarurat ni h because meko story yad h …meko toh lga bakiyo ki trh tune bhi story ko complete kiye bina hi chod diya…..
    Chl ab aa gyi ho toh complete krna or haan meko New epi jldi se chaiye ….?? mai kb se wait kr rhi hu afterall…..
    Or haan mai koi show ni dekhti jb se tei bnd hua ….kbhi mn kiya toh zain ke liye namkaran dekh leti hu…
    Post soon

    1. Happiness

      Yaad h…????..u have a great memory dear..m so happy that u all still remember me…n yes I’ll complete the story this time..n yes a suggestion..yr bepannah dekh lo..tei k baad yhi 1 show h m addicted to…just a suggestion..choice is urs…thank u so much for commenting…???????

      1. thanks for suggestion yr ….meko bhut km couples psand aatein h serial me so for me only tei was best ….Sidmin & zain r my favourite….but can’t see them with others that’s why I did not watch dil se dil tk….but still zain look good with aditi so …that’s why kbhi kbhi i watch namkaran….otherwise i had lost my interest in serials with the end of tei…thanks for suggestion dear….

  5. Very happy that u r back I remember the story post soon

    1. Happiness

      U still remember it….m so happy…n Yess I’ll cont….love u dear..thanks for commenting…????

  6. Oh my freaking God! I can’t believe that you’re back, finally! I’m so happy to see you and your ff back. Wow! Can’t explain how happy I am at the moment, but was also very sad when you stopped posting your ff. Now that you are back I don’t want any excuses… Please, I want you.. Infact all the tei’s fan and your ff’s fan wants you to post this ff daily pleaseeee..
    So excited to read your ff.. Oooohlala! *dreamy eyes*.. Peace out babes!

    1. Happiness

      Hii badass…vse i would like to know ur real name..if u wish just comment in the next epi or privately message me..n yess m back.m glad u remember me..n i would post a summary every day for sure…abt the epu..2-3 days for one..m a bit busy with studies..i have to prepare for jee advance..so pls understand..bt i promise this time i won’t disappear n dissapoint.. thanks for commenting ???????

      1. My name is Zoya. And no worries dear take your time but not years.. *laughs*
        Lol just kidding.. And yeahhh I love bepannah too after tashan e ishq that is the first show I’m watching.. And there are few more like Kuilfi, ishq subhanallah and dil se dil tak. Love you Khushi. See you soon with your next episode.. Muah!

  7. finally u r back
    i really miss ur ff…thanks for posting it
    i would love to rwad it plz plz continue it
    eagerly waiting for summry part 2
    post soon

    1. Happiness

      Yess m back..n i will cont it for sure dear…tom ull get the summary part 2… thanks for commenting..?????

  8. Baby

    hahaha hiiiiiiiiii khushi kapoor ?
    madam of course bdw mujhe thodi thodi story yaad hai ?
    or ab or aa gayi ??
    question answer of course i remember and i missed it too ?
    itna bhi bura nahi tha summary bas thoda or explain krde naa jasiee thoda koi spcl moment copy paste chaap diyo ??
    answers to the questions :
    1. of course hell this is i don’t think a question to ask specially not from me i want it so a big YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS?
    2. iska answer i gave already.
    3. am watching BEPANNAH obviously then YUDKBH and YRKKH and RLHN also sometimes kaleerien ?
    love u lots ab post kardena jaldi ??

    1. Purvi128

      Tu bhi Bepannah and YUDKBH dekhtii haii…!!! Godd…… I’m addicted to these 2 shows and obviously Naamkarann…

      1. Baby

        hahahaa even i am addicted to these and naamkaran if am extra free i sometimes give it a look just for zain ???

  9. Happiness

    Aise to 1 kaam krti hun pura epi hi copy paste kr deti hun..meko bilkul mehnat ni lgegi..bs pdhne wale k 2 hrs lg jaenge..as u know..m updates were damn lengthy..??? bt koi na..abhi summary hi thik h..ni to koi ni pdhega..n joote alag padenge..i will cont dear ..thank u so much for commenting…??????

    1. Baby

      ???? sahii kaha krle try koi nahi maar rha tujhe joote hahaha ???

  10. Osm
    Loved it

    1. Happiness

      Thank you presha…????

  11. Hi happiness ur my happiness too I have read all the episodes of this story asmita 4 times and every time I end up getting angry as u didn’t continued it I loved this story so much that even I can’t tell u I love twinj really and this ff too plsss do post soon as I have waited a lot in the hope that u would post the story soon and u might not know me but I now I really well cause I have read all ur ff plsss do post soon and I kNow u r going through lot of streets and I wish and pray to God thay all ur sorrows just vanish away and u continue writing ff on twinj love u take care post soon

    1. Happiness

      4 times.. Haye raam…????…m glad they were gud enough to get ur attention…n yes i remember u..u commented on some of my updates…n I’ll cont surely…n asap….love u loads…??????

  12. Shalu Choudhary

    Superb dear? and plz continue? after tei and krpkab their is no good serial ?but after sometime kyy3 ?start hoga toh woh dekungi mei but abhi toh aisa kuch nhi h dekhne ke liye bas rodies h

    1. Happiness

      Koi na..mil jaega koi na koi serial…vse i would suggest you to watch bepannah…its really gud.. I’ll cont asap…love u dear…??????

  13. Hello I’m new for u r story
    I’ve read all the three episodes
    Awesome ????
    Kunj is so arrogant ??? but twinkle ???
    Please post soon….
    1.please continue this story
    2. I directly jumped to the episode part…. (No summary)
    But I’ve read all the 3 epis
    3. Currently toh nothing
    I’m twinj fan only nd I’ve seen aur pyaar hogaya that’s it…..
    I don’t have patience to watch a complete serial ….
    Aur pyarr….. was short nd sweet that anyhow I completed ???
    Nd TEI was coz of Sid ??? after he left I stopped that also ???…
    Bbye nd Don’t forget to post …..
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode….

    1. Wait aapne Jo episodes ke link diye voh summary tha kyaa ???
      Meko laga vahi episode hai
      Then nice nd concluding summary ????
      Yaa yehi episode hai
      Please clear my confusion ????

      1. Happiness

        I think tumhe mera ff itna pasand aa gya h k tumhe kych smjh hi ni aa ra…???? The things i wrote in this post is summary..ye 1-1 paragraph..for the new readers i have added the links to the actual episodes that i posted 2 yrs back..so jo link h vo actual episodes k h..n jo ue 1-1 para diya h ye summary h episodes ki

  14. Nd meko laga ki aapne summary KE naam pe sirf copy paste Kiya hoga ???
    You meine summary ko hi epi Mann liya ???

    1. Happiness

      I hope the confusion will be cleared when u read my reply….n I’ll definitely cont… love u loads…???????? N plz itti clnfuse na hua kro..ff h chemistry k rxn ni…???… thanks for commenting ?????

  15. Heyy!! Itss been such a long time … i hv been waiting for ur episodes. N i m sure u wont knw me as i was a silent reader??
    1 yeahh plss continue.
    N u need not to write the summary jst give the link of the episodes.
    I don’t watch any

    1. Happiness

      Ye nysa ..naina…have u commented twice..m sorry if it’s not like that..as u both commented the same thing…ditto copy…chlo atleast comment to kiya… thanks for commenting…the best part is 2 yrs baad silent readers bhi comment kr re h..m really happy… I’ll definitely cont asap…n as tum dono k comment same h..main same hi reply kr ri dono ko..okii..love u nysa/naina…dono apna apna le lena…????????

      1. Hahah yesss?sorryy

  16. Heyy!! Itss been such a long time … i hv been waiting for ur episodes. N i m sure u wont knw me as i was a silent reader??
    1 yeahh plss continue.
    N u need not to write the summary jst give the link of the episodes.
    I don’t watch any

    1. Happiness

      Ye nysa ..naina…have u commented twice..m sorry if it’s not like that..as u both commented the same thing…ditto copy…chlo atleast comment to kiya… thanks for commenting…the best part is 2 yrs baad silent readers bhi comment kr re h..m really happy… I’ll definitely cont asap…n as tum dono k comment same h..main same hi reply kr ri dono ko..okii..love u nysa/naina…dono apna apna le lena…???????

  17. Hii dear , I’m Vibhu .. I have read all the Twinj ffs of TU. I also remember your story. I am glad that you came back to complete it. Thnkxx ?
    Yes. .. Summary was great. It would be lovely to recall the story again. Do post soon

    1. Happiness

      Thanks for commenting dear.. I’ll definitely continue asap…love u loads..???????

  18. Mahi

    I understand ur problem dear but if u won’t continue now I m sure gone kill u
    I just love it ff from beginning
    Plssss continue sooooon
    BTW miss u sooo very much
    Waiting for next episode after that hate for twinkle in kunj Hart bcoz of that Nikki
    Look I remember it this much now plss continue

    1. Mahi

      I think this one is my longest comment

      1. Happiness

        Thank you sooooo much..m just so happy today..u all remember me..n u still love me… I tol missed u all..n this time i won’t go without completing…hehhehe meko maarne ka mauka chla gya tumhare haath se..???..love u dear…n I’ll definitely cont. Asap..just let me finish this summary portion first…???????? N yes thanks for this longggggggg comment..

  19. Hi! Khushi… I am new reader of your ff… I liked it very much…
    And your name is so sweet…
    And about the answers :-
    1)please continue this ff
    2) summary is nice
    3)currently I am watching naamkaran

    1. Happiness

      M happy that even new readers r liking my ff..thank u dear…n m happy u found my name sweet..as u r a new reader ..plz go to the links n read the episodes as well..coz u’ll like it more reading the complete thing…i just have a small curious ques..are u a boy..coz ur name gave me that feeling..if not then m sorry for interpreting wrongly..n if yes then welcome dear..boys reading ff.. it’s a rare case..bt its special..n that too u reading my ff…i am sooooo happy…vse if u r a girl then too m happy…ao eventually… happiness is very happy today.. thanks for commenting dear..n yes plz don’t feel bad ..i mean if i interpreted wrong then plz forgive me…sorry in advance…????

  20. Please please continue ur ff. … just loved ur ff .post soon..

    1. Happiness

      Hey nity.. thanks for commenting.. I’ll definitely continue…?????

  21. Aamu

    Oh my god..oh my god..
    Happiness?.. well khushi..

    Guess i had thought that you were swallowed by the earth or evaporated in the sky..
    I thought aboht u few days back only..and you are herre..

    Anyway remember me?

    Nahi hu to..Good?

    Woah.chuck that.. i surely want you to comtinue gurll..though i am no more active on TU. But i can surely manage to read it since i cant bear to think about further and sometimes make up my own story?.

    do reply me if you are gonns continuee or not.

    Miss you girl!

    1. Happiness

      Vse i have no complaints..bt i sent u a private message yesterday when i thought of writing again..i think u must have not checked ur messages..ni to u would have replied..chlo leave that atleast u commented..n yes i remember u..u were aming the few 4-5 people i messaged yesterday…n yes m continuing..n plz ne active on tu.ni to mere ff pr comment kaun krega..btao btao…love u girlll…??????????

      1. Aamu

        Oh sorry sorry.. actually my notification was screwed because of cmnts on my ff so i wouldnt have noticed ur pm.
        Anyway i will chck now…and about writing…you gotta start posting soon girl..
        I’ll chck once in awhile when i open TU, coz here there isnt kike old days,..8-9 updates of ff in a day but it comes out as 2-3 rarely so..i will chck it anyhow..
        You know i dint read the summary too?. Coz i already remember the story..

        Now post sooonn..
        Will be waiting?
        love yaa❤

  22. Heyyyyyy happiness! Thank goodddddddd u are back girl! I wonder why did u even waste your tym in writing summary..u would have just provided with the link cuz I remember yr ff thoroughly! Its like u just postee yesterday! Now as even u are aware tht 2 yrs is such a long time so pls don’t make us wait anymore. POST SOONNNNNNNN PLEASEEE!

    1. Happiness

      Tia evwn i don’t wish to write the summary but d prob is nt everyone remembers the story…n yes i won’t make u wait more…n i would definitely post soon… love you…?????

  23. Hi! I am Sidhhant
    Ya u r right I am a boy ? I am fan of Sidhant and Jasmine… And I love to read ffs… And like you I am also not having fb ?
    And why you are saying sorry? It’s okay… Bare bare shehro mein aisi choti choti Baat hoti hain…. And you were toh right also.. So don’t be sorry ?

    1. Happiness

      Thanks for telling…n it’s so gud … U r reading n liking my ff.. thanks dear…????

  24. SSK

    Hi, I read the previous episodes and really happy that you will continue. Summary was superb?

  25. Finally hume aapki darshan prapt ho gayi.
    Like seriously yaar bina bataye chali gayi.
    Like ek dum gayab
    You really think that we forgot you.
    I remember your story very well
    That I searched for it personally thinking I forgot to read and here see you went to not show up again.
    Per ab aur nahi.
    You won’t get gayab like this.
    I don’t K of whether you remember me or not but I do remember you and your story.
    How to forget it was my favourite.
    But it doesn’t mean I’m not mad at you.
    You left in middle at suspense and now it’s your turn.
    You will not get gayab again at least not for years
    And you will continue your wonderful story.
    And you should follow this at any cost

    And yeah
    Well missed you and your ff alot.
    It’s from heart.

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