Piya Basanti Re 18th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 18th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Kabeer asking Himesh to pay bill. Himesh happily agrees and tries to take out his walle, but sees his wallet being stolen. He says Piya even she saw him paying auto fare from his wallet. Kabeer says he will pay bill then. Piya says she will pay. Kabeer says he does not want her to pay and asks her to think as his treat for her engagement with Himesh. Both Himesh and Piya feel embarrassed. Kabeer tells Anchal that he will treat her with world’s best coffee today. Piya reminisces she telling the same sentence to him before. Piya and Himesh walk out of restaurant and Himesh says he realized the value of money today and will earn enough money now to keep her family happy. Anchal on the other side asks Kabeer if he is sure about his decision to marry her. He reminisces Piya’s rejection and says Anchal that he is sure about his decision.

Kabeer wakes up in the morning around 4 a.m. and sees Piya standing near his bed. He asks if she is alright. Piya gets emotional and says he was right that one can also love his/her friend. He asks if she is telling truth. She nods yes. They both hug each other emotionally. Bin tere bin tere…. song plays in the background… Piya wakes up on alarm sound and it is just her dream. Geeta enters her room hearing alarm sound and switches it off. She sees Piya tensed and asks her about it. Piya says she saw a dream. Geeta says morning’s dreams come true most of the time and says he one dream is coming true tonight, says it is her engagement today.

During breakfast, Savita sees Kabeer silent and taunts Kabeer that he must be missing Anchal. Ganga serves them cofee. Mahesh asks her about Piya and she says it is her engagement today. Whole family get happy hearing that and Neeta says she will send Piya gift via her. Vijay asks it is arranged or love marriage. Ganga says Piya and Himesh are childhood friends and their family fixed their marriage, both of them like each other. Vijay says love marriage is best as he had a love marriage. Mahesh jokes that he took 1 year to say hello to his wife and would not have said if he would not have forced him. Vijay’s wife also jokes. Vijay says he would have been behind her until she would have agreed. Kabeer hears that and runs from there towards Piya’s house.

Kabeer reaches Piya’s house and knocks door. Geeta opens door and says Piya has gone to parlour as it is he engagement today, asks if he is coming. He says how will her engagement happen without me. He sees Piya on the road and asks her to come with him. She asks where is he taking her. He says he wants to talk something important and drags her into his car and leaves. Anchal sees them going in car. He takes car to a secluded park. She asks why did he bring her here, if he has gone insane. He says he loves her and cannot live without her. She says we both can be a good friend. He says he does not want to be her friend and wants to marry her, says he knows even she loves him. He says it is not true. He says she is lying. She says there is a lot of difference between them. He says there is no difference and says it is not his fault that he is born in a rich family and holds her tightly. She asks him to leave her as it is hurting. He asks what about she hurting him. She starts crying in pain. He leaves her and opens car door to get in. She gets in. Bin tere…. song plays in the background. She sees him opening door again and closes her eyes in fear. He gets into car and leaves.

Precap: Anchal’s mom informs Shah family that Anchal does not want to marry Kabeer as he loves someone else.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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