Piya Basanti Re 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Savita informing Neeta about Jatin seeing Piya and Kabeer together and says even she is on her side now and will have to find a bride for Kabeer before he falls for Piya. Neeta agrees and says she will inform Baa about this. Savita says we cannot involve in their plans. Neeta suggests to involve Ganga in their plan. Savita agrees.

Kabeer drops Piya home and asks her to give her 25 rs auto fare which she saved taking a lift from him. Piya gets tensed. He says he is joking. She says she does not need his friendship. Kabeer gets tensed. She says she is joking. He drops her home and leaves Piya sees same goon who was following her before standing in front of her. She worriedly runs from there. Man follows her till house and signals her to come. She knocks door and gets in. Goon goes from there. Geeta asks why is she afraid. She says nothing. Geeta asks why is she tensed. Piya says mom will get afraid if she tells what happened and says a dog was following her. Geeta laughs hearing that and says she should hit dog with stone next time, she hugs her and asks her to change while she serves her food. Piya thinks who that man is who is following her.

Piya and Kabeer attend college in the morning. Lecturer gives lecture on macroeconomic topic. Kabeer asks him to repeat his sentence. His classmate discusses with him about his surprise birthday party. Lecturer sees that and asks Kabeer to get out. He then sees friends giggling and asks them also to get out. Friends says it is good that they came out, they can plan birthday now. Kabeer says he challenged Ms. intelligent to get more marks than her. Friends start laughing on him. Lecturer hears their giggling and warns them to stop, else he will get them out of college and asks them to get out of floor.

Akshay, Aditi and Ayesha are enjoying at canteen. Akshay asks Ayesha if she is coming for his party. She says yes. He says he likes party a lot. Aditi jokes that Akshay wants to impress everyone. Akshay thinks he wants to impress Ayesha.

Baa waits for servants to play bhajan CD. She sees Piya coming and asks her to play bhajan CD. Piya says she should also learn and teaches her playing muscic palyer. Baa gets impressed and once Kabeer comes she says she learnt playing CD and piya taught her. Kabeer thanks her and walks into room. Baa asks what happened to him. Piya tells her what happened at college and says she knows how to calm down kabeer, says she will give her notes and walks from there. Baa smilingly watches her going.

Neeta, Savita and Ganga reach their friend Sejal’s house. Friend says if they would have informed earlier, she would have prepared well. Neeta says they were just passing by, so thought of meeting Kamini. Friend serves them different sweets. Savita asks if Kamini prepared it. She says her servant prepared. Ganga says she arranged servant for Sejal. Kamini comes out wearing saree and holding pooja thali and performs pooja. Savita and Neeta are impressed by that. Neeta asks if she performs pooja daily. She says yes. Savita asks if she helps her mom in household chores. She says yes and says her motto is to take care of her MIL’s house and obey her. Savita and Neeta imagine Kamini serving them and taking care of family. Sejal asks what are they thinking. Neeta says her daughter is very well cultured. Kamini asks if she can go now as she has to go to temple with her friend. Neeta says yes and says Sejal that soon we will meet you again.

Precap: Kabeer jokes with Piya and laughs. She says he looks nice laughing and tries to move from there, but he holds her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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