Hey dears I couldn’t get time to write FS. So I wrote a pocket story… Hope u like it…
If I get time to write FS I will update it

Today is Swasan’s first night.. Sanskar slowly enters the room expecting swara in bed.. He looks around for her.. Just then she enters from the washroom.. Both looks at eachother.. She smiles nervously seeing him .. He breaks the eyelock and turns.. Swara looks at him confused…

San: swara… I want to say u something.. (Swara confused)

San: you know I’m very happy. .. I’m very happy to marry my first love.. Yes swara u r my first love… (he paused..) I love you from our school time…

He closed his eyes and stood there silently expecting her reply..  After sometimes he turned hearing something fell on floor and shocked seeing swara is lying unconsciously on the floor…

San: SWARAAAA… (hearing his scream everyone came there and knocked the door. He opened the door.. Everyone looks shocked seeing swara)

Suj: what  did you do to my daughter? (starts to wake her..  A lone tear escaped from his eyes… He slowly walks backwards and went from there)

After two days sanskar came back to home…

Suj: sanskar… Where were you?

San: (ignoring her) where is swara…

Suj: she is in room.. Where were you in these 2 days.. (Ignoring his mother’s yells he went to his room..

San: swara.. (she came to him..) I’m sorry..(she looks at him confused). I should have asked u that u liked this marriage or not.. I’m so sorry to tie you to this unwanted marriage…

Sw: who told you that I don’t like this marriage?

San: (turned back) u fainted after confession naa.

Sw: (smiles thinking his weird imagination) this is a new information for me that someone fainted just because of she didn’t want the marriage (giggles) do you want to know why did I faint.. It’s because… Wo… If anyone hear that she is the first love of her crush whom she couldn’t forget till this time.. She would have fainted naa…

Swara smiles thinking his position now. Sanskar shocked hearing this.. Next moment he fell on the floor unconsciously… Swara became shocked..

Sw: sanskar… What happened? Oh God.. Maa… Sanskar wake-up plz… Oh God how can I wake him now.. (she is about to get up and call someone, sanskar holds her wrist and pulled her towards him and smashed his lips on her… He is kissing like anything.. She looks shocked… After sometimes they broke the kiss.. She looks at him like what is that?)

San: This is the way to wake-up ur husband come Crush.. (he raised his eyebrows. She smiles and looks down shyly.. He laughs and hugs her tightly.)

  1. Tamil

    Cute story………loved it………..

    1. Sreekkutty

      Thank you dear

  2. Adishu

    even I would faint now… how will u wake me up???
    take care….

    1. Sreekkutty

      Ur sanskar/swara will wake u like the way u want…
      Thank you dear

  3. Cute one post ur fs when u get time

    1. Sreekkutty

      Thank you dear.. I have submitted it.. They will update soon

  4. Awwww so cute story dear……loved it.

    1. Sreekkutty

      Thank you dear

  5. Cute story

  6. Sreekkutty

    Thank you dear

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