Piya Basanti Re 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Piya searching Kabeer. She sees Ramakanth and asks if he saw Kabeer. He says even he is searching him as he had asked to have dinner with him today, but he did not come. He asks how does she know him. She says he studies in my college. He says that is the reason he felt Kabeer is from a good family and says he worked very hard today. He asks her to tell Kabeer to meet him if she sees him.

Ganga is worried about Ayesha and waits for her. Once she comes, she asks why is she late. Ayesha says everyone is worried about Kabeer at his home. She says why is she tensed for him. Ayesha says she is tensed as Akshay loves her. Ganga is shocked to hear that.

Piya sees Kabeer on the road and asks why is he behind her when he knows they both cannot unite. He says even she and Himesh cannot unite and says he will show the truth today. She asks what truth. He says Himesh is already married and his wife stays in Mumbai. Piya says he is trying lie to stop her marriage. He says he knew she would not believe, so he was waiting for the proof and asks her to see herself and trust him for the last time. He takes her to the spot where Himesh sees off his wife in a taxi. Himesh turns back and is shocked to see Kabeer and Piya standing. Piya asks who is that girl. Himesh says even she wanted to meet you. Kabeer asks why will your wife want to meet Piya. Himesh says she came to take her help as her husband Paresh who works with him in Mumbai is missing. Himesh says Kabeer is lying and asks her to believe him. He says that girl’s name is Payal and she came to take his help in searching Paresh. He says he even took Geeta’s permission and asks her to confirm with Geeta. Geeta says Piya that Himesh had come in search of her as he wanted her to meet his friend’s wife and did not you to doubt him hearing someone else. Himesh says Kabeer is trying to create misunderstanding between us. Piya asks Kabeer to stop his drama and walks out. Himesh smirks seeing Kabeer and thinks he made a miske and will expel him out of locality.

Ganga asks Ayesha why did she get into trouble with her drama as rich girl. Ayesha says she did not know Akshay would fall in love with her. Ganga says you know what is happening with Piya and says even though she is right, Shah family is not accepting him. They will accept their son back soon, but will not forgive poor Piya. She asks her to keep away from Akshay now. Just then Akshay calls her.

Kabeer tries to convince Piya to believe him, but Piya asks him to stop following her. He holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand saying it is not her bungalow but her poor locality. He says if she believes he will betray her by telling such a big lie and says she knows him well. She says till now I used to think I know you, but it is my mistake and you have changed. He says he has not change, her view towards him has changed. She says she was thinking of apologizing him for her ignorance, but now will not as he proved that he can go to any extent to prove him right.

Piya says Himesh is her childhood friend and her papa had selected him for her. He says if Himesh’s family reject her, Geeta will die due to insult. She says if he truly loves her, then he should go from her locality and leave her alone. Kabeer walks out sadly from there.

Ganga asks Ayesha to reject Akshay’s call. She does so. Ganga says she did right and says she does not want another Kabeer here. Akshay calls her again. Ayesha says he will repeatedly call her until she picks it. Ganga asks her to pick it and make it clear. She picks his call and asks him not to call her again as she does not like it. Ganga gets Savita’s call and gets tensed thinking Kabeer must have told her that Ayesha is her daughter. Ayesha says Kabeer has not seen me here at all. Ganga picks calls and Savita scolds her for not informing her about Kabeer. Ganga goes to check Kabeer and warns Ayesha not to pick Aditi or Akshay’s call.

Himesh reaches Piya’s home with his parents. Piya reaches home and sees Geeta tensed. Geeta asks what happened, what is Himesh telling. Himesh says it is not Piya’s mistake, but Kabeer’s who is trying to brainwash Piya. He says he is thinking Piya as his wife since childood and does not even look at any other girl, but today when Kabeer tried to mud sling his character, Piya did not even tell anything. Piya tries to explain, but Himesh’s dad says he does not need her explanation and says he will have to rethink about their alliance.

Precap: Ganga is shocked to hear about Piya’s alliance breakup and falls unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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