PolesApart Episode 21: The day of Confession!!

Hello everyone! the most awaited day has arrived.. hope you all will enjoy this track..thanks for your lovely comment..

Scene now shifts to hospital-

Riddhima is busy in doing surgery. Vansh was in his cabin.

Vansh: “Riddhima is in surgery. After completing her surgery I will propose her!”

He was going to Riddhima’s cabin but suddenly he collided with a staff and the phenyl bottle he was carrying fell on Vansh’s clothes.

Vansh: “Oh god! Today only this has to happen! Now I have to change, I can’t propose her with this foul smell. She will kill me first due to this smell!” He go towards Kabir’s cabin.

Vansh(thinking): “Kabir always have spare clothes! I will find..”

He entered Kabi’r cabin. It was empty. He opened a cupboard and found a shirt. He opened his shirt. Just then he heard sound of opening gate, before he could turn arround to see, he felt a warm touch over his chest.

Voice: “I want to tell you something!”

Just then Riddhima entered Kabir’s cabin. She saw Ahana hugging shirtless Vansh.

And at the same time Vansh turned around, only to find Riddhima at door and Ahana hugging him. He jerked Ahana.

Riddhima went out in tears. Vansh wore shirt and was running behind Riddhima. Ahana, who was in cabin was awestruck.

Kabir arrives.

Kabir: “Ahana! What are you doing here? If someone sees you…”

Ahana: “Vansh and Riddhima saw me..

She narrated everything to Kabir.

Kabir: “Oh god Ahana!”

Ahana: “I am sorry Kabir!”

She was in tears. Seeing her state Kabir calmed.

Kabir: “It’s okay. I am sure we would handle this.. what happen why are you here?”

Ahana: “I want to tell you something important!”

Kabir: “What?”

Ahana(placing Kabir’s hand over her belly): “You are going to become father! I am pregnant!”

Kabir was astonished. He clapped his hands. He hugged Ahana, kissed her, then her belly.

Kabir(sadly): “If we could give this good news to dad!”

Ahana: “Don’t worry Kabir! Once we complete our revenge we’ll tell everything to dad! I can do anything for you my love..”(cupping his face)

Kabir: “We ought have killed the RaiSinghanias, but this Riddhima had made it difficult!”

Ahana: “Yes, I know you don’t want to kill any innocent person, that’s why you just kidnapped her, but those goons tried to molest her.”

Kabir: “Exactly! I felt so guilty.. I just want to scare her. During the party also, we tried to scare her from wires!”

Ahana: “But Vansh saved her!”

Kabir: “And she also saved him from Chandelier!”

Ahana: “Yes!”

Mr and Mrs Soni who was standing outside Kabir’s cabin had heard everything. They were shocked. They stepped back, but made a noise.

Kabir: “Shit! Someone’s outside!”

They ran outside and saw Riddhima’s parents. They were shocked.

Mrs Soni: “You creep! You tried to harm my Riddhima!”

Mr Soni: “Because of you she was molested!”

Ahana hit a rod at their head, due to which they fell. Kabir and Ahana took them out and put them in their car.

They drove to a hotel. They entered a room. They placed Riddhima’s parents on bed and tied them.

Kabir(to Ahana): “I don’t want to harm anyone of Riddhima’s family! But why they always poke their nose?” (annoyed)

Ahana: “Don’t know what’s the problem with these Sonis!”

Both of them came towards a wardrobe, turned it and enter a secret storehouse. The storehouse contained a softboard with photos of RaiSinghanias. Several maps, and all kind of stuffs used for detectivity!

Kabir: “I can never forgive these RaiSinghanias..because of them I lost my father..my mother..my sister..”

Ahana consoled Kabir.

Kabir: “Ahana! We have to kill them soon now, since I want a peaceful life with you and my child.. i don’t want my child to be surrounded with these people.”

Ahana: “Yes Kabir! We will kill them soon!”

Kabir: “ These RaiSinghanias have destroyed my everything, now I will destroy them.. and if Riddhima came in between, I have to torture her as well!”

Vansh: “Don’t ever try to think this!”

Ahana and Kabir were bewildered.

Flashback starts-

Vansh running behind Riddhima. He held Riddhima’s arm.

Riddhima(tears): “Leave me.. I said leave me!”

Vansh: “Riddhima, nothing happened..you are mistaken.. Riddhima please listen.. I love you Riddhima..”

Riddhima: “Oh! Stop your drama! I had caught you red handedly, hugging your girlfriend! That cheap Ahana! She called our daughter witch! Yet you are after her!”

Vansh : “Riddhima, believe me please..”

Riddhima: “Stop this drama!”

Riddhima left.

Vansh shouted: “Riddhima listen to me.. If you have ever loved me then, please stop!”

Riddhima stopped. Vansh took her to a room.

Vansh: “Look yourself! In CCTV!”

She saw everything. She couldn’t hear any voice but she was assured it was a mistake.. then they both saw Kabir hugging Ahana.

Riddhima: “Kabir knew Ahana!”

They saw Kabir kissing her belly.. and then Kabir running outside cabin.

They also came out and saw Kabir and Ahana putting Riddhima’s parents in car.

They followed them and reached the hotel..

Flashback ends.

Kabir: “Oh so you have listened! It’s great!”

Kabir and Vansh came face to face.

Kabir: “Now I will take revenge from you!”

Vansh: “What revenge you are talking about?”

Kabir: “My parents death! You all are responsible for it!

Flashback starts-

Fifteen years ago.. a car is seen. Four members are sitting in the car singing..

Girl: “Kabir bhaiya, now it’s your turn..you sing”

Kabir(boy in late teens): “Okay gunnu..

Haste haste kat jaye raste.

Zindagi yuhi chalti rahe…”

A big luxury car came in front, it was in a very high speed.. The car hit theirs.

THUDD.. crash..

Kabir’s family were in blood.

Little Kabir saw Luxury car has VR logo on it..

Flashback ends.

Kabir: “It was your father! He killed my family! You rich people only know to destroy things!”

That’s it!! i know you expected Riansh’s confessions.. but you will witness a lot more twist from hereon.. just wait and watch.. hope you like it!!

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