Piya Basanti Re 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Kabir coming to kitchen to help Piya. Anchal asks her to say if she needs help. Piya tells her that food is ready. She have to serve it. Anchal says she will serve it. Piya says, she will serve. Anchal says, she will get some credit too. Kabir asks, what I will get? He leaves. Piya asks Anchal did you like home. Anchal says, I liked everything and more than that your friendship with Kabir. Kabir said he feels proud to have a friend like you. I too wants to feel proud and gives her hand. Baa hears it and thinks Anchal is beautiful at heart too. Piya accepts her friendship. Baa asks Piya to serve food fast. Piya says ok. She serves the food. Neeta asks Anchal why you are working being a guest. Anchal says it is ok.

Akshay and Aditi come. His dad asks him why he came late. Akshay says, he got late because of Aditi. Mahesh introduces Akshay and Aditi to Vijay. Vijay says, they have grown up and you have grown old. Neeta praises Anchal. They say we have to see a groom for Anchal. Anchal’s mom says we will look out for boy once she completes her studies. Vijay says, he will select army officer for his daughter. His wife says she don’t want her daughter to get married to a millitary man. Baa asks them to take Anchal’s opinion. Anchal tells that nobody can understand her well more than her parents. Baa and others get impressed by her thoughts. Anchal says, she has decided to marry the one of her parents’ choice. Vijay tells that he will be happy if his daughter settles here. Neeta asks him not to worry and says we will search a best groom for Anchal.

Rekha gives tea to Himesh. Himesh says, he thought that Geeta maasi will finalised his marriage. Rekha asks him not to worry. Himesh tells that he always saw Piya as his life partner. He says he is scared, what will happen if Piya refuses to marry him. Rekha says, Piya will say yes. If she says no then we will kidnap her. they laugh.

Akshay asks Vijay about the procedures to join the army. His father says it is not easy. Kabir asks Vijay to tell about his experience. Vijay tells about Officer Ramesh Patel. Piya hears and says Pappa. He praises Ramesh and says he was a good soldier and don’t know anything about fear. Piya hears it carefully. Vijay tells that Ramesh Patel’s bravery act and says he gave his life to save 15 soldiers. Piya gets tears in her eyes. Kabir notices her. Piya goes inside. Piya is in kitchen and working. Kabir comes to her and asks her. Piya tells her that Ramesh Patel is her father. She was very small when her father died and knows only about his medals. She gets teary eyed and tries to wipe her tears. Kabir takes out his handkerchief and tries to wipe her tears. Piya says, it will get dirty. Kabir wipes her tears and looks at her. Savita comes and sees them together. Piya thanks him. Savita asks Piya, if the Bhajiya’s is cooked. Piya says 5 mins. Savita thinks to find out what is going on in Piya’s mind.

Vijay praises the food. Baa says, it is made by Piya. Vijay praises Piya’s made food and says I wants to give you prize. I don’t want to hurt your self respect and offers money. Piya refuses to take the money and says you have already given me a big prize. Vijay says what? Piya tells him that she is Ramesh Patel’s daughter Piya Patel. She says, I felt that I can understand him better. Vijay feels proud to have met her. Piya takes his blessings. Vijay asks her to come to his house with Geeta. Piya says sure.

Savita asks Ganga to tell Piya that they want to get Kabir married to Anchal. Ganga asks why? Neeta says, we wants to see Piya’s reaction to find out what is going on in her mind. Ganga says, she will talk to Piya right now. Ganga goes to Piya. Piya asks, do you need anything. Ganga asks, what you are making in sweets. Piya says, halwa. It will be ready in 5 mins. Neeta and Savita peep inside. Ganga asks her opinion about Anchal. Piya says, she is very smart and good natured girl. Ganga asks, about Kabir and Anchal and tells her that savita and Neeta want to select her for Kabir. Piya says, Anchal is perfect for Kabir and asks her to tell Neeta to fix the alliance. Ganga says thank God. Neeta and Savita get happy. Savita says, nothing is there in Piya’s mind. Neeta says, Anchal is perfect for Kabir. Savita says, we shall talk to Mahesh and Baa.

Piya comes home and sees Himesh and his parents. Piya greets them and asks their purpose of visit. Geeta asks her to sit and tells her that Damodar and Nirmala want to talk something important. Damodar says, we came here to talk about Himesh and your alliance. Nirmala says, yes. Piya gets shocked. Geeta tells Piya that we are family friends and your papa wanted you to get marry to Himesh. Nirmala says, we are not forcing you. Piya says, if this is my pappa’s wish then it will be fulfilled. She accepts the proposal. Himesh gets happy. Rekha hugs Piya. She makes her sit beside Himesh. Nirmala congrats Geeta.

Himesh thanks Piya for accepting his marriage proposal. Himesh promises to keep her happy and fulfills all her wishes but within his budget. Piya smiles. Kabir comes and hears everything. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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