Piya Rangrezz 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Piya Rangrezz 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumer cuts onion shedding tears in kitchen. Sher asks him to cut it like a man. Sumer says he did not cut onion in his life and asks why people use this dangerous thing. He says even love makes us to cry and asks how to switch on gas. Shraddha comes and says regulator is off and switch on gas. Sumer says he told bhaiya ji to wake you up, but he did not listen. She asks them to sit for some time until she reheats food. Sumer says he was unnecessarily cutting onion and goes to wash his hand, saying he is ver hungry. Sher looks at Shraddha working. He says he will wait at table for food and leaves. Piyaa..oo..piya…music plays in the background.

Vikas comes to maama’s room, switches on light and asks why is he sitting in dark. He says he is cursing his mom for bearing such an idiot son who is busy with a lady than trying to gain Bhavri’s confidence. Vikas says Bhavri trusts Sumer than them and it is better to loot her treasury and elope. Maama says Bhavri will catch them easily. Their drama continues.

Shraddha serves food to Sumer and Sher, reminiscing Virat’s words. Sher is engrasped in thoughts and Sumer wakes him up.

Shraddha goes to her room and sees Sher already sound asleep. She switches off light, then reminisces Sher’s order to keep one light on, switches it again and sleeps on floor. Sher wakes up and looks at her.

Sumer reads news paper for daadi and tells a lady locked her saas for 2 weeks to enjoy vacation with her husband and neighbours rescued her. Daadi taunts Bhavri and asks to stop frightening Shraddha. She asks Sumer to call Virat, Sumer says he left home in the morning. Bhavri taunts that he did not meet her for the first time. Daadi says it is love and she will not understand as nobody loves her. Sher comes in a hurry and asks sumer to get jeep out. Bhavri asks him to have food and go. Daadi also insists. Sher asks Sumer to sit while he finishes work. Sumer says he will accompany him, but Daadi orders him to sit.

Virat calls Shraddha and asks her to meet him out soon. She asks the reason and he says he found a file of 2 guys who were with her brother. She asks him to bring file home. He says everyone doubts them at home, so she should come near old temple soon. Shraddha is about to leave when Bhavri comes calling servants. She asks shraddha where are they. She says she does not know and says she needs to go out. Bhavri asks if she can’t stay at home. Shraddha says she wants to go to temple. bhavri says she can curse her in home itself. Daadi interferes and permits Shradda and takes her along with her.

Shraddha reaches temple with daadi and prays god. Daadi asks if she knows where is old temple and says Virat called her and informed about her brother Shaurya. Sraddha gets tensed. Daadi says she is badi thakurayan and will not open her mouth and asks her to go. Shraddha thanks her. Daadi says this village and villagers are Bhavri’s and she should be careful.

Shraddha walks towards old temple where people stare at her. Virat holds her hand and drags near him. she gets afraid. He apologizes. She asks to show photos. He shows and she identifies one fellow and says his name is amit or Saurav. Virat says Saurav and says this boy went missing with her brother and even his family is missing. He says Sher must be behind this as he is frequenting Phoolganj often and she herself found her brother’s watch in store room. They hear some sound,a nd Virat takes her into temple.

Maama’s goons discuss this is not the girl. Maama comes and goons tell girl came into temple with a man. Maama asks them to lock the door from outside until Sher comes. He then calls Bhavri and tells his program is set and Shraddha came to meet virat in old temple. She says sher will pass through that route and he should show Shraddha to Sher with the help of his goons.

Precap: Bhavri scolds Maama and says if Sher comes here, they will not be saved. Sher enters temple and comes out. Sher reaches boy’s house and he gets afraid seeing him.

Update Credit to: MA

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