Piya Basanti Re 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya tries to take the blanket from the suitcase kept on the almara. Neeta smiles as she thinks Piya would fall. Piya covers her with blanket and goes to cook the food. She cooks the food for Savita and serves to her.

Neeta calls Piya while she is busy in kitchen again. Neeta throws the food plate and calls Piya again. Piya comes and gets shocked seeing the food on the floor. Neeta makes an excuse. Piya says I will clean the floor and will get a food plate for you. Neeta calls Savita and says I am trying to lower Piya in Kabir’s eyes, but our plan is not failing. This girl is not giving me a chance to complain. Savita says we have to send Piya outside. Neeta says I don’t think she will leave me in this condition. Savita asks her about Kabir’s reaction about her accident. Neeta says Kabir didn’t call or come here. Savita says it have not happened before. She makes a plan to lower Piya in Kabir eyes. Savita thinks how to send Piya outside home and gets an idea.

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Savita calls Ganga and asks her to call Piya. She says you have to lie Piya that Piya’s mum met with an accident. Ganga asks why you are trapping me. Savita says we will get new Ganga, but you can’t get Savita and Neeta. We will see you are on whose side. Ganga says she will call Piya. She calls Piya and informs her. Piya hears it and tries to rush out. She then thinks how can she go out leaving Neeta alone and goes to her. She tells her that she needs to go. Savita asks her to go afterwards and asks her to bring balm for her as her head is paining. She gets a call from Savita who informs her that work is done. Piya will ask permission from you. Give her permission. Neeta says you should have inform me before. Savita asks her not to overact. Neeta calls Piya and asks why you wants to go home. Piya tells her that her mum met with an accident. Neeta apologizes and asks her to go. Piya leaves.

Neeta calls Savita and tells her that Piya left from here. Savita says lets see what I will do. Kabir loves Piya, but this thing will separate them. Piya rushes to her mum’s house. Kabir is called inside for the meeting. He gets a call from Savita. He tells her that he is going for important meeting. Savita sounds upset and says she felt bad for him. She tells him about Neeta falling down in the house. Kabir gets shocked. Piya comes to her mum’s house and sees her fine. She hugs her. She asks her about her accident. Ganga says when I came here your mum was crying a lot so I lied and call you. Piya says you shouldn’t have do this. Ganga says it is not easy to leave from Shah family. Geeta asks her to go home. Geeta slips and falls down. Piya rushes to her and gets concerned for her. She says I will bring the bandage.

Kabir rushes home and calls his mum. He finds her on the floor and makes her lie on the bed. Neeta tells him that Savita left as Baa sent her. She tells him everything. Kabir asks why you haven’t call Piya. Savita tells her that Piya took care of her and went out as her mum met with an accident. Kabir says I will call Geeta Kaki. Savita calls Kabir and says I called Geeta. She told me that she didn’t have any accident. Kabir gets shocked. Savita asks him to take care of Neeta. Kabir gets thinking. Pia returns home.

Kabir calls Piya. She asks him about his meeting. Kabir asks why didn’t you inform me about mum’s injury. Piya says I called you, but you were busy. She tells him that Ganga maasi called her and lied about Geeta’s accident. Kabir gets angry on her for leaving his mum alone in this condition. He tells her that he left the meeting and came home. Piya gets shocked.

Piya asks Ganga to tell Kabir that she called and lied about Geeta’s accident. Ganga refuses to have called her. Piya gets shocked and tells her that she has a call list.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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