Piya Rangrezz 20th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri reaches Aditya’s place and is surprised to see her and her husband’s photo on wall. She reminisces her past where her husband confronts her and she with mama strangulates him with pillow. She also sees her husband’s chair and pillow with which she killed him and gets more tensed. Aditya comes and says her hello. She asks who is he and what is all this. He shows a child’s pic on wall. She is shocked to see pic and asks what he knows about this child. He says he is this child. She asks if he is her husband’s brother. He says yes. She stands dumbstruck in a shock. He says he thought she would identify him, but she forgot him. He goes into flashback where Bhavri slaps child Aditya for playing with ball at home and then starts consoling baby Sher. Her husband comes and consoles his brother and asks why she behaves so rudely with his brother. Bhavri shouts that she is tired of the dramas in this house, his brother woke baby Sher and how will she console him now. Brother even blackens wall with alphabets. He cannot feed his family and got his brother also. He says he has only his brother as family after marrying her. She shouts to leave her and goes into room.

Aditya continues that his brother loved her so much that he left amma’s property, but what did he get. She used to shout on him and he used to keep silent. When he went to city to fulfill her demands, she started illegal businesses. His brother was a loyal person and when he returned from city after earning money, he was shocked to see her illegal businesses and warnednot to continue, but she and her brother munna mama strangulated with pillow and killed his brother. Munna asks Bhavri what will she tell people now. She says he came home and died due to heart attack. Munna asks what about this child. Aditya runs hearing them.

Bhavri asks how is he still alive and reminisces she and Munna following him and he coming under car. Bhavri and munna throw him into jungle thinking he is dead. Aditya takes her to same jungle and says she threw her in this jungle to die, but some people were camping and saved him. He does not need his money, but wants to see her die each moment. It will be justice for his brother and he can sleep peacefully after 20 years. He points gun on her.

Shraddha looks at Sher’s given gifts and cries…Hamari adhuri kahani…song plays in the background. She picks their marriage photo andcries touching Sher. Sumer comes and she wipes her tears. Sume says however she tries to hide, he knows she is very sad and he is feeling very helpless. She asks if he has any work. He says panditji is calling her to give pooja items. She walks out of room.

Aditya points gun on Bhavri and asks if she has any last wishes. She says her men are searching him and will kill him. He says he does not care if he dies after killing her and says he has found tailor who will stitch pocket on her kafan and he will stuff money into it so that she can carry money with her.

Sher enters Shraddha’s room wearing Sherwani and asks how is he looking. He does not find her, looks at pic and her tears on it and thinks she has time to cry but not to express his love for her. Shraddha comes back and sees their marriage photo in his hand. She asks if he needs anything. He says her answer. She says the truth is their worlds are different and it will not change. He holds her hand and says truth is she loves him and they both know this.
She stands silently.

Bhavri shouts at Aditya to shoot her soon if he can. Mama comes and shoots Aditya.

Precap: Shraddha tells Bhavri that she did not call anyone. Bhavri shouts to give her phone. Sher says phone is with him and he knows truth now, Shraddha is doing this to save his life.

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