Piya Rangrezz 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Piya Rangrezz 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sher says Shraddha that she wanted to forgive her, but Vikas provoked him that his own if not under his control, so he has to punish. Shraddha says Sumer and Gajra are innocent, so he should release them. He gives her wooden rod and asks her to hit Sumer, else Vikas will throw Gajra into well. She continues weeping. He says he told her to elope without anybody noticing her, but she is caught easily, so she should be punished. He says she is worried about her dying grandma but not he live husband. He says if servant betrays, it is understandable, but if brother betrays, blood boils. She asks her to hold road and hit sumer, else Gajra will be pushed into well. Shraddha says Sumer is her devar. Sher gives Rod to Vikas andd says it is his practical exam. Vikas beats Sumer ruthlessly. He then asks Shraddha to beat Sumer now. Shraddha agrees.

Virat tells daadi that he cannot tolerate any innocent being tortured. Daadi says she told him not to come here, but he did not listen. She came here to see how bhavri is spending her son’s wealth. She asks what happiness did he get coming here. He says he is feeling very guilty seeing Shraddha tortured and stopped from meeting her family. Daadi says Bhavri is a snake and wants to control wealth and everyone here. He gets a call and leaves.

Sher says Shradha he is punishing Sumer, but she will feel the pain. Sumer asks Shraddha to beat. She beats him lightly. Vikas says she is just acting and asks him oder him to push Gajra into river. Shraddha starts beating Sumer heavily and he falls unconscious. Shraddha starts crying vigorously and apologizes Sumer. She then goes to Sher. Sher says he forgave Sumer and Gajra long back, else he would have killed them long ago. Vikas asks if he should push Gajra. Sher points yes. Vikas pushes Gajra into well.

Gajra comes home back. Mama says he sent raw material to godown before old woman/daadi could see. Bhavri says that oldie has come to snatch her wealth. Puppet servant asks when politicians and policemen are afraid of her, then why she is afraid of daadi. Daadi comes just then.

Shraddha gets worried for Graja and shouts her name. Gajra gives her hand and Shraddha pulls her up. Sher leaves in his jeep. Shradda and Gajra then free Sumer and take him home.

Daadi tells Bhavri she needs statment of expenditure, else she will ruin her and Sher’s life.

Virat sees Sumer injured and asks who hit him. Sher comes with Vikas and asks Virat to stay away from village matters as his law suits in city. He says few days ago a murder happened in misunderstanding. he asks Vikas to explain. Inebriated Vikas starts misbehaving with Virat and tells him about a story of laborer killing contractor for doubting that contractor had illegal affair with his wife, but wife considered contractor as brother. Virat asks Sher why did he beat Sumer and asks why is he so ruthlessly torturing his wife. Vikas misbehaves again, and Virat slaps. Sher gets irked and slaps Virat. Virat asks how dare he is to slap him. Daadi and Bhavri stop their fight and take them away. sher continues hurling abuses.

Shraddha cries in balcony. Virat asks her not to punish herself like this.

Precap: Sher says Shraddha that Virat is more intelligent than him and he came in this world before him and even in Shraddha’s life.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think virat is shaaradha ex boy friend

  2. or her brothers classmate[shaurya who passed away]

  3. kaise marta hai shradha ka bhai?

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