Piya Basanti Re 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Savita suggesting to order chinese food as Geeta has not yet come. Neeta jokes that chinese food has more calories and asks her to prepare Undiyu. Savita hesitates, but agrees on Baa’s insistence. Savita starts preparing good and searches for spices. Neeta comes and informs that they are in trouble now, Geeta got a leg fracture and will not come till 1.5 months. Savita is shocked to hear that and says Geeta is making drama. Neeta says Kabeer told about the incident happened. They both think they cannot work and thinks of calling Ganga who arranged Geeta as house maid. Neeta calls Ganga and asks her to arrange a servant.

Priya helps Geeta rest and says she cannot go to work. Geeta says she has to go to work as Shah family gave 50,000 rs loan for her studies and she has to repay them. Priya says she understands her situation, but she has to rest first. Ganga enters Geeta’s house. Priya and Geeta get tensed seeing her. Geeta greets them and they invite her in. Savita checks Geeta’s leg and asks if she is acting with bandages. Priya asks what is she telling. Ganga says people act to take leave and says she has arranged work for many women like Geeta. Priya says she takes commission for that. Ganga says she takes commission take take care of all the issues they create. Geeta asks her to arrange another servant for 1.5 months. Ganga asks her to return 50,000 rs or get back to work. Priya says she will speak to Shah family. Ganga says it is not needed. Priya says she will promise she will return money. Ganga says Geeta is lucky to get work at Shah family and is not that lucky as she met with an accident. Priya fate cannot decide one’s life. Ganga asks her to work instead of Geeta. Geeta says her daughter will not work house work and gets first rank in college. Ganga asks Priya to rethink. Geeta says she will arrange 50,000 rs and asks her go now. Ganga asks her to send Priya with money to Shah bungalow and leaves. Priya says Ganga was telling right, they don’t have any other option now as they cannot arrange money. Geeta says she took loan and will repay it and not to worry. Priya says why should not she worry. Geeta says she does not want to discuss anything about it and sends her to college.

Priya is walking on the road for her college. She reminisces Ganga’s words to return money or to work as housemaid. She enters classroom late without wishing teacher. Teacher stops her and asks what is happening. Priya apologizes. Student jokes that Priya is also a common person like us and comes late. Kabeer asks them to shut up. Once she sits on her bench, Kabeer apologizes for his classmates’ mistake. Priya says she wants to talk to him.

Principal comes and informs about Priya being selected for internship. Everyone claps and stop, but Kabeer continues clapping. Principal calls her and gives her appointment letter and says she will make all of us proud. Kaber sees her tensed. Priya thinks if she would have got salary in this internship, sshe would have repaid loan.

Precap: Priya enters Shah house. Ganga asks if she brought money. She says no. Kabeer hears their conversation.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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