Piya Basanti Re 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Piya calling Ganga and asking her to come home. Ganga thinks there must be some problem there and thinks always poor people are targeted even for rich’s mistakes. Ayesha comes. Ganga asks her to keep away from Akshay. Ayesha says she fought with Akshay. Ganga gets happy and says soon she will forget him. Savita calls her. Ganga says she wants jamnagar tickets as she cannot feel their torture. Savita asks her to stop joking and asks her to reach Shah house soon. Ganga says just now Piya called her and asked to come there soon. Savita says Neeta asked her to call you.

Kabeer hurriedly rushes to Neeta’s room. Neeta says she knows Piya hates her and her injury happened because of her and asks him to not ask her about it and fight with her. Kabeer says if Savita would have been here, she would not have got injured and asks why did Baa suddenly ask Savita to go back to her home. Neeta says Piya brainwashed her.

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Ganga reaches Shah house. Piya asks her to tell Kabeer that she called and told that Geeta met with an accident. Ganga looks at Savita and asks when did she call her. Piya is shocked to hear that. Neeta calls Savita and tells that Ganga is executing their plan well. Ganga says Kabeer and Piya that it is their family matter and she does not want to interfere in it. Piya reminisces the incident and asks Ganga why is she lying, says her phone record will be having her number in caller list and goes to get her mobile, but her mobile does not start. Kabeer snatches phone from her and asks Ganga to go home. Neeta gets happy seeing this and informs Savita about it.

Desai comes to Shah house and angrily calls Kabeer. Kabeer apologizes him for not attending tender meeting. Desai says because of him, he lost 25 lakhs worth tender and says just yesterday he lost 2 lakhs and he forgave him. Kabeer says his mom got injured and so he had to rush home. Desai says he would have called him at least, he would have attended meeting. Kabeer says he will not repeat his mistake again. Desai says he will not let him do a mistake again as he is suspending him and says he is fit for his papa’s job as 25 lakhs does not matter to his dad. Jatin and Mahesh reach home and Jatin gets angry on Desai for scolding Kabeer. Mahesh stops Jatin. Desai says Kabeer lost his 25 lakhs worth contract and he does not want to see his face again. Jatin asks how dare he is to talk to him like this. Mahesh stops Jatin again. Once Desai leaves, Mahesh scolds Kabeer even poor people are misbehaving with his family because of him and says it is all happening because of Piya.

Mahesh continues scolding Kabeer that because of him, his family is insulted. He scolds Piya for not informing Kabeer before leaving to her mom’s house and says their family is being insulted after she came home. Kabeer angrily looks at Piya.

Neeta starts her drama, falls on floor again. Mahesh helps her sleep back on bed. Akshay and Aditi come there and ask Neeta how is she. She says she is fine. Jatin says Aditi told Piya brainwashed Baa to send Savita to her home. Neeta asks him to stop. Aditi says she will not and says Savita has kept a condition that she will not come back until Piya touches her feet and apologizes.

Precap: Kabeer asks Piya why did she brainwash Baa to send Savita out of house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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