Piya Basanti Re 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Neeta and Savita worrying about Kabeer as he has not reached home even by 12:30 a.m. They both think that Kabeer will fall in love with Piya. Savita calls him, but his phone is not reachable.

Piya, Kabeer and their friend Himesh are in hospital. Piya thanks Kabeer for helping her bring Geeta to hospital and apologizes for breaking her mobile. Kabeer says she has to get a new mobile for him. Mahesh gets tensed and says he will help Piya buy mobile on discount. Piya syas Kabeer is joking and asks him to go home. Kabeer jokes that it will not good nice if she and Geeta with Himes on his bike. They all laugh. Himesh asks Kabeer to bring coffee for him and then says even he is joking.

Akshay says Aditi that he is tensed and feeling pain in his heart. She jokes that he must be having high cholesterol and asks who the girl is. Akshay gets happy and says her name is Ayesha. Aditi asks how can he think Ayesha will accept her. Akshay says she has to help him. Aditi says she cannot imagine him and Ayesha together. Akshay says he is mesmerized with Ayesha’s beauty and simple life. Aditi promises to start mission Ayesha tomorrow.

Kabeer who is in waiting outside sees Piya and asks if she wants to say him sorry again. She says Geeta is fine and he can meet her. Kabeer says he cannot see anyone in pain. She asks him to call his family and inform. He says everyone must be sleeping and he does not want to disturb them.

Neeta and Savita reach Aditi’s room and see her sleeping soundly. They woke Aditi and ask about Kabeer. She says he must be enjoying party. Neeta says he did not reach home. She says he will come back and goes back asleep.

Himesh brings coffee for Piya and Kabeer and starts telling his witty jokes. They all start laughing. Doc informs Piya that Geeta is fine and they can take her home. Piya requests Kabeer to go back home. Himesh asks him not to worry as he will drop Piya and Geeta via taxi. Kabeer tries to leave. Piya asks him to tell Neeta and Geeta that she will come late for work. He agrees and leaves.

Neeta is still about Kabeer not reaching home. Kabeer comes home and calls Neeta. Neeta hears his voice and before she could meet him, he goes to his room and falls asleep. Neeta comes to his room, sees him asleep and tries to wake him up. He murmurs Piya in his sleep. Neeta is surprised to hear Piya’s name and thinks of asking him about it in the morning.

Savita sees Neeta tensed in the morning and asks about it. Neeta says nothing. Savita asks her to enjoy juice and calls Ganga. Neeta says today is Sunday. Savita says she heard Ganga’s voice, checks kitchen and sees her missing. She says a person hears what he/she thinks. Neeta says even she is having same problem and tells her about last night’s incident where Kabeer murmured Piya’s name. Savita says let us forget about it and wait for Piya to come.

Himesh drops Geeta and Piya home and goes to pay taxi fair. Piya asks Geeta to rest and starts scolding her. She says she has to go to work on Sunday as she only works. Geeta asks if she told Shah family about her hospitalization again. She says she told Kabeer about it. Geeta is surprised to hear Kabeer’s name.

Precap: Neeta and Savita scold Piya for coming late and say they saw her in Kabeer’s friend’s party, allege that they have been very lenient to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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