Piya Rangrezz 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Piya Rangrezz 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sher Singh introduces Shraddha to Sunehri dancer. Dancer with weird face says she met her before and will taste her food now. Sher asks her to behave with Shraddha as she is special. He then says Shraddha that Sunehri is a good dancer, dances on tera rasta..song and falls down. Mama asks if he got so drunk trying to forget his pain. Sunehri laughs. Shraddha picks him up. Inebriated Sher tells his amma/Bhavriinstuled Shraddha and apologizes her for his amma’s mistake. Bhavri gets irked hearing that.

Shraddha takes him to their room, makes him sleep on bed and removes his jacket. He says she is really good, but his amma made a mistake by forcefully getting her married to him and sleeps apologizing her. She removes his shoes and is about to leave when he holds hand and says he cannot forgive her also as she lied him and married him against her wish, he can tolerate her rejection but not her lie, he will never forgive her betrayal. Even when she will try ot express her love now, he will think she is trying to follow her patni dharm. He falls asleep. She frees her hand andwalks out.

Shraddha at night sees someon entering her room and dropping wooden curtain. She gets afraid and shouts. It is Sher who asks if she can get him food as he is feeling hungry. She goes to kitchen to prepare food. He comes to kitchen and asks why is she taking so much time. She asks him to go and sit in room while she gets food. He shouts not to try controlling her and asks to give food right there. She gives him food plate. He bites food, drags her near him, and says she prepares tasty food and if his amma would have prepared food like this, he would have become 200 kg, but his amma does not come in kitchen. She says when he feels so bad, why does he drink so much. He gets irked and says he does not like orders and will not eat her food. He wipes his hands with her sari and says he is a free bird and canont see anyone controlling him.

Bhavri splashes water on Sher and asks him wake up. He says she always wakes him up like this. She angrily asks if he knows what he did last night. He asks what did he do. She says her lonely son was apologizing Shraddha for her mistake. He says Shraddha is an educated woman and would not remove her sari, she is illiterate instead and made mistake. She asks if he will shout at her for Shraddha. He says she kept his name as sher and now he is roaring. He says he loves Shraddha and wanted to win her heart, but she forced Shraddha to marry him, he is neither her nor Shradha’s puppet and says if she tortures Shraddha again, he will not tolerate. She asks if an egg will order hen now. He says she has to as he was obeying her order till now, but now she has to obey his order. She says in 40 villages, nobody has courage to speak to her like this. He says even in 400 villages, he is her lonely son and she will hve to tolerate it. He walks out, leaving her irked.

Gajra serves breakfast to Vikas in lawn. He stares at her. Sunehri comes and asks if only he will enjoy, says she means breakfast. Vikas asks Gajra to serve food to Sunehri also along with some chillies. Sunehri says food is so oily that her heart will move to right. Vikas says he did not know heart is on left side, but if her heart comes on right side, they both will be right right. She says she will prepare food for him and brags that she is preparing food since she was 16 and used to get water from 4 km away, so she wants Gajra also to get water from a long distance. Gajra says she does not want to compete anyone. Vikas says if Sunehri is ordering, she has to accept. Gajra gets embarrased and picks water pots on her head and waist. Gajra asks her to take a round. Gajra drops water pots. Sunehri says she is waste. Sumer comes to Gajra’s rescue and says Sunehri is a very talented girl and Gajra should learn from her. She keeps pots on Sunehri’s head and asks her to teach Gajra. Sunehri starts waking and drops pot. Sumer says he was praising her alot, but she insulted herself. Sunehri angrily runs inside. Vikas scolds Sumer and runs behind Sunehri. Sumer asks Gajra not to worry and teach Sunehri lesson like this.

Bhavri in village wait outside a labor room where a lady is in labor pain and reminisces Sher’s words. A girl is born, and midwife gives baby to Bhavri. Bhavri congratultes all villagers and says a laxmi is born in village. She gifts a money bundle and asks baby’s dad to take care of baby and her mom well. Inspector passes by and smiles seeing Bhavri’s good behavior.

Precap: Shraddha requests Sher Singh to take her to her parent’s house as her daadi’s condition is critical. Sher says it is between her and amma and he will not interfere.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I like that they are not stretching the show too much.

  2. Yes,ths show 2 good.no draggng

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