Was it all planned by destiny? ff epi -19

  • The episode starts with bejoy convincing Elena to meet a guy nd asha helping him
    Elena: no mesho I don’t want to get marry now
    Asha : Elena every girl don’t like to marry but when they meet a guy nd realise that he is the perfect guy for him they accept. For ex – take our Sona
    Elena : but maashi
    Bejoy: Elena I am not forcing u to Marry him , I am just asking u to meet him once
    Nd bejoy suddenly starts coughing nd asha rans to bring water nd Elena worries for him nd rubs his back . Bejoy drinks water nd feel relax nd then Elena says

    Elena : i am srry mesho because of me u are worried nd ur health
    Bejoy : it’s nothing like that Elena . I am okay now
    Elena: u want me to meet the guy right , I will meet him ! But u have to tc of ur health
    Bejoy : thank u Elena . But remember Elena u should take decision without any worries just keep ur self in mind

    Elena : ya
    Nd she hugs bejoy . The scene shifts to Ishwari niwas where Sona tells everyone about Elena meeting a guy nd listening that Vicky gets upset nd silently without any one getting knowing about him he moves to his room where as everyone were busy in chatting in hall .sona gets someone’s call nd she starts panicking when dev notices her nd ask
    Dev : what happen Sonakshi? Whose call was it ?

    Sona : dev baba …..baba
    Sona stammers nd say nd everyone gets up nd dev ask
    Dev : what happen to baba ?
    Sona : he is in the hospital . I don’t know what happen Elena just said he was unconscious in his room nd they took him to hospital . Dev we need to go plzz hurry
    Dev : ya
    Ishwari, Ramnath, Vicky , dev nd Sona runs to hospital nd they see asha crying , elena nd daadi console her nd Saurabh is waiting for doctor near the door of icu . Sona runs towards asha nd ask
    Sona : ma what happened to baba ?
    Asha looks at ishwari nd ishwari says to everyone
    Ishwari: Sona your baba was in well from 2 months xyz disease .
    Everyone is shock nd sona
    Sona : y didn’t u told us before if u know nd how come u know ma
    Sona to Ishwari

    Asha : actually Sona
    Ishwari : let me tell everyone today asha ji . As u know Sona I have sugar problem so two months back I came to hospital for a regular check up where me nd Ramnath saw ur baba nd asha ji we were happy to see him after so long time
    Flash back
    At a cafe near hospital four them seem seated nd happily chats with each other

    Asha : how come u guys came here to hospital is everything okay ?
    Ishwari: oh it’s just a monthly sugar check up nd how come u guys are here for
    Asha nd bejoy look at each other
    Ishwari: is everything okay asha ji ?
    Asha : bejoy has xyz disease
    Both are shock
    Ishwari: what doctor said

    Asha : he can be okay but for it an operation is required nd it has 60% chance only
    Ishwari : did u tell everyone
    Asha : no as bejoy don’t want to tell everyone thinking everyone will feel sad
    Ramnath : but still
    Bejoy : the main reason is I want Sona nd Elena to get married first nd if they came to know they will say yes for my happiness nd I want them to marry without any pressure nd conditions
    Present at hospital
    That’s when I suggested dev for Sona though I met u when u were small at that I like u very much plus when I met u in the party I was sure that u would be perfect for dev
    Dev and Sona have a eyelock of 1 min
    Ishwari: that’s y we all planned to get u married soon

    Sona : but u would have atleast let me know
    Ishwari : but bejoy bhaishaab gave us promise to not to tell anyone nd also he said that after elena’s marriage
    Asha : but from few days his condition was not gud
    Elena : ( cryingly) it’s all because of me if I would have agreed for the proposal mesho would have been alright
    Nd she runs from their crying Sona was about to go behind Vicky says
    Vicky: bhabhi u stay here I will go behind her
    Sona : k

    Vicky runs behind her nd search her finally he saw her the gate of hospital she hugs seeing him nd cries nd Vicky consoles her saying everything would be alright .
    After some time doc comes out nd says bejoy is alright nd he is out of danger just he would be one week here for observation nd then u can take him home
    Sona : thank u doctor
    Doctor: it’s my duty
    Sona : but when will he get awake

    Doctor: till mrng he will get awake
    Nd doctor leaves Sona sends everyone home nd stays with dev in hospital nd they sit in chair nd have a chat after some time Sona sleeps on dev’s shoulder nd after some time dev too sleep . After a week bejoy is taken to home every is relax nd bejoy ask Elena that if doesn’t want to marry now then it’s alright as now he can live for few years by listening to this Vicky feels relax . Nd everything gets back to normal .

    So my epi ends here I know I am late for that I am srry nd hold ur hearts for my next episode which are going to be full of romance I guess awaited romance nd plz don’t judge me for that I am going to keep it romantic + simple – sweet . Stay tune to was it all planned by destiny nd give me thumbs up ?? nd share ur reviews in comments ?.

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