Was it all planned by destiny? ff epi -18

Srry guys for taking it long to post but my exams were going nd after that I was confused what to write I mean I have thought about the track nd till end too but how should I execute it i was hell confused so I came up with this hope u all like it.
The episode starts with dev saying Sona
Dev : Sona today where u want to go
Sona : y is their something today
Dev : u get so much busy that u forget what day is today

Sona :?is today ur bday ?
Dev : Sona ?! Today is Saturday nd u forgot that we plan every Saturday we will go out nd have sometime so that we get to know about each other
Sona : i am srry actually I forgot today is Saturday
Dev : its k . So say where u want to go

Sona : why don’t we go to park to have fresh air nd evening time is always gud nd this week was full of hectic work that I need peace so nothing is better than this so plzz
Dev : k ! So I will pick u from ur office nd then we will go
Nd they both head to their office . Where Elena calls Sona in lunch time nd says
Elena : Sona please save me
Sona : what happened Elena ? Are u alright? Where are u ?
Elena : I am at home nd I am alright now but if u didn’t save me now I will be in mental hospital soon
Sona : wow tell me clearly what happened?

Elena : I don’t what happened to mesho ( bejoy) he is showing me to get married to someone nd showing me all photos of guys
Sona : Elena are u mad ? I mean not hi nd hello nd on that u scared me like hell nd for this u are overreacting
Elena : overreacting nd me ?

Sona : yes when it was my time u are like yo Sona u re getting married nd u want to dance nd all things . Now what happen Elena ! U just wait how I will tease u nd will dance in ur wedding , u teased me a lot in my wedding nd now it’s my turn
Elena : I thought U will help me instead u re getting happy . It’s just waste to talk to u I think dev jiju will help me nd he is the one u will help take my revenge from u ?
Sona : ?plz go ahead he can’t do anything

Elena : oh really looks like love is in the air ???
Sona : u have started ur nonsense again k now I have to keep because I am busy in work nd I have to meet dev at 5 so
Elena : oh romantic date haan Sona

Sona : Elena stop ur nonsense it’s nothing like that k u know everything na nd every Saturday me and dev go out nd spend some time to know each other
Elena : k Sona waise bhi aaj mausam itna romantic dev babu jayenge bhi kaha aapni Sona ko chodke bus baarish hojaye phir …

Sona : Elena u re mad . That’s gud baba is getting u married atleast u might get some serious , I am keeping now bye

Nd Sona blushes like? ….. nd suddenly some one comes in nd gives her file to check nd see nd she gets back to work nd then evening dev comes to pick up her nd both goes to park for walk nd suddenly dev gets Vicky’s call nd dev excuses himself from Sona nd takes the call but due to bad network dev can’t hear anything nd they both try to talk in the mean time the wind blows heavily nd suddenly it starts raining nd Sona suddenly feels the rain water nd air smiling closes eyes to feel it nd she open eyes nd sees kids dancing in rain nd joins them . While our dev babu still on phone notices everything nd as usual falls for her again nd forgets that he was talking to Vicky on phone nd on other side Vicky was shouting hello! Hello ! Bhai ….

In the bg music starts when winds starts to blow heavily till Sona dance with kids ( the song is rehna hai tere dil mein title instrumental music if someone has seen that movie u might remember the scene where hero sees heroine dancing in rain with kids just imagine dev nd Sona in that scene)

Dev to himself seeing Sona dancing
Dev : don’t how many colours are more of u that will make me fall for u again nd again shayad kehete kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi hote .pata nhi kab tumhe bhi pyaar honga mujhse ?
Vicky to dev : bhai kya bol rahe ho kuch sunai nhi dera aap ghar aao tab baat karinge bye
Nd he keeps the phone but our dev babu doesn’t even realise that nd Sona after playing with kids comes to him nd raises her eyebrows asking in actions what happen nd dev comes back to his sense nd sees Vicky has already kept the phone .
Dev to Sona : kuch nhi chale ghar ab warna fever hojayenga tumhe
Sona : haan

Sona moves towards their car
Dev to himself : pata nhi Vicky me kya kaha mein ne toh kuch nhi suna ab kya karu ? arey haan yaad aaya network ke Karan kuch Sunai nhi dera tha agar kuch puchenga toh yehi bol dunga
Nd they both reaches home nd the day ends .

My epi too ends here hope u all like it plz give me lots of thumbs up nd comments nd specially today is my birthday hope I get alots of comments nd likes .

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