Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 5

Diya and sher have some lovely moments.diya says that she doesnt know about her father.every1 taunts her abt it.she misses him.mum loves her father a lot but doesn’t tell abt him.sher hugs her and says that I m also like ur father.i will always be with you.she smiles.chanda comes and says that I also want to have a daughter like you but my fate is really bad.she looks at sher who is speechless.just then diya’s teacher comes and tells her that its time to go back to Mumbai.diya is sad while sher is tensed.chanda thanks God.
Meanwhile bhavti receives the loan of 10 lacs from diya constructions and is little relieved.aditya receives the copy of loan documents of rooranwala woman from the secretary and is shocked to see bhavri’s name.just then he gets a call of diya who complains that mum’s phone is off.she wants to stay here for few more days with her new friend sher Singh.aditya is highly tensed to hear this and decides to go to rooranwala.diya hangs up and hugs sher who is happy.
After some time sher is shown sitting in a park talking to his friend and diya is playing at home when bhavri comes and caresses her and talks to her about her family.she replies that she stays with her mom nana nani and adi uncle.bhavri asks her mother’s name.a voice is heard”shraddha tiwari”(sorry guys dnt know shraddha’s dad’s name so I wrote tiwari).its aditya.bhavi is super shocked to see him alive.diya runs to him andcalls him adi uncle.bhavri is visibly double shocked to hear the name of her mom.adi confronts her saying that she thought him to be dead but he is back as he had to do sth good before going to Lord and he will do it by uniting your granddaughter to her father,by uniting two lovers that is sher and shraddha and u will see it.adi takes diya from there and bhavri is standing still not able to get out of shock.adi and diya are in car.diya asks him where are we going?he says to meet her father.diya is super happy.they reach the park.diya is then told by adi that sher Singh is her father.she is super happy.

Next epi:diya runs towards sher addressing him as father who is boggled.bhavri comes to know that owner of diya cons is shraddha.she decides to snatch diya from her.shraddha comes to know evrythng from adi and thinks it to be the game of Lord.she is determined to get her daughter and leaves for rooranwala…

Credit to: Angel

  1. Nxt part..plsss…episode was too small

    1. So sorry sanya.but I m not getting a lot of time as I get bzy with books.but I will try my best to make it long…thnk u:)

  2. Super dr… but this bhavri charecter so irritating

    1. Thnks hayathi…

  3. Kiya ye age hone wala drama hai I mean in up coming episode

    1. No…its my self made story dear…a fan fiction

  4. I’m happy angel, by reading this story. Its interesting. Go ahead.

  5. At least fan fiction is much more betr than serial

    1. Thnk u so much…

  6. it is gud bt so much fast and there is no twist…

  7. I liked Ths episode the most as I always want sher n shradha together. Only Ths bhavris character is so irritating. N now tht chanda als is another devil.bt nic episode. I liked it.

  8. Nice story, but why in all serial the negative characters are more power full and truthfully character is speachl essential for most part and suffering. Only time they get asy victory over negative character is in last episode.

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