Piya Rangrezz : Sher Singh’s tiger roar begins to conquer hearts

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Piya Rangrezz is the story of Sher Singh, and his journey to win his love against all odds. He gets bitten by love by seeing a simple girl Shraddha and soon his love turns into obsession. Sher is raised by his mother Bhanvari Devi, who is a don of the village, running a liquor business. She is the most powerful women and made Sher get everything he desired since his childhood. She knows Sher’s craze for anything can get on him and does not fail to get that thing for her. This time, it turns out to be Shraddha. She blackmails Shraddha by beating her family and makes her ready to marry Sher. Shraddha agrees to marry her by Bhanvari’s fear.


Later on, Bhanvari knows how far her son can go in his madness and tied Shraddha with his name to end his craze. The story is of Sher making Shraddha fall in love with him, and Shraddha getting away from his love. How Sher turns into a patriarch and overpowers Bhanvari for the right things forms the story. Shraddha’s love changes Sher into a humble man, ending his arrogance. He does not let Shraddha get away from him and turns her fear into never ending love for him.

Main Characters:

pr1Sher Singh:

He is a spoilt brat, egoistic and attitude thrower. He gets what he wants and never loses thing he likes. He is a crazy guy, who does not care for anyone. He is raised by a single parent – his mother Bhanvari and got all rich comforts. He does not value anything, and uses his power and influence everywhere. Sher Singh falls in love with homely girl Shraddha and eventually wishes to marry her. He turns arrogant knowing she turned down his love proposal and punishes himself. He turns into a passionate lover who can go to any extent to get her. He feels he has supreme powers and turns fearless by his mother’s support.


Shraddha is a simple girl, attached to her family. She is caring, lovable and sweet. Her politeness makes Sher fall in love with her. She breaks her friendship with Sher, knowing he is Bhanvari’s son. She does not know her rejection to his love will lead her family to face tortures by the don. She can’t bear to see her family suffer and sacrifices her future. She holds Sher responsible for this and agrees to marry him. She tells Sher that she is afraid of him and can never love him. She tries to get rid of Sher and his forced love.

pr3Bhanvari Devi:

She is arrogant, cruel and does not follow any rules. She is the sole owner of liquor factory in her village and also a don figure. She rules the village by her powers and has domination over everyone. She has been a godmother for everyone, and for Sher by giving him a good life and but enough values. She has always fulfilled Sher’s obsessions and destroyed the things she could get for him. She controls people by her evil ways and any means. She gets disheartened seeing Sher facing a girl’s rejection and takes on her ego. She tortures Shraddha and makes her marry her son. Bhanvari’s powerful attitude shakes everyone off their feet.

Story So Far:

The story is set in a village in UP. Everyone is scared of Bhanvari Devi, who rules the place as an impactful don. Sher Singh meets Shraddha and starts falling for her. Bhanvari comes to know about his new found craze and wants to forcibly get them married. Shraddha elopes from her marriage and Bhanvari tortures her family. The goons catch Shraddha and Sher Singh comes to her rescue. Shraddha gets terrified seeing Sher beating the goons and holds his feet asking him to spare her life and not trouble her. She thanks him for saving her from goons and also gets scared of being with him. She speds some time with him and thinks about him after he leaves. She gets worried knowing Sher is Bhanvari’s son.


Sher proposes her and she breaks friendship with him. She tells him that she does not love him and is scared of him. Sher says he can die for her and can kill anyone too. He asks her to kill him if she can’t become his life. Bhanvari tries to knock down Shraddha by the jeep and fails to do so. Sher gets hurt by Shradda’s rejection and punished himself. He thinks he failed to win her love. Bhanvari does not bear his state and gets angry. She tortures Shraddha’s family for rejecting Sher and forces Shradda to marry Sher. Shraddha gets sad and sees her family suffering because of her refusal. Bhanvari asks her decision and Shraddha agrees.

Shraddha meets Sher and tells him that she is ready to marry him. He asks is she sure and did anyone pressurize her. She lies to him that she is marrying him by her own wish. He gets glad by her consent, but his ego gets hurt. He asks her to give him some time to think, as he also has right to think and take a decision. He tells Bhanvari about Shraddha’s decision and the marriage rituals start. Sher happily marries her by all rituals. Shraddha lands in his home and Bhanvari asks her to be obedient to Sher.


Bhanvari insults Shraddha’s family and their status. She laughs on Shraddha’s luck to become her daughter in law. Sher tells Shraddha that he is very much happy that she acknowledged his love and married him. He gets close to her and touches her. Shraddha gets displeased and tells him that she did not marry him by her wish, but Bhanvari has compelled her to marry by torturing her family. Sher gets dejected again and confronts Bhanvari. He tells her she did not this right to force Shraddha and leaves from home. He wanders on the road on his wedding night. Shraddha tells Bhanvari about his disappearance. Bhanvari gets glad as everything is happening as per her plan. She misleads Shraddha about Sher. She treats her wine factory workers badly and beats them up. She talks to her debtors and hires their daughter as maid till they repay the loan.

pr6Shraddha’s parents get worried for her and call her to know her wellbeing. Shraddha tells them everything. They ask her to be strong and hopeful. Bhanvari asks them not to interfere in Shraddha’s life now, else she will send her back to them. Bhanvari worries that love can destroy her empire and make Sher leave his duties being her only heir. Sher tells Shraddha that he will never trust her, as she lied to him when he asked about her consent to marry. He says he did not marry her forcefully and she has made herself fall in the marriage by her lies. He asks her not to expect any help from him and acts rude to her.


Gaurav S Bajaj as Sher Singh
Kritida Mistry as Shraddha
Narayani Shastri as Bhanvari Devi

Our Take:

pr7"Gaurav S Bajaj rocks this show by his attitude and he really roars as a tiger, by his dialogues and heaviness in voice. He looks more close to his character and keeps his words – tigers can’t become cats. His approach and angry young man portrayal of Sher Singh looks very real. He is the highlight of the show, and looks best with Kritida Mistry. Her innocent looks makes Shraddha lovable and watchable. She bears all the insults and still keeps her self esteem. Narayani Shastri is superb as Bhanvari Devi, giving the rustic sketch to her character.

All three of the main lead actors make the show watchable by their ability to connect with the audience. The show has been showing good elements, love, passion, anger, respect and many more elements will be uncovering ahead in the show. The trio makes a great scene with full on drama. Sher’s rudeness towards Shraddha and his romance in the early episodes has shown Gaurav’s versatility. Sher’s dialogues leave an impact on everyone, as he speaks meaningful and vital. The music score of the show is good and goes well with the theme. Sher and Shraddha make a awesome pair and their chemistry looks better and better by every episode.


Life Ok always brings some new concepts and ends in finite time to keep interest of the viewers. This show has different and powerful concept, though old, yet unseen before. The lead cast makes it watchable. The story of Sher Singh becoming a rebel against his mother looks gripping. The show will unfold how Sher Singh becomes a ruler and takes Bhanvari’s place, only to win Shraddha’s love by making things right. The show is a good watch for passionate love story viewers.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5

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  1. Its a lovable love story. I just love it. Sher-shraddha r adorable.

  2. Really good 2 watch some new concept.gaurav & kirtida looks awesome 2gether.but i think gaurav’s dress-up should be more appropriate.

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