Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 6

Diya is super happy to know that sher is her father.she sees sher in the park and rushes to him addressing him as father.she comes and hugs him.sher is boggled.he asks diya what ar eyou saying.she replies that u r my father why did not u tell me.he is confused.he asks who told she replies adi uncle.she points towards aditya and sher is surprised to see him again.he goes to adotya and asks him wt r u doing here as u went out of country.aditya asks who said u that?sher says amma told me.adi laughs and says that u r mama’s boy.sher says that stop this nonsense.and why are u brainwashing this child.i m not his father.my child is gone away from me.adi replies that she z ur daughter.ask her the name of her mother.sher turns towards diya and asks her full name.she replies diya tiwari.adi asks her to tell about her mother’s name.she replies shraddha tiwari.sher unbelievingly tightly hugs diya and has tears in his eyes.he remembers sumer telling that shrddha fell and doc saying child died…he is outraged…he asks aditya that how does he know?aditya says that it does not matter.u have met ur daughter now I ve to take her back…sher warns him not to touch his daughter.she wont go anywhere.she is my daughter and will live with me.adi asks him not to think abt it cuz if shraddha cums to know abt it tornado will come.sher says that she can do nothing except shedding tears.she is weak.and can not snatch my daughter from me.diya asks that why r u fighting?sher kisses her and takes her home.she looks at adi.aditya says that is what I wanted.he calls shraddha and tells her everything.she is shocked and says that this might be the game of Lord.and she has to fight as no power in this world can snatch my daughter from me.i m coming.adi hangs up.
Sher reaches home with diya.evry1 is present.bhavri fumes and starts her drama that madam ji again betrayed us.she is a liar.how cheap she is.she took ur daughter away from u.sher confronts sumer and asks him.sumer does not reply.he is about to slap him when bhavri stops him and says that its all sharddha’s magic that compelled him to lie.chanda sheds crocodile tears and says that shraddha jiji is innocent.but now she is his wife and waiting for her rights for 6 years which she did not get due to jiji.
Sher asks her to stop crying as he cant talk abt it.I need to spend time with my daughter.sher tells bhavri that owner of diya cons is also shraddha.bhavri is shocked.she thinks to take away shraddha’s daughter forever.in the noon diya is sitting silently and not eating anything.chanda tries to feed her but she doesn’t eat and says that she wants her mum.chanda is irritated.sher comes and tries to feed her with his own hands but she refuses.just then shraddha enters house reminiscing her entry as bride and the time of her being insulted and thrown out she then enters and calls out diya.diya runs towards shraddha and hugs her.adi comes from behind smiling.chanda is surprised to see new look of shraddha.shraddha nad sher look at each other emotionally and remember their past moments.Tera Rasta main chaufun Na plays in bg…

Next epi:shraddha tries to leave with diya but goons stop her and bhavri asks vikas to take diya.shraddha warns him politely not to cone close.bhavri orders him to obey.vikas passes by shraddha and tries to take hold of diya from adi.but shrddha holds him hand turns him towards her and slaps him tight across his face shocking every1 extremly…

Credit to: Angel

  1. Yaar i hope this is the actual story yaar…. loved it yaar

  2. Omg. I loved it. Would love to see shradha in tht role.

  3. I too love this

  4. Plz try to post the next episode soon. M just waiting to c how sher will react to shradhas new look n behaviour.

  5. real story se to achi h ap ki story anjel..it feel relax atleast somewhre sherdha meet each other and caring for each other…really good story i like it..vaise bhi real story ab kuch achi nahi lag rahi h..keep it up…tumare story k hisab se twist ho to bahot acha hota..

  6. real story m kuch dam nahi lag raha h…boring ho gayi h….chanda k entry se….worst twist hai …m to dekhana band kr diya h…interest nahi raha ab…apki story bahot interesting h…acha laga pathake…

  7. Kaash ye real story hoty….cv’s ko ye idea dedo aap angel…

    1. Haha…i wish I could…its a huge compliment sanyu…thnx

  8. please continue it.

  9. Thanxx angel for changing shraddha’s personality and character…I used to hate shraddha for being soo verynice..she was like a puppet in hands of bhavri devi, she was shown very weak who could not even fight for her love..but this shraddha is impressing me..
    thanxx again!!

    1. Ur wlcm and thnx for ur support

  10. Ho verrrrryyyyyy nyc story…
    Actually i ws nt knwng tat piya rangrz episodes r published.. bt achanak today i gt to knw.. and wowwww i cudnt resist myself frm readng dis 6 epis.. reallyyyy superb angel..
    Ua creativity nd inmaginatn pwr s jst awesome yaar…
    Nd thngs i lykd bst n ua stry s 1.) Shraddhajis changd luk.. really appreciate u to gt tat idea.
    2.) Adithya being alive.. tx fr mkng hm nt dead n stry..

    Realllllyyyy nyc… if evr i meet u nah dea.. i wl defintly gv u a hug dea.. so nycccccc… hv no wrds to express..

    1. Thnk u soo much pathanga ?

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