Piya Basanti Re 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Neeta and Piya wait for Geeta as she is late for work. They think they cannot even call Geeta and know about Piya, she must be sleeping soundly after partying hard yesterday night. They think who will work now. Mahesh calls Neeta and asks her to bring tea. Neeta runs to his room. He asks why has she kept him juice and buscuits instead of tea. She says he will get juice from today. He realizes the problem and asks if Ganga and Piya both have not come and asks her not to depend on servants much and to fulfill her responsibility as elder of this house, says he wants to have food prepared by her today.

Neeta starts preparing food with Savita. They both start searching spices and scolding Piya for enjoying party and missing work. They then see bottles with spice names on it. Piya comes there. They both start scolding her for partying and coming late to work. Piya thinks Kabeer must not have informed about Geeta’s hospitalization. They both scold her continuously and ask if she cannot fulfill her responsibilities, why did she take them. Piya says she will come on time from now on. Neeta and Savita discuss that they did right by scolding Piya for coming late, else she will take it for granted. Kabeer comes down and hears their talk. He says them that it is his mistake and not Piya and tells that Piya was with him for whole night. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Savita asks what does he mean. Kabeer tells her the whole incident about Geeta’s accident and he helping her, etc. He says Piya asked me to inform that she will come late, but he forgot to inform them. Baa asks how is Geeta. He says she is fine now. Mahesh says he did right by accepting his mistake and says without one’s carelessness, someone’s life may be ruined. Kabeer says he will make a note of it and goes to meet Piya. Savita and Neeta talk about Kabeer being with Piya whole night and get worried that they may fall in love.

Kabeer meets Piya in kitchen and apologizes her for his mistake. she says it is not his mistake. He says he knows it is his mistake. She says she would have informed Neeta personally, but she put his responsibility on him, so it is her mistake. She then gives him juice and leaves. He thinks if she was accepting her mistake or scolding him and thinks she should have been in politics.

Piya arranges lunch table. Baa says if she needs any help for Geeta, she can call any time. She sees 6 plates being arranged and says only 5 people are at home. Piya asks what about Kabeer. Baa says he does not eat lunch with us and runs from it.

Kabeer calls his friend and says he will accompany him for lunch. He sees Piya and asks her to forgive him. She says why should she forgive him when he has not done any mistake. He asks her to forgive for his future mistake. She says she will forgive him if he eats lunch with family. He says he does not like home food and cannot feel its torture. Piya says if he really needs forgiveness, he should have lunch with family and feel the torture. Kabeer agrees and sits with family for lunch. Neeta and everyone are surprised to see him. Mahesh and whole family joke on him. Everyone are surprised to see Kabeer eating many rotis. Kabeer says they are very tasty. Geeta comes there and is shocked to see Piya there. Baa asks Piya to get butter milk for everyone. She turns back and is shocked to see her mom there. Shah family is also shocked to see Geeta there.

Precap: Geeta says Piya that she insulted her and says if she tries to defend, she will leave her house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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