Piya Rangrezz 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Piya Rangrezz 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumer sees Gajra carrying water bucket and says he will help her. She thanks him and says she will handle it. She thanks him for helping Shraddha. He says he respects Sher a lot and She loves Shraddha, so it was his duty to help her. She says he is a good man. Vikas comes and starts taunting Sumer that he is busy in romance with servant. Sumer asks him to stop. Vikas shouts at Gajra and asks him to stop seeing brother’s fight. She runs from there. Vikas continues his taunt, but sumer leaves.

Shraddha touches Daadi’s feet and takes her blessings. Daadi blesses her. Bhavri asks if she want nek from daadi again. Daadi asks Shraddha to sit, gives some moral gyaan and asks how is her daadi. Shraddha says she did not get any info yet. Bhavri says in old age problems happen. Maama says she is right. Sher comes. Daadi scolds him for not taking care of bahu well. He says he did not do anything and points at Bhavri. He says bhavri wanted to bahu soon, so Shraddha could not even meet her parents well. Bhavri gets irked and walks out saying she has work. Daadi says bhavri says she does not have work, but walks out every 2 min.

Bhavri asks Sumer to take truck and keep away from daadi, else she will question a lot. Her pallu stucks in door and while freeing it sees Shraddha’s sari border. She reminisces Shraddha’s plea to send her to see her daadi and gets irked. Sher comes calling Vikas. She stops him and says she told him not to go out, but he does not listen. She asks if he knows where his madamji had been and says she had eloped and gives him sari fall. She says she eloped in tempo. Sher reminisces seeing Shraddha’s torn sari and realizes that she lied him.

Sher goes back home and angrily looks at Shraddha. Daadi asks if he missed something. He says he came back to return Shraddha’s item and gives her torn sari. Daadi asks why is he showing torn sari. He calls Sumer and shows him torn sari. Sumer tries to speak, but Sher slaps him and asks him to stand silently. He says Shraddha went out even after amma did not allow her and took Sumer’s help. He slaps Sumer again. Shraddha says it is not his mistake. He asks who was in room then. She looks at Gajra and says Sumer and Gajra are not innocent and she is the culprit. He says he suggested to elope without anyone noticing, not even him, so he will punish her now.
Virat comes and asks him to behave like a human with Shraddha. Sher says Shraddha is his wife and he can do anything to her. Virat says he has to fight with him first and says he will bring whole police force in. Daadi asks him to calm down. Virat says he will not tolerate injustice to an innocent. Sher angrily walks out.

Sher angrily walks into godown and injures his hand with bottle. Bhavri dresses his hand and asks him to calm down. He asks why did she get him married forcefully. She asks him to forget the past and says he has to take a decision as he is being insulted in front of all servants, what will villagers think when they will know Thakur sher singh’s wife eloped without his permssion. Maama also provokes him. He angrily walks out.

Sher ties Sumer to a tree and calls Shraddha. She sees sees Sumer tied and runs to free him. Sher says she is worried about her one supporter, but is not worried about other. he points out at tied Gajra ove a well. Shraddha runs to save her. Sher asks her not to move, else Vikas will push her in well. He says people are laughing on him that his wife is not under control.

Precap: Sher asks Shraddha to punish Sumer with stick, else Vikas will throw Gajra in well.

Update Credit to: MA

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  2. Oh god,sher ,wht the hell r u doing?

  3. What the f**k thats so mean hw cam he do that i thougt he luved her and he gran died aswell she didnt even get to meet her be4 she died!! I hate you sher singh!!!! ??? and sumer u brother like whos always been the for u

  4. What the f**k thats so mean hw cam he do that i thougt he luved her and he gran died aswell she didnt even get to meet her be4 she died!! I hate you sher singh!!!! ??? and sumer u brother like whos always been the for u

  5. sher singh is so mean…… i thot that he loves shradha a lot,but…….. i dont understand…….

  6. The Defination of Asshole: Sher Singh

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