Piya Basanti Re 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Piya Basanti Re 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Anchal asking Kabeer why is he acting weird since a few days. He says he loves Piya. He says he does not know if he will get Piya or not and apologizes her for rejecting her proposal. Anchal says he would have told her before as she is also her friend and says he is lucky to have Piya as a life partner and she would have felt bad if it was not Piya, she prays them to get together soon. She says it is also good that you told before marriage, else all 3 lives would have been suffered whole while. She says we should inform this to our families and says she will be his friend forever now.

Kabeer sees Himesh with a girl, trying to console her. He runs towards Himesh, but crashes with a bike. Himesh sees him and runs while he still follows him. He thinks what is the issue here and walks back towards his car.

Anchal calls her mom/Gayatri and informs her about Kabeer in love with Piya and says she cannot marry him now. Vijay asks whose phone it was and Neeta says we should fix engagement day soon. Gayatri says they should talk to Kabeer once before taking any decision and says Vijay that we should leave. Neeta and Savita ask what is the issue. Gayatri says Anchal called her and told that she cannot marry Kabeer. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Savita/Neeta asks what happened so suddenly. Jatin says they must have fought and will get back together again. Gayatri says Kabeer loves someone else. Whole family is shocked to hear that. Neeta says he did not tell us about this and asks whom he must be loving. Gayatri says Piya Patel. She says Vijay we should leave now. Vijay says Mahesh that he will speak to him later and leaves.

Kabeer is confused seeing girl with Himesh. He sees that girl and asks who is she and why was she talking to Himesh. She asks who Himesh and who is he and asks him to leave her alone, says she came to meet her husband. Kabeer is shocked to hear that.

Geeta comes to Shah family and invites them for Piya’s engagement. Savita and Geeta ask why is Piya acting about engagement. Geeta asks what does she mean. Savita asks her to stop her drama. Geeta says she does not understand what they mean. Geeta says she is getting engaged to Himesh on one side and is trapping Kabeer in her love on the other side. Geeta says it is not true. They both say Piya trapped our innocent son and alleges Geeta being behind all this. She says she admitted her daughter in a big college and then broke her leg purposefully to send her daughter here and trap our son. Geeta says it is not true and asks Mahesh to believe her. Mahesh says she does not have to pay her 50000 debt and no need to come to work from tomorrow. Savita throws sweet box and invitation she brought.

Precap: Kabeer ries to inform Piya about Himesh’s marriage, but Piya does not let him speak, continues to scold him for trying to ruin her life and asks him to go from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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