Piya Basanti Re 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Piya Basanti Re 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode start with Mahesh waiting for his friend Vijay. Vijay’s driver comes and gives his letter where Vijay writes that he

cannot come as he is going on border’s duty. Mahesh gets sad reading letter. Vijay comes from behind and surprises Mahesh.

Mahesh gets happy seeing him. His wife comes in. Mahesh asks how can she tolerate Vijay since many years. Vijay says just as

Neeta is tolerating him. Vijay then meets Baa, Kabeer and other family members. His daughter comes. Kabeer identifies as his

college friend and asks how come she is here. Vijay introduces her as his daughter and introduces her to Mahesh’s family.

Himesh and his family come to Geeta’s house with sweets. Himesh says he got 10 year’s work permit. Geeta gets happy and greets

whole family in. She sees their tensed faces and asks if everything is fine. Dad says everything is fine and they have come to

talk something important and says he came with Himesh’s alliance for Priya. Geeta is shocked to hear that.

Ganga introdues herself to Vijay’s family. Piya comes with water. Vijay’s daughter is shocked to see her and asks why is she

here. Piya says she is working as maid here. Daugher introduces Piya as her friend and brilliant student. Vijay asks how can a

brilliant workd as housemaid. She tells the reason. Vijay praises and blesses her. Savita and Neeta get annoyed hearing Piya’s praise. Mahesh takes Vijay and family to show his house.

Himesh’s dad says Geeta that Piya’s papa and he had planned this alliance long back. He sees Geeta tensed.

Savita and Neeta see Vijay’s daughter with Kabeer and think she is trying to trap Kabeer. Ganga says they both are thinking wrong
as this girl is not hiding her true identity and says this girl is a good girl.

Geeta asks Himesh’s dad if Piya and Himesh are ready to take such a big responsibility. Himesh says he understands her delimma that Piya is well educated and he is illiterate, she is very smart and he is dumb and is not fit to be Piya’s husband, but nobody in this world can love Piya more than me.

Kabeer asks Vijay’s daughter if she liked his house. She says it is nice and says it is strange Piya is working here. He says even he used to think same, but after knowing Piya, he is very proud to be Piya’s friend and says even my family does not think her

as servant. vijay’s daughter says his and Piya’s friendship is unique. Neeta and Savita see them talking and think they are looking very good together, dream Vijay’s daugher as their bahu and performing morning pooja. Mahesh wakes Neeta and asks he to

arrange food. Neeta asks Savita if she dreamt same thing. Savita says yes and says this girl is fit for Kabeer. They both get irked seeing Piya taking selfie with Kabeer and Vijay’s daughter and says she is becoming kabab me haddi.

Geeta says Himesh she is proud of him, but she cannot answer anything, says she has let Piya take he own decision and she will decide about her marriage, says without talking to her she cannot any decision.

Precap: Himesh’s dad says Piya that he came with Himesh and her alliance. Piya is shocked to hear that. Geeta says her pappa wanted her to marry Himesh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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