Piya Basanti Re 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Piya seeing a man following her and gets tensed. Kabeer sees her on road, worried and stops his car. Man backs off seeing Kabeer. Kabeer asks why is she tensed. She says she felt someone is following her. Kabeer says she is a simple girl, so why will anyone follow her. She says these followers don’t look at simplicity and are just behind girls. Kabeer says he knows she can protect herself from goons, but he wants to drop her home and wants to tell her something important while traveling. She gets into car and asks what he wants to talk. He starts car and asks why is she looking at him silently and says let us go to have coffee. She says she is getting late for home as mom will be late. He says he knew she would tell same and says if she would have waited for auto, she would have taken 30 min to find auto and 30 minutes to reach home, which would be 9 p.m., so he promises that he will drop her home by 9 p.m. She agrees.

Ayesha meets Akshay and asks why did he call her. He says let us have coffee. She says she will get late. He says he will drop her. She agrees for coffee and asks what important thing he wants to talk about. She gets Ganga’s call who asks her to come home soon. She says ok. Akshay takes her phone and tries to talk to Ganga. Ganga does not speak anything. Ayesha says signal must have dropped as her mom stays in Amsterdam. Ganga thinks she cannot go even to Akshardham, her daughter is lying about Amsterdam, prays god to protect her.

Kabeer and Piya reach a coffee shop. Piya says it is costly coffee shop and she cannot have it. He says he will pay. She says she pays for her coffee always and shows a roadside cycle coffee wala and says she will get him world’s best coffee. She orders coffee. Kabeer amazingly asks how does he make such amazing coffee. Piya asks if he is studying. He says he studies during day and sells coffee during evenings. Piya gives 10 rs and says it is her share. Kabeer takes out 1000 rs. Vendor says he does not have change. Kabeer asks Piya to lend him 10 rs. She lends and asks him to return it soon. He agrees. She asks what he wants to tell. He says after making her a friend, he has changed a lot and has changed his vision towards relationship. Piya says when a person has everything, he does not need to make relationship as they come on their way, but we poor people have to safeguard our relationships. Kabeer thanks her for being his friend. She says anytime.

Akshay and Ayesha enjoy coffee. Ayesha asks what he wants to say. He says we both are friends. She asks so what. He says she is so rich and is kind hearted, so donates grocery to poor people. She thinks he gave her one month’s grocery and now he wants more. Akshay says even he wants to donate grocery and says he will buy grocery which she will have to donate. Ayesha reminisces her mom’s punishment that she will not get he makeup kit until she gets her grocery and says Akshay that she will accept his grocery. Akshay thanks her for her generousness. They both walk out of coffee shop. His dad who was passing by in his car sees him and stops. Akshay and Ayesha get tensed seeing him. Ayesha greets him and asks how is he. He says he is fine and asks what are they doing at this time. Akshay says Ayesha does charity and he is planning to help her in charity. Dad says it is good thing. He comes a bit further and is surprised to Piya and Kabeer there talking to each other.

Neeta hears Mahesh asking his secretary to arrange aunt’s granddaughter’s marriage and thanks him for helping her aunt. He says her aunt is like a family and says he is feeling bad that he did not realize aunt’s problem beforehand and it is good our son make me realized my mistake and says I am happy that Kabeer has a quality to keep united our family and it is because of his good friends.

Jatin reaches home. She asks why did he come late. He says aunt’s train was late, so he had to wait until her train left. He then says he saw Kabeer having coffee with Piya and says it is not good for them to roam around at night, says he is worried about Piya as people will badmouth about her, so he thinks Savita should explain Kabeer. He says he saw Akshay and Ayesha also and he is happy that Askhay was talking about donation, etc. Savita gets tensed hearing that, walks into Neeta’s room and knocks her door. Mahesh comes out and asks what happened. She says it it lady’s talks and drags Neeta from there. She informs her what Jatin told. Neeta gets tensed.

Precap: Kabeer drops Piya home. Piya sees goon standing in front of her house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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