Piya Basanti Re 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Neeta apologizing Baa for her aunt’s mistake. Savita and Baa say it is not her mistake, so she should not apologize. Neeta says she thought Savita would taunt her and then says she is feeling guilty about her aun’t lies. Piya brings water for them. Aunt says Savita’s husband that she does not want to go without meeting Neeta. Husband says it is better not to meet her as she would be angry now. Aunt says she took care of Neeta for 20 years and knows her, if she goes without talking to her, she will feel guilty. He goes saying the will try his best. Piya hears their conversation.

Piya goes to Kabeer’s room and tells him about aunt being adamant of meeting Neeta. Kabeer says aunt lied to everyone. Piya tells him that aunt came to seek help from Neeta and tought Neeta would herself help her, but it did not happen and she had to lie. Kabeer realizes the problem and says we both should unite them. Piya says he has to do it as he is family and she is not.

Neeta is still guilty about Aunt’s mistake. Mahesh asks her not to feel guilty as it is family matter. Savita says drama happened in front of servants and news would have spread like a fire in jungle. Savita’s husband comes and informs about aunt wanting to meet her. She says she does not want to meet her. Kabeer comes and says mom made mistake and is feeling guilty herself. Mahesh asks what is he telling. He says Mahesh that he understood aunt’s prob and solved it also. He then says Neeta that she is his mother and it is his responsibility to solve her problems. He asks if she believes aunt as her mother. Neeta says yes. He then asks why did not she see aunt’s pain and aunt came to seek help from her, but she did not understand it. Neeta realizes her mistake and asks Kabeer to take her to railway station. He says aunt is still in hall and wants to meet you. Neeta comes down and hears Aunt telling she will not go until she meets Neeeta and apologizes her for her mistake of not seeing her pain. Aunt forgives and hugs her emotionally. Baa says everyone of us made mistake. Mahesh also apologizes Aunt. She says he is her jamai and should not apologize. Savita says she should forget everything. Aunt asks Neeta if she forgave her. Neeta says if she will send her pickles like every year, she will. Everyone laughs. Mahesh jokes Gujratis are mad behind food. Savita’s husband also jokes and asks who realized all this. Mahesh says my son Kabeer. Neeta happily hugs Kabeer. Kabeer looks at Piya smilingly and she goes in to kitchen smiling.

Aditi informs Ayesha about the incident happened. Ayesha says it is good and says today it is very hot. Aditi asks how does she know. She says she saw it on news. Ganga comes and scolds her for being on phone all the time. Aditi hears Ganga’s voice and asks who is it. Ayesha says she was watching DVD. Ganga asks where is grocery. Ayesha gets tensed and tries to leave from there. Ganga stops her and asks about remaining money. She gives them and says she bought grocery with remaining money. Ayesha says she bought grocery, but Akshay distributed it among beggars. Ganga is shocked to hear that and asks how can she donate 10000 rs grocery. She takes her makeup set, locks it in cupboard and says until she get grocery, she will not give her makeup box back.

Piya walks on the road, waiting for auto to reach home. She sees a man following her and gets afraid. A car comes and stands in front of her

Precap: Savita’s husband sees Kabeer and Piya together enjoying on road.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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