Your place is in my heart..!! (Raglak OS)

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Ragini is working in her laptop busily.

Laksh comes with a apple and a knife near her..

“Ragini…ragini… plz cut this apple for me..!!” He asks childishly.

Ragini annoyed: laksh… go away. I’m busy right now..!!

Laksh childish: no no…!! I want apple..!!

Ragini in anger: I said go..!!

Laksh goes aside in pout face. He tries to cut apple by himself and accidentally cuts his finger. He shouts in pain. Ragini runs near him.

Ragini applying detol: can’t you wait for a while… I will come know..!!

Laksh is crying: ragini…!! Don’t scold like that..!! I’m scared.

Ragini holding her head annoyed:: stop..!! Stop that crying first..!!!

Laksh scares looking at her anger and he becomes calm. Ragini goes back to her place and continues her work with laptop. Laksh holding his finger silently sits at a corner.

Ragini was still working.

Laksh:: I’m hungry….

Ragini:: eat that apple as it is..!! Don’t eat my brain..!!

Laksh tries to eat apple but it slips from his hand. He doesn’t understand how to eat it. He silently weeps sitting at corner.

Flash back….!!!!

Laksh accidentally loses his memory in accident. He happens to become mentally retarded. His mind becomes childish. Time should come which turns him normal.

Ap and Dp requests Shekar and Sumi to get Ragini married to Laksh. Because, Laksh loses his memory after their engagement. Shemist 1st denies but Ragini who loves Laksh at engagement itself makes them agree for marriage.

She loves Laksh..but, his childish character keeps annoying her.

End of fb……..

Ragini finishes her work and looks at Laksh who was sleeping innocently. She feels bad for treating Laksh like that. She goes near him and rubs his head. He pushes her hand in sleep.

“I’m sorry Laksh.. I was in work tension then. It’s true sometimes I get annoyed..!! Plz excuse this angry bird..!!”
She says and sleeps beside him only down laying her head in his chest.

Next morning… Ragini is getting ready to office busily. Laksh is jumping around her.

“Ragini….play with me…”

“No laksh..!! I have to go to office..!!”

“ Ragini..!!! Play with me..!!!”

Ragini is busily setting her files denying him. Laksh takes the files and tears the papers.

Ragini shouts angrily: laksh..!!!

Laksh scares and moves back.

Ragini continues shouting:: day by day your craziness is increasing..!! Can’t you be calm..?? Now how should I submit the file..???

Laksh starts crying again. Ap comes.

Ap: leave it Ragini beta.. he doesn’t know right..!!

Ragini:: how much even I should bear maa..??

She goes away in anger. Laksh hugs Ap. Ap consoles him.

Once in a party….

Ragini takes Laksh with him. She doesn’t like to go without Laksh. Attendance of couples is a must. It’s a office party.

She is taking care of Laksh.

Ragini:: Laksh, behave as a good boy. Be calm ok…

Laksh nods his head as small boy. Ragini feels attracted with his innocent face. She twists his cheek..

Ragini: my cute boy..!!

Laksh smiles innocently and he too twists her cheek.

Laksh: my cute girl..!!

She laughs. All guests are looking at them weird.
Ragini observes it. “We have to leave party soon..!!” She thinks.

Ragini’s boss comes to greet both RagLak. He gives shake hand to Ragini. Laksh feels jealous when some other man touches her hand. He holds boss hand and her hand and separates them. He holds Ragini’s hand.

Laksh: she is mine..!! I won’t give her to anyone..!!

Boss amazes with his actions. Ragini gets upset.

Ragini: I’m sorry sir..he is just joking..

Boss: ya.. I heard, he is mad it seems..!!

Laksh gets angry with his words. “I’m not mad…!!!” He shouts. And grabs boss collar.
All shocks and looks at them. Ragini tries to separate boss from Laksh.
At last..she brings Laksh out.

After reaching home,

Ragini starts shouting on Laksh.

“I said you to be calm..!! Why can’t you stay silent..!! Just shut your mouth..!!”

Laksh was nearly crying..

“Ragini..he said I’m mad..!!”

Ragini:: of course you are..!!!

Ragini bites her lips for what she said suddenly. She actually didn’t mean it. Laksh looks at tears at Ragini.

Laksh:: all said that I’m mad… but only you said I’m cute.. you are also telling I’m mad..
Laksh cries.

Ragini feels sad and cups his face..

Ragini: my cute boy…don’t cry..I’m sorry..!!

Laksh pushes her hand and runs into room. Ragini feels sad and goes after him. Laksh was laying on bed kneel down and face is under pillow. Ragini smiles at his innocence.
She tries to take pillow..but he jerks her hand. She sits beside him, and she slowly runs her hand on his back…she tickles in his tummy. He laughs removing pillow. Ragini keeps tickling him in tummy. Laksh keeps laughing with tickling sensation.

While doing like that, Ragini happens to fall on him. Her chest bumps into him. They are too close so that they are breathing each other’s breath. Ragini even though feels shy with situation, she gets back in shy and turns away. He holds her hand and make her fall on him again. Ragini keeps looking deep into his eyes.

“Umm…!! Tell me a story now…!!!” Laksh demands as a little kid. Ragini smiles cutely with Laksh’s kid behavior.

“Ok..!!” Ragini says and tries to get up from Laksh. But Laksh wraps his hands around her and tells, “Don’t go anywhere. Stay like this..!!”

Ragini smiles and kiss Laksh forehead. Ragini starts telling a story. She doesn’t understand what happened but Laksh suddenly kisses her lips.

Ragini in shock but shivered: Laksh…??

Laksh clapping his hands: is it nice..? I saw this in movie morning. I wanted to do this.

Laksh says and kiss Ragini again on her lips. Ragini feels all happiness is in her control now..!!! She holds his head near to make it long one.

Laksh lays back on bed closing his eyes. Ragini was sitting beside him still unbelieved what she has done. She touches her lips and smiles. Laksh keeps his hands around her waist while sleeping. Ragini lays her head on his chest and sleeps.

Ragini: laksh…will you remember this when you get back your memory..?? She thinks and smiles. And she buries her head in his chest.

Next morning… Laksh opens his eyes. He was feeling dizzy. His head is aching badly. His eyes were heavy. But, he was feeling some weight on his chest also. He looks. Ragini’s head was over his chest. Her hands have surrounded him protectively. He surprises. He moves a bit, with that Ragini wakes. She looks at him in smile. She cups his face and kisses his forehead. He was still surprising.
“I will bring you milk, till then you have to brush like everyday like good boy..ok..??”

He was still looking at her surprised..

Laksh: you are Ragini right..!!

Ragini amazes,.

Laksh: we were engaged… but, why are you here in my room..??

Ragini hell shocks and moves far from him.

Laksh holding his head: I was accident..!! What happened next..??
Ragini understands that he got memory back and she gets happy. She holds his hands in happiness. And kiss his hands.

Ragini: you are back laksh… I’m glad… she hugs him.

He was still surprised. She runs out of room to call everyone. Laksh stands and looks around in his room and amazes with changes.

Ragini comes with ap, dp and uttara.

Ap, Dp and uttara gets emotional.

Laksh: maa..paa..don’t be sad. I’m alright..!! But, why Ragini is here..??

Ragini shocks. He forgot everything what happened in his retarded stage.

Ap explains what has happened. Laksh remains calm.

Later they leave raglak alone and go out…

Laksh was still silent.

Ragini: laksh ji, you get ready I will bring milk..

Laksh little upset: no need..!! I know what I want..

Ragini gets little hurt with his words.

At breakfast…

Ragini just comes, Laksh is about to drink coffee, Ragini stops him..

Ragini:: laksh.. I said na, coffee not good only milk. Ache bache drinks milk naa..!!

All gets amazed and looks at them. As Ragini forgot that he got his sense back.

Laksh with bit anger:: what the hell is this Ragini..? Behave yourself..!!

Ragini then gets into her memory. She sadly moves far from him.
Ap looks on…

Later he goes to office.

Ragini thinks: may be Laksh is upset as she was behaving with him as kid..

He goes to office to meet him and explain him why she did so.

Ragini amazes to see studious Laksh in office. Is he is that innocent boy who played in house till yesterday..?? Is he the same innocent boy who used to catch her hand always and even afraid of a lizard.
But now, he is threatening his subordinates. He is ruling them. He is guiding. He is ordering. He is bossy..!! And even he is handsome..!! When he was not handsome..? He was even handsome when he was a kid too..!! His innocent smile flashes in front of her eyes and she too smiles.

Then Laksh happens to look her.

Laksh: what Ragini..??
He asks authoritatively.

Ragini trembles. She doesn’t understand why but, she is afraid of her cute boy now. He was looking at her seriously as he was serious in office work. She was stepping before him and she accidentally bumps with tea tray on table and tea flows on all important files.

Ragini shocks. Laksh gets angry.

Laksh: what is this Ragini..?? Did you come just to make mess up..??

Ragini in tears: sor..sorry…
She runs away.

She comes to home in sobs.
‘Why am I crying..? Am a strong girl..!! It is bcz, He hurt me..?’

She remembers the incidents when she got angry on Laksh.
‘May be Laksh also felt same like me. I too hurt him so much then..!! But, the truth is I love him a lot. But idk..whether this Laksh loves me or not..!!’
She thinks. Just then, door opens Laksh comes.

She wipes her tears and stands aside.

Laksh: vo..actually.. I’m sorry.. getting engaged and later having an accident. Losing all my memory… I was a bit disturbed and couldn’t talk with you properly..!!!

Ragin i just bends her head. Then she feels a hand on her hand. Laksh holds her hand.

Laksh: maa, has said how you looked after me when I was not fine…!!! I’m sorry for hurting you today..!!

Ragini: even i have to tell sorry laksh ji. I yelled on you many times..!!!

Laksh: laksh ji..??? Cute boy..!! This is what you used to call me right..!!

Ragini makes her eyes big.

Laksh smiles: maa said. Get ready, let’s go to dinner tonight.

Ragini nods her head happily.

At their dining.. in hotel. Ragini was waiting for Laksh. But, he said he will come just and didn’t come yet. She was waiting for him.

Suddenly he comes with a red roses bouquet near her. He kneel down before her.

“Ragini, you have married even after knowing that I have lost my mind. It’s enough for loving you forever..!! But, you have bore me all the days with patience. Your place is not beside me…!!!” He tells.

Ragini looks at him shocked.

“Your place is in my heart…!!” He says putting his hand on his heart.

Ragini gets tears and she too kneel downs before him. She cups his face.

Laksh: I love you Ragini..!!!!

Ragini: I love you Laksh…!!!

Both hugs each other tightly…!!!

Ragini twists his cheek… “my cute boy…!!”

Laksh twists her cheek… “my cute girl..!!”

Both smile…..

The End…………

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