Piya Rangrezz 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Piya Rangrezz 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri asks Shraddha not to keep relationship with her parents. Dad says they are Shraddha’s parents and marriage happens between 2 families, not only bride and groom, he was thinking of coming with khichdi for jamai raja. Bhavri asks him to stop his drama. Mom asks her not to give such a big punishment. Bhavri cuts call. Daadi gets heart attck. Dad runs to call doc. Bhavri says Shraddha she explained her parents and she should also understand. She asks why is she shivering, if she did not have food. Shraddha says nobody was there, so she did not have. Bhavri says she would have called her. Shraddha says door was locked. Bhavri says this is bandit area and thieves may enters anytime. Shraddha says she told to tell truth to Sher and he left getting angry and now she is alleging him. Bhavri asks if she wants to get husband’s love, consider her as mother and think this house as hers. Shraddha says yes. Bhravi drags and says this house is hers and only she can order here and can decide her and Sher’s relationship. She says Sher is her only legal heir of her empire and love destroyed even big empires. She asks why she needs only husband’s love and does not want to take care of sasural and serve saas. She says she can serve Sher at night, but forget becoming her girlfriend. The more she understands it, the less pain she will have. Shraddha says she is Sher’s wife. Bhavri says she is so dumb that she is not understanding her words. She sees revolver and asks her to shoot. Shraddha gets afraid. Bhravi points gun on her forehead and shoots herself. Shraddha gets afraid. Bhavri says she will not die so easily. She removes her sari and throws her clothes out. Shraddha hides her modesty behind a table and says she is not doing right. Gajra comes there. Bhavri says Gajra is better than her who has come here to work to clear her parent’s debt. She asks Shradha to wear her sari back when her self respect dies. Shraddha starts crying vigorously and looks at Gajra. Gajra looks at her and goes from there.

Sher comes on jeep with a pr*stitute/dancer Sunehri. Sunehri praises him. He asks her to control her emotions till night. Vikas praises Sher. Sher asks him to show Sunehri her room. Vikas takes her into house. Sher sees Bhavri and taunts her that he thought her bahu will give her a feast, but she is having only tea. She asks where was he whole night. He says he was thinking. She asks what did he think. He says there is no need to get angry and burn his blood, so he will be happy and has arranged happiness himself. He calls Vikas and asks him to decorate haveli for tonight’s function. He asks amma if he did right. She asks if he is tauting his amma. He says he does not have so much courage to confront Bhavri devi. She says Shradha has already started her tantrums. Mama asks her to calm down. Bhravi starts shouting that she cannot tolerate all this, she asked Shraddha to come down getting ready and meet guests, but she removed her sari and is sitting there without sari. She shouts at him to go his wife. Sher angrily goes up and picks Shraddha’s sari from floor and goes into room. Shraddha is stil weeping behind curtain. He gives her sari. She picks and drapes it. He asks what she wants to do now and asks her not to expect help from him as he already went against Amma once and cannot further. She ruined her life with Amma. He walks near door and asks her to cry until she feels light, she can either cry or live, but he will never interfere.

Bhavri stops Sher and asks why is he smiling so much. He says horse can be taken till lake but cannot make it drink water, so he tied horse to tap. Bhavri asks to explain clearly. Sher says he is tired and wants to rest and leaves. Bhavri sees Shraddha walking and gets irked. Gajra comes and asks what she should prepare for dinner. Shradha comes down and says she will tell her.

Precap: Sher tells Shraddha that he would have forcefully married her, but he did not. She lied him and now he will never believe her.

Update Credit to: MA

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