Piya Basanti Re 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Piya Basanti Re 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Piya looking at her papa’s pic and telling that she is in a dilemma as Kabeer proposed her.

Baa gets ready for a religious trip. Her whole family share a lighter moment with her. Jatin asks who will drop her to airport as Kabeer has gone out. Akshay comes and says he will. Jatin asks him to drive slowly and scolds her. Baa asks him not to scold her grandchild.

Piya hears door bell and gets worried thinking Kabeer has come, but it is Himesh who says he is nervous about their marriage and is getting a lot of weird feelings, says they should spend time together and know each other and for that, they should go out. Piya agrees. He takes her to a costly hotel. She asks why did he bring her to a costly restaurant. He says it is their first date after their engagement is fixed and says he will take her to whichever restaurant she likes next time. A pick pocketer clashes with Himesh and apologizes him. Himesh says it is okay and walks into restaurant with Piya. Pick pocketer gets happy after stealing Himesh’s pocket.

Himesh shows Piya menu and jokes her about italian potato casserole as aloo chat. They both share a lighter moment. Kabeer reaches there with Anchal. Piya sees them and gets tensed. Anchal comes and joins them. Piya introduces Himesh to her. Kabeer also joins them on Himesh’s invitation to have food with them. Piya anxiously sits in front of Kabeer. Anchal says Piya that she is looking beautiful today and asks if it is a special day. Himesh says our engagement got fixed. Anchal congratulates them, but Kabeer sits silently. Anchal signals him to congratulate them, and he congratulates Himesh. He then says Piya is my friend and he will congratulate her for the whole life in advance.

Host gives introduction about today’s show and invites special guest/singer to sing a song. Singer says every couple is an ashique/lover here and this evening is for them. He starts singing Hum tere bin ab rah nahi sakte…. song. Kabeer sadly looks at Piya and turns down her face. She reminisces her happier moments with him. Kabeer continues looking at Piya. Everyone clap after the song is over and Kabeer gets conscious.

Neeta and Savita call Baa and inform her about Kabeer and Anchal’s date. They say god sent Anchal especially for Piya and share a lighter moment with Baa.

Singer invites couples to come on dance floor while he sings. Kabeer takes Anchal while Himesh takes Piya. He signs Mai tenu samjawa…. song. Kabeer gets restless seeing Himesh holding Piya’s waist and starts dancing more intimately with Anchal. Anchal sees him looking at Piya and dancing and gets sad.

Himesh’s mother gets sari for Geeta and shows it to her. Geeta starts crying emotionally and says like every mother, she wants her daughter to go to a well cultured and caring house, and she is relaxed now.

Himesh likes food taste and says it is very tasty. Kabeer says he is very lucky to have Piya, tasty food, everything together today and says he will have to pay bill. Himesh says he will.

Precap: Kabeer sees Piya walking on road and drags her into his car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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