Piya Basanti Re 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Himesh trying to remove his engagement ring. Geeta tries to stop him and falls unconscious in grief. Himesh thinks he wanted to kick out Kabeer from the locality, but did not know his drama would take this turn. His dad asks him to bring taxi to take Geeta to the hospital. Neighbours gather outside seeing Geeta unconscious. Ganga sees that and asks what happened. Rekha says Geeta must have got heart attack.

Kabeer sadly sits on a roadside bench with tears rolling down his cheeks. Desai sees him and asks where was he. Kabeer says he is sad that the girl he loves and left his family for does not even want to look at his face and says the prob is the guy she is marry is a bad guy. Desai says he should not lose hope and tries to cheer him up with his encouraging words. His employee comes there and Desai asks why is he late. He says Geeta got a heart attack and he was helping her get into hospital. Kabeer hears that and runs towards hospital.

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Himesh at the hospital thinks with his drama, hope Piya does not break their marriage. He apologizes Piya for his drama. Piya says it not his mistake but Kabeer’s. Kabeer reaches there and asks Piya about Geeta. Himesh says because of him Geeta got heart attack and starts alleging him for all the mishap. Kabeer says it is because of him, seh is in hospital. Himesh says if it is not hospital, he would have vanished him from locality. Kabeer holds his collar and asks who is he to talk like this to him. Piya interferes and asks Kabeer to walk out from here and says she did not know she had to suffer for being her friend. Himesh holds Piya’s shoulders and tries to hit Kabeer. Ganga comes and stops him, asks him to be in his limits and takes Kabeer from there.

Ganga asks Kabeer what is he doing to himself and asks why did he leave his family for Piya who does not even want to look at your face. She says your family is worried about you and call me every 5 minutes to check about your wellness. He says she will not understand it. Ganga says she is poor like Piya and will not understand it, says this is world’s rule and neither he nor she can get this poor and rich different out. She requests him to go back home as Neeta and Savita are really unwell. He says he will go back once he bring out Himesh’s truth in front of everyone.

Ganga calls Savita/Neeta and informs about the incident happened. Savita says she will not listen to Mahesh and will go and get Kabeer back home. Neeta says she is telling right and says she will also accompany her. Mahesh stops them and asks where are they going and says even he is keeping tab on him and says he will come back soon. Savita says they cannot stay without him. Jatin says there is no need for them to go and says Kabeer is also like his son and he and Mahesh are also worried about him, but they don’t them to overlook Kabeer’s mistake and get him here, he will come back once he will realize his mistake.

Kabeer sadly walks on the street reminiscing Piya’s words to walk out of his life and says she made a mistake by being his friend. A labor worker whose drilling work Kabeer had snatched stops Kabeer and says he will not spare him for stealing his work. Kabeer starts fighting with him and his goons and get hit on his head repeatedly by a stick. Piya who is in temple senses something is wrong.

Precap: Savita informs her family about Kabeer getting injured by goons.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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