Poem: Running Away, I won’t stop

_”In dark stormy night when everyone  slept I thought to run away,_”
_”Run away somewhere”_
_”Where there could be no one “_
_”Only me and my shattered soul”_
_”I start running out to find some peace to be away from everyone”_
_”I run away”_
_”I won’t stop now I won’t look back”_ _”finally I ran away_”
_”the path on which I am running is coming to the end,_”
_”the path is also unknown to me now”_
_”I don’t know where it will lead me to”_
_”still I won’t stop”_
_”Rain is dripping on me”_
_”foots are requesting me”_
_”but i won’t stop now”_
_”because I am running away”_
_”Running away cause I won’t show them what I feel”_
_”I won’t let them know I am tired”_
_”tired yes I am_”
_”yes I am tired_”
_” Yes I am running away”_
_”I won’t stop now_”
_”everyone would be happy because I am running away”_
_”I don’t know where this path is taking me , I don’t know I will return back or not”_
_”I am scared , looking back to my home”_
_”but I won’t stop”_
_”I won’t stop even when the path starts to fade which I know”_
_”I won’t stop even when there is only my breathing sigh sound”_
_”I won’t stop even when I am scared to death”_
_”Cause I am always scared , scared to lose someone but they don’t_”
_”Cause now I myself lose my soul_”
_”I won’t stop even when sleep overcomes me_”
_”I won’t stop untill smile on my face looks like a painted smile resembled like a non living doll_”
_”I won’t stop untill I feel life struggles are over”_
_”I won’t stop running until painful burdens leave my wounded shoulders_”
_”I won’t stop until I get to know all those promises were fake?”_
_”I won’t stop until I know who wants me in real”_
_”Not a sympathatic , pity want_”
_”I won’t justify myself , I won’t freakout to that person”_
_” I will just run away_”
_”Run away somewhere far”_
_”I won’t stop until I have reached a place where it could let me leave behind which I really don’t want to remember and from which I am running from”_
_”At least I need that relief_”
_”Eyes are not only showering tears but now tears are mixed with something undescribable_”
_”yes I need relief my body , my soul needs that relief_”
_” that’s only the reason yes I am running away to find some relief_”
_”Just then thunder awakens me from the dream which I wanted to come ture in real_”
_”thunder left me to crushed down to the reality once again_”
_”I got up again paint same painful smile on my dried lips_”
_”My heart arched no more running away_”
_”yes no more running away_”
_”Believe on Allah some miracle would definitely be happen that will give you relief_”
_”Till then no running away_”
_”No Running away”_
Heya And here!! Sorry if you get bored..
It’s something which was on my mind and I shaped it together it would have some mistakes Grammertical also do drop your comments

Thanks 🙂

  1. MaShaAllah!! It was a nice poem ?

    1. Ansa

      Thanks a lot aiza gald to know you liked it ?

  2. Renimarenju

    It’s a different attempt, ansa…..I can feel a kind of connection in this, i mean everyone’s life itself is a struggle and we all need 2 run……No matter the grammatical errors, Tu has valued your work and posted it…..That’s the biggest thing…….All the best and I liked it very much…..

    1. Ansa

      Yeah it is I also don’t know how I wrote this .. No doubt everyone’s life have some issues and pains and story that how they overcomes it ..
      Thanks alot reni dear your comment is sweet just like you ❤

    2. Renimarenju

      Oh So sweet of you, so u knows me…..that’s why u called as me reni….Any ways glad 2 meet u.. keep writing

    3. Ansa

      Yeah u can say as I have seen your comments i also dont know where but i have seen and moreover reni sounds good ?..
      Mee too ❤
      Thanks dear take care ?

  3. Amazing soo much feelings it have write some more poems please I want to read some work more

    1. Ansa

      Yeah sure dear I will no need of this thanks ❤
      Gald you liked it ?

    2. Ansa

      That was please*** not thanks

  4. Nice poem ansa dear ? Write some more poems if you don’t mind
    I love this poem not everybody have talent to write poems with such feelings ?

    1. Ansa

      Thanks a lot dear I will surely write more when I will be free ..
      feel free to say anything to me I will not mind obviously
      Thanks again I am gald you liked it soo sweet of u ❤

  5. You nailed it girl Wallah ❤

    1. Ansa

      Thanks salman bro gald u liked it ?

  6. Dear I am just left speechless how could you write this how perfectly u have written this I didn’t realized that I am reading it 4 or 5th time it touched me it really did you are a mind blowing writer I am giving you this tag *Ansa best* very well clapping for you ?

    1. Ansa

      Haye alishu ❤ thanks a lot dear your comment makes me feel soo good ? shukriya ❤

  7. Maja agia sister bohat acha laga poem

    1. Ansa

      Thanks raj bro gald you liked it ?

  8. Syed muhammad faizan

    Excellent Ansa nice poem keep trying best wishes for you ?

    1. Ansa

      Thank you soo much I am gald you liked it ?

  9. Muhammad Talha

    Such an amazing poem Ansa, i really felt the poem, can’t stop reading it again and again, it’s just amazing. Your writing skills are better than anyone i have seen, you are such an amazing writer ansa, i have read your some more stories, you don’t write much but when you do that is always above the line. May Allah bless you- Keep writing more stories dear you are a future superstar-
    ~Your fan

    1. Ansa

      Oh my Allah !! Thanks Talha your comment is sweet just like you ? thanks alot ? I am happy that you liked it and your words are just bonus of it ?
      Shukriya InShaAllah ❤
      ~ur Dost?

    2. Muhammad Talha

      Welcome Ansa, yeah i would definitely like it na because your story is just brilliant- You make your best to bring real picture of feelings in your words, that is an amazing quality- In Sha Allah ❤
      ~Your fan

    3. Ansa

      Your comment is giving me joyous feeling seriously Talha ..
      Thanks alot for considering me like this ? I am very happy that my mates are also commenting over here and your comment was a great shock for me btw bohat shukriya ?
      ~ur dost school ki?

    4. Muhammad Talha

      Ahahahahaha welcome Ansa ? yeah your poem just got viral ? and i got to it somehow lucky me ?
      ~Your school dost ?

    5. Ansa

      Lucky me too I got such wonderful comments from you talha thanks alot dear ?

  10. Amazing Ansa keep up the good work girl I love it !! May Allah give you great success Love You.

    1. Ansa

      Arishaaaaaaaaa meri school ki dost ??? thanks a lot baby ???love u lots too ? Ameen and you too ❤

  11. Amazing Ansa May Allah give you great success dear LOVE UU!!

    1. Ansa

      Ameen arisha Allah apko bhe bohat taraqi den Ameen ❤

  12. God knows how much I loved this yes I loved this yes I loved this
    Not good na it only suits you you have written this with Soo much emotion u can feel it as it is reflecting easily ansa huff incredibly awesome ? tight slap to that person who dislike this ?

    1. Ansa

      Thanks ajay I am gald you liked this ?

    1. Ansa

      Thanks dear ?

  13. I like it write something on Shivaai Anikka I like your concept

    1. Ansa

      Thanks glad to know that u liked it
      I will surely try dear when I Will be free ?

  14. Nice dear it was emotional two three tears fall down also keep going best wishes for you

    1. Ansa

      Thanks anu ? ohh soo sorry because of me u cried :'( wipe them quickly? shukriya ❤

  15. You wrote this with feelings I can easily conclude as if reader feels same what they are reading the author must have brilliant writing skills I am happy I didn’t miss it
    Will you be my friend ?

    1. Ansa

      Soo sweet of u veena thanks a lot I am glad that you liked it ❤ thanks a lot ❤
      Off course why not veena I would be very lucky ?

  16. I loved it nice

    1. Ansa

      Thanks heer I am glad that you liked it ?

  17. It was really sweet just like u my Zoi…. ????
    Bhut bhaag li abhi wapis aao na….. I’m missing you terribly yaar ? !!
    Love u my Rotadu ????

    1. Ansa

      Awwww medha medhaaaa medhaaaaaaaa tm agai ?? thanks a lot sistaa ❤❤
      Aww baby I will be back soon InShaAllah ?
      Love you too medhu dear ❤
      Take care a lot ?
      Thanks for commenting yar I am very happy veryyyyt very happy ❤

  18. Mars

    Amazing ??

    1. Ansa

      Thanks mars dear.. I am glad that u liked it❤

  19. Fenil

    Fabulous poem Anshu B)
    loved it.

    1. Ansa

      Thanks fenu ? thanks for commenting bro

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