Please.. love me- Ragsan Episode 4

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Mrng Ragini gave some papers to dp. She’s behaving little normal now.

Rag: uncle, I want to take admission in this college. These are papers. Pls sign on it.

Dp: u can talk with Shekhar abt this na beta.

Rag: m talking nicely with u, it doesn’t mean I forgot everything. M angry on my parents first. Rite now I don’t want any discussion on this. U r my in laws now. U can sign it.

Ap signs dp to sign. He signs the papers. Ragini took them.

Rag: thanku uncle.

She turned to leave dp says

Dp: m waiting for the day when u’ll call me dad.

She dint answer and left from there.

Ap: m sure, soon she’ll b ok.

Dp: hmmm.

…………………… ………. …….

Ragini was getting ready. She was excited for her new college. She did light make up.

Sanskar entered room. He saw her getting ready. For a moment he was lost in her simple beauty. Then he realized the truth and took his eyes off from her. She was leaving room after getting ready,,

San: all d best for ur first day.

Rag stopped for a while and says thanks without any expression and left.

San: did I do wrong by wishing her? Wel y m thinking this much.

He brushed off his thoughts.


Ragini was standing outside the college. She seems to b very happy.

Rag: finally m in my fav college.

She enters college. She moves towards princi room. She asked a girl for his room. She directs her. Ragini goes to princi room and gave him her documents. He checked it.

Pri: welcome to our college ragini. Study well.

Rag: thanku sir.

She comes out and collides with a girl. Both of their books fell down.

Rag: r u blind? Cant u see me?

Girl: m really sry. I was getting late so it happened in hurry.

They took their books.

Rag: fine. Careful next time.

Girls smiles and leaves.


Ragini entered class. She went and sits on a bench. Sir enters. All stood up. Sir signs to sit.

Sir: welcome students. U all r very lucky to get admission in this college. As its ur first day I don’t want to bore u all. So I’ll take ur class only for few mins.

All clapped. Just then a girl enters.

Girl: may I come in sir?

Sir: u r late.

Girl: sry sir.

Sir: fine.go and sit.

She sits beside ragini. She’s the same girl who collided with ragini. She smiles at ragini. Ragini dint smile.
Class got over. Sir went. All started to leav class as they have much time left for next class.

Ragini got up to go but that girl stops her.

Girl: ragini.

Ragini turned back and aks

Rag: how do u know my name?

Girl: mrng by mistake we took each other’s books.

Ragini opened book and saw name.

Rag: Aditi.

Adi: m aditi. (played by kanika)

They get their books.

Adi: frnds?

She forwards her hand.

Rag: just now we met.

Adi: so?

Rag: nothing. See u later.

She left from there.

Ragini took her food and sat on a table. Just then few girls group appeared. One of them stops ragini from eating and she took her food and eats.

Rag: wat type of behavior is this?

Girl1: don’t u know we r ur seniors. U shud do as we say.

Rag: ragging is banned. I’ll complaint to princi.

Girl2: how dare u?

She goes near ragini to slap but she pushed her.

Ria: Nia careful.

(both girls r Ria and Nia. Seniors of ragini)

Both get angry. They tell to other girls to hold ragini’s both hands. Other 2 girls holds ragini’s hands. She was struggling to free herself but cudnt. Nia took cream cake and goes near to apply on ragini’s face. Ragini gets teary eyed and closed her eyes. Nia was abt to apply, aditi comes between and makes cake fall down. She holds nia’s hand and tightens her grip.

Nia: leav. It hurts.

Aditi leaves: don’t dare again to do like this. We r juniors doesn’t mean u can rule on us and we will b quite. (Looks at girls who were holding ragini’s hand) leav her or else.

They left quickly.

Ria: we r leaving u today. See u next time. Come on nia.

Nia: ria its paining.

Ria: I’ll apply balm come.

They left. Aditi looks at ragini. She was sitting and crying.

Adi: u r crying?

Rag: then shud I laugh for wat they did?

Adi: the way u behaved with me from mrng, I thot u r strong girl. But u r very sensitive. Then y u behaved like that?

Rag: pls don’t ask me anything.

Adi: ok. Come lets go to class. No one will b there. We wil sit there.

Aditi takes cold drink. Both go to class.

………………….. ……………………….

Sanlak were sitting in a hall with their other frnds. A man comes.

Man: hello everyone. So here is the list of ur names and college. M going to announce ur names and college where u have to go as a lecturer. He goes on reading names. Sanlak names also came. Both r for same college (this is not ragini’s college).

Man: From tmrw u have to join. All d best.

Lak: I’ll come to pick u tmrw mrng.

San: ok. Bye.

………….. ………………. .


Aditi and ragini were sitting.

Adi: r u feeling better now?

Rag: yes. Thanks. M sry.

Adi: y?

Rag: I behaved rudely with u. actually I dint do it purposely. M disturbed.

Adi: u can share with me.

Ragini shares with her everything.

Adi: hmmmm.. so this is the matter. Ragini. Do one thing. Don’t think abt anything for few days. Just now u joined college. So concentrate on it. After few days ur mind wil come to normal state then we wil discuss. Ok.

Ragini thinks and agrees. Now ragini forwards her hand.

Rag: frnds?

Adi: no.

Rag: ??

Aditi hugs her: best frnds.

Both smile.

Rag: don’t tel anyone abt my marriage.

Adi: m ur frnd na. don’t wry. It wud b between us.

They happily spent whole day.

…………. …………….. ………….


Dp and ap were discussing something.

Ap: I think ur decision is rite.

Dp: ok. Then inform shejan also abt this.

Ap: ok. M going to meet her now.

………… ……………. ………

Ap and janki r talking.

Jan: do u think it works?

Ap: this is only option left to bring them together. In our home they won’t talk with each other. If they need something they’ll ask me or dp. But not to each other. So we r gifting them a flat. They wil stay together. that flat is near to both ragsan colleges. They wil come closer by this.

Jan: ok as u say.

…… …………………. ……………..


Dp: ragsan I hav to talk something imp to u both. As per culture parents has to gift something after marriage. So we decided to gift u flat. Tmrw u hav to shift there, ur both colleges r near. Don’t wry abt that.

San: but dad y this sudden change?

Dp: not sudden change. Me and ap r going for marriage function of my frnd’s daughter. We r staying there for few days. And today or tmrw u hav to shift there so tmrw u can. Wat u say ragini?

Rag: as u wish uncle. I’ll pack my bag.

Sanskar looks at ap and goes to his room.

Ap: I hope u both come closer by this.

hope u liked it.

sry for less ragsan scenes. in next part there wil b ragsan scenes. do tell ur views in comments.

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