Piya Basanti Re 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Neeta exercising in the morning to lose weight. She starts breathing fast. Baa asks her to stop breathing like an engine. Neeta says she has to lose 7 kg. Savita hears their conversation and thinks to fool Neeta. She says she is hiring a new trainer. Neeta asks number. Savita says she will try it first and then will tell if she can try it. Neeta then asks maid Geeta what she is preparing for her and her husband Mahesh. Geeta tells the menu. She asks about Savita’s menu. Maid says only papaya. Neeta asks to give her also papaya.

Neeta is in the room with Mahesh, who is getting ready for his office. She says Savita is telling lie about the instructor. Savita in her room laughs for fooling Neeta and says that she is a lucky mascot for Shah family as his dad started business from her hands and they did not see any dawn till now. Neeeta on the other side says Savita did not go her in-laws at all and stays here in her parent’s house. Mahesh says if she goes, Akshay and Aditi will also go. Neeta says they are her children, though Savita just bore them. Savita on the other side says samething about Kabeer.

Kabeer is then shown playing football and he loses the match, looking at opponent’s sad face. Opponent then praises him for making him win, else he would have been kicked out of college. Kabeer then enjoys food with his friends and they ask him why did he lose the match. Aditi comes there and says her brother did the right thing. Kabeer says he will make 5 goals in next match.

Neeta, savita and other family members talk about Kabeer’s marriage and say in today’s fashion show, they can find many girls. Neeta asks Savita if Kabeer told her about his gilfriend. Savita says she will not tell anything and says we both will find Kabeer’s bride together.

Shah family reaches fashion show venue and wait for Akshay. Akshay comes in his bike and apologizes for coming late, says he left his mobile at home, so he went back to pick it. Savita Kabeer’s match. He says he lost it. She says it is ok, he can win next match. Show organizer greets Mahesh Shah and family in and announces on stage that Mahesh is their sponsor. Neeta asks Mahesh to wish her best of luck as she will select a girl among models for Karan. Model start ramp. Aditi comes first and then rest of the models. Savita and Mahes’s wife like last contestant Priya Patel. Aditi and Priya are chosen for the final round. Host asks them to speak. Aditya speaks first and everyone claps for her. Priya then speaks. Neeta likes her speech and claps before all the guests. Host announces Priya as a winner and requests Mahesh to present the award to her. Mahesh gives her award of diamond crown. Aditi gets sad seeing that. Neeta claps loudly and Savita asks her to stop as Aditi has lost. Neeta says so what her daughter has lost, her daughter-in-law has won the show.

After the show, Aditi gets angry on Mahesh for not fixing the show and letting her win. Whole family leaves for home while Savita and Neeta stay there. Neeta then drags Savita to meet Priya’s family and speak about the alliance. They are shocked to see their maid Geeta is Priya’s mother.

Baa asks Neeta if she found a girl for Karan. Savita says she found a girl and they all know her family well, points at maid. Priya says Geeeta that she is not ashamed that her mom is a house maid.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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